Dr. Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Dr. Ava Cadell
Dr. Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Ed.D.
Clinical Sexologist and Sex Counselor

Liberator's own Orgasm Oracle, Dr. Ava Cadell, holds doctorates in both human behavior and sexuality and is regarded worldwide as "the sex guru of sex gurus." In addition to seminars, sex counseling and TV appearances, Dr. Ava has six books under her Gucci belt, including The Idiot's Guide to Oral Sex, and is Hollywood's most hallowed sex shaman.

Hollywood's Favorite Sexpert

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is a must for any cunnilingus student, connoisseur or guru. Let's face it. For a woman, receiving oral sex can feel pretty good in almost any position, but some positions are better than others; some are more comfortable, some stimulate the clitoris better, and some actually help her to feel less inhibited. And that's what you want whether you are a woman or her lover.

So here's the revolution: with the help of Liberator, a woman can feel comfortable and relaxed so that she can surrender herself to her lover's mouth and tongue. She'll be especially eager to try Liberator if she knows she's going to be the focus of her lover's attention.

Whether you are a cunnilingus novice, amateur or expert, Liberator can help you to achieve a memorable oral experience, which in turn will be a sure way to maintain excitement in your relationship.
Liberator for Tantric Lovers

Tantra is a Sanskrit (ancient Hindu language) word that means "to weave energy," specifically Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy between two lovers. This energy includes thoughts, feelings, physical and sexual actions.

I'd like to welcome you to a unique journey of sensual and sexual exploration that will prepare you for the 5000-year-old practice of Tantra.

Tantra can improve intimate communication and enhance a relationship that has lost its sizzle and spice. For women, Tantra can empower and fulfill their sensual needs. For men, it can open up a whole new world to intimacy. For couples it's an opportunity to create a more meaningful, spiritual connection.

This is an ancient form of worshipping and loving each other. So, get ready to explore new sexual territory with the following Tantric sexercises.

First you need some props to make your Tantra experience more memorable and magical. Liberator Shapes are an excellent tool for elevation, comfort, creativity and excitement.

You can use one shape at a time, such as the Stage, Ramp, Wedge or Scoop, or you can combine shapes like the Ramp and Wedge. I'll recommend a different shape for each Tantric sexcercise to make it easy for you to choose.

Find a scarf to use as a blindfold, or if you purchase the Liberator Black Label bedroom gear, it includes a blindfold and restraints for your arms and ankles. Massage oil, water-based lubricant and last but not least, some feathers will complete your prop list.

The following Tantric sexercises are all about enjoying the journey of sexuality as opposed to the destination.

1. Liberator Stage: Striptease

Take turns removing three pieces of your clothing for each other slowly and provocatively. Add music so that you move your body to the rhythm.

2. Liberator Ramp: Play a musical instrument

Imagine that you are a musician, choose an instrument and play a rhythm on your lover's naked body for at least five minutes. Your lover has to guess what kind of instrument you are and what you are playing, then alternate.

3. Liberator Scoop (or any Black Label bedroom adventure gear): Surrender

Surrender yourself to your lover and let him/her caress and kiss you wherever he/she wants for five minutes, then alternate. Use a blindfold and restraints.

4. Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo: Blowing

Blow your warm breath all over your lover's naked body from neck to toes, both sides, then alternate. You can also use a feather to tickle one part of their body while you are blowing your warm breath on another part.

5. Liberator Wedge: Tantric Kiss

Bend your lover over and kiss all around his/her face with baby kisses and use your hands to caress him/her simultaneously. Then trace your lover's lips with your tongue, take your lover's bottom lip between yours and suck gently, suck on your lover's tongue with your lips and end in a passionate, wet, smoldering Tantric kiss for at least five minutes.

6. Liberator Stage: Tantric Dance

Stand, hold each other close and move your bodies together, swaying from side to side, rolling your hips and grinding your pelvises into each other without moving your feet. Add some sexy music to enhance your movements.

If you have enjoyed this introduction to Tantric lovemaking, then continue your journey through the art of Tantra with hundreds of sexercises from my Tantric workbook and my Tantric Lover's Game available at www.avacadell.com and www.sexpert.com.
A Sexual Makeover

I was recently asked to do a "sexual makeover" for a married couple who agreed to be filmed by Discovery Channel for "Sex Files." Before arriving at my L.A. office, they contacted me by e-mail to give me the low down on their sex life.

Debbie wrote that she and Jay were married for 15 years with two children, ages nine and 12. She indicated that their sex life was familiar, and she found it more and more difficult to come up with ideas to keep it exciting:

"I would like to seize the moment more, seek opportunities to keep romance alive, be the initiator and the one who comes up with creative ideas. Jay is a free spirit; I love this about him. He's not afraid to act silly and try new things."

