Deborah Sundahl

Deborah Sundahl

Deborah Sundahl
Author: Female Ejaculation and the G-spot

Female ejaculation

Female ejaculation is prostatic fluid, and the G-spot is the female prostate. All women have one, as do all men. This glorious feminine fountain is every women's birthright to enjoy and cherish. And our job as women, if we choose, if to get this lovely fountain flowing again!

When women learn to let go and let it flow, they are often surprised at the huge quantity of female ejaculate that can occur in one lovemaking session. Therefore, women are often concerned about how to handle the 'mess'. Tip: get out of bed and letting it fall beautifully and uninhibitedly upon the tile floor, bath tub, the garden, or the back seat of a motorcycle parked in a wilderness area or urban alley. However, Fascinator Throes are the next best thing when you can't get out of the bedroom, or want to do it in the back seat of the car, or in the sleeping bag.

Large and luxurious, the inner lining prevents moisture - lots of it - from seeping onto the bedding. The satin on one side and faux fur (The Shag) or velvety microfiber (Posh Throe) on the other adds a comfort and sensual delight to lovemaking.

I've noticed that women are reluctant to place protection - usually towels - on their bed, as if lovemaking was something not to prepare for. But go for it, gals! And forget the towels! When the time comes, simply fluff out your beautiful black Throe over the bedspread and lay down with a smile. No need to feel shy. Laughing and being prepared tells your man you are happy and ready - and that's the type of signal most men love to see.

And afterwards? Throw the Throe in the washing machine, ready for the next time.

Deborah Sundahl is the pioneering expert on female ejaculation. Her 22 years of groundbreaking contributions include author of the bestselling book, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, and producer of the Female Ejaculation Sex Education Series, which features a line of videos on this subject. Through her international lectures and workshops, Deborah has taught thousands of men and women how to integrate the once silenced G-spot into their erotic lives.


Dear Deborah,

During foreplay, my wife is just about to explode, but tenses up and asks me to stop stimulating her G-spot and/or performing oral sex! It seems as though she is on the verge of ejaculating, but doesn't want to let it go. I tell her to have an orgasm and let it go, but she does not. Anything that might help? Thanks.


Dear Frustrated,

One of the biggest complaints men have about women sexually is that she will not let go. This is because if women truly let go, they will ejaculate - all over your face, chest, thighs, and the bed and the pillows, too!

Because the urge to ejaculate often feels like the urge to pee, women have learned to tense up instinctively, and to such a degree, that most women are not even aware how much they tense their vaginal muscles. Since peeing is the last thing any woman wants to do during sex, you can image how deeply ingrained the ability is to stay tense during foreplay and into orgasm in the vast majority women.

Female ejaculate is not urine, it is ejaculate. Female ejaculation is the natural result of sexual pleasure that all women's bodies were meant to do and born to do with ease! Unless a woman decides to take matters into her own hands and learn about her body and how this lovely feminine fountain works, there is little men can do to help this process along except to reassure her that you would not be offended, but delighted. Tell her of your desire to have her ejaculate, explain to her that female ejaculation is normal that you think she is afraid to let it flow, and give her some sex information to read or watch.

In addition, what most men find hard to understand, but to most women is a no-brainer, is that making a mess can be a big deal. To help a women let go, stack the deck on your side and provide every possible assistance. Address "the mess" by giving a gift a Liberator "Fascinator Throes." The sensuality of the Throes' luxuriousness, and the fact that you bought her something so beautiful, will help to put her at ease. This kind gesture let her know that no matter how much or how far she may gush all over your face and the bedspread, you welcome it. And, thought enough about her to protect the pretty bedspread that she probably put a lot of time and effort in to find.


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