Jay also wrote with his request. He wanted to renew spontaneity, spice and adventure. He really enjoyed fantasy and would love to be dominated by Debbie. And he wanted more fellatio too.

I wrote back and asked them individually to describe to me the most erotic experience they ever had together.

Debbie remembered a special weekend at a hotel. The rendezvous started with Jay bathing her, blindfolding her and leading her to the bed. He tied her arms and legs to the bed with soft restraints and used fruit and chocolate to paint her body. "We spent a great deal of time making love and enjoying each other's bodies. It was very erotic and memorable," she wrote.

Jay described the most incredible turn-on as the afternoon he received a phone call from Debbie, who'd left the house panty-less. She was telling him how it felt and what she would like to do to him when he got home. He left work and returned early to find her masturbating on the bed! Jay added, "Asking me to please her any way she wants satisfies me, arouses me and drives me to please."

This was all the information I needed to get them started on their "makeover." It was obvious to me that both of them enjoyed the fantasy of domination, so I set up a Liberator Black Label Wedge and Ramp in the middle of my office.

Friday morning Debbie and Jay entered my office a little apprehensive, but after a half hour counseling session, they were anxious to try anything.

I asked Debbie to lie down on the Ramp, then lift and spread her legs over the Wedge. Jay blindfolded her, then restrained her wrists and ankles with the adjustable Velcro cuffs.

He knelt before her and was in a perfect position to give her cunnilingus, find and stimulate her G-spot or make passionate love to her. Before he got carried away, I reminded them that there was no nudity in my office. This was a professional demonstration, and they would get to take the Liberator gear back to the hotel for the entire weekend to do their homework, or lovework, as I prefer to call it.

It was time to change positions, although Debbie didn't really want to move. I suggested she lie on her stomach with her head at the top of the Ramp and her pelvis at a 27-degree angle on the Wedge to promote deeper penetration from the rear.

Once again, Jay was eager to get started, and I had to rein him in by telling him it was his turn to be dominated. Jay lay down and surrendered himself to Debbie as she blindfolded and bound him.

I recommended she straddle him in a female superior position so that she was in complete control. I think this position was the most exciting for them both because it was rare for Debbie to initiate sex, and Jay just wanted to be her sex slave. I put the Liberator gear into its elegant travel bags, handed them to the lucky couple and off they went giggling like teenagers.

On Monday morning Debbie and Jay returned to my office before flying back to Canada. "So how was the sexual makeover?" I asked.

Jay exclaimed, "The tiger has been released within my lovely wife, and she is freely expressing her needs, desires and wants. She says it's like a mental block has been released and there is no going back."

That made my day. I love my job, and I love it when there are wonderful, therapeutic enhancements such as Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear to help me.

Gifts of Love

Have you ever dreaded special occasions because you feel pressure to buy a memorable gift for someone you care about? As a sexologist, I understand the challenges of buying something that is unique enough to make it unforgettable. This can be a great source of anxiety. Of course I'm expected to come up with creative, fun and untraditional ideas all the time, and I love giving impressive gifts so I'd like to share some of my favorite gifts of love with you.

Forget about chocolates, fragrances, ties and gift certificates from department stores. Focus on the extraordinary and the divine. Take Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear, guaranteed to turn bland sex into gourmet sex. It's a sexsational and memorable gift to give your lover no matter what size they are, tall or short, heavy or light.

These custom engineered shapes can elevate and angle you into a plethora of new sexual positions. With the help of the Liberator Wedge, Ramp, Stage, Cube and Scoop, lovers feel comfortable and relaxed as they create unlimited positions and possibilities for love.

As an added surprise, give your lover a copy of the 4th century Hindu manual, "The Kama Sutra," which contains 529 lovemaking positions.

You can buy one shape at a time; the Wedge for Valentine's Day, the Ramp for the Fourth of July, a Stage for that special birthday, the Scoop for Halloween and the Cube for Christmas. Or you can give your lover the entire set of Bedroom Adventure Gear! Can you imagine the sexy fun this kind of creative gifting will add to your relationship?

As a sex counselor, I constantly recommend Liberator to rekindle lost passion, and I have testimonials from satisfied clients who say that sex with Liberator is better than ever before.

One couple, Mike and Cindy, purchased the Black Label with restraints, including a blindfold and adjustable cuffs for the hands and feet. They told me that they had the most fun exploring role-playing with such characters as Slave and Master and Hooker and John. They really got into the swing by including props like a paddle for some light spanking, and John had to put $100 on the table before Cindy would go down on him.

Memorable gift giving can be easy, especially when it's a gift that benefits both of you. Once you've given your lover Liberator, follow up with a jar of love notes or sexual fantasies. Make a personal video of you and your lover having sex on Liberator. Take a photo of the favorite part of your anatomy and give it to your lover in a special frame.

Once you get your creative juices flowing, the thought of giving sexy gifts will be easy. Let us know some unique gifts that you've given or received so that we can share them with lovers who need a little inspiration. Remember that the gift of love is the most precious of all.

Anal Delights

Anal sex should never be a surprise, so gentlemen please don't sneak up on her from behind. First and foremost, discuss the subject before you actually do it. If anal sex is new territory for you, I'd like to share some important guidelines.

To encourage and help her relax, introduce her to the Liberator Scoop, a shape with curves that will contour to her body. With the Scoop, you'll be able to make anal love in missionary or rear entry positions. It will be able to support and stabilize any thrusting motions because of its natural rocking ability, and you can even flip it over for more stability.

Once your beloved is in a comfortable receptive position, take your time and lead up to anal love by massaging her body so that she will be completely relaxed before anal penetration occurs.

Gently, caress the cheeks of her buttocks, squeezing them together, and then spreading them apart. Slowly, make your way to that power packed bud of anal nerves and massage around the area paying attention to her body language. If she likes it, her rectal muscles will relax and she'll push herself into your finger. If she's uncomfortable, her muscles will become tense and she'll try to back away. Ask her for verbal feedback by saying, "How does that feel?"

The anus and the surrounding area are full of thousands of nerve endings making it a primary erogenous zone for some people. Before you insert your finger, cover it with a finger cot (which you can buy at any local pharmacy) to protect her from any jagged fingernails and cover the cot with plenty of lubricant.

The anus does not produce lubrication like the vagina, so it's essential for ease and comfort. Be gentle, even with your finger, because you can damage delicate skin tissue. Once she is fully aroused and gives you permission to proceed with anal intercourse, put on an FDA approved condom to protect yourself from bacteria in the rectum and then apply copious amounts of lubricant.

Move slowly and don't expect to insert the full length of the penis all at once. Also, be prepared to stop if she asks you to. The woman should always be in control of the speed and the depth of penetration.

Make sure she's comfortable on her Liberator and suggest changing positions for variety and ease. Discover and share which position feels most exciting for both of you. Some women prefer having anal sex in missionary because it's more intimate, while others love the feeling of surrender from behind, especially when penetration results in G-spot stimulation and orgasm. Encourage her to stimulate her clitoris while you're making anal love to her.

Approximately 40 percent of heterosexual couples have tried anal sex at least once, so obviously it's a highly erotic and gratifying experience, but it's also a high-risk activity for HIV and other STDs, so please use protection. Also, never insert anything from the anus into the vagina before washing it and that includes the penis, fingers or sex toys.

The physical and emotional power play of anal sex can be appealing to both men and women and it makes for a great alternative to vaginal intercourse. Having said that, never feel compelled to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable mentally or physically. Use common sense and pay special attention to your body so that you stay safe and sexy. Set sexual boundaries with your lover so that your relationship is based on mutual respect, trust, communication and love.
Bigger, Better Orgasms

We are always in search of the ultimate orgasm, whether it's with our soul mate, a friend with benefits or a one-night stand. It's our second basic instinct after survival. So why are we seeking that euphoric, mind-blowing, earth-shattering energy melting orgasm? Perhaps because orgasm provides a break from reality: it's a natural high, satisfying us physically and emotionally. Orgasm gives us confidence and teaches us to accept who we are.

Orgasm can also be a spiritual experience, uniting two lovers into one. If you want to experience the biggest, the best and most orgasms, here are some tips from this "Orgasm Oracle."

Start by investing in the Cube, a remarkable piece of Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear that rolls and rocks with your body. You can lay, sit or kneel on the Cube to create your ultimate orgasm. Let's begin with the clitoral orgasm since it is the easiest for women to achieve. Ladies before gentlemen is still a good rule in my book.

Ladies, take a seat on the edge of your Cube and ask your lover to kneel before you. Let him know that his turn is coming up, right after your orgasm. Lift your legs and rest them on your lover's shoulders. Now lounge back and surrender your body to the pleasures of oral delights.

Show him where your clitoris is if he's not familiar with it. (The word "clitoris" comes from the Greek word "key," as in key to female sexual empowerment.) Guys, it's your job to lift the clitoral hood (a small piece of skin covering part or the entire clitoris) with your finger and then lick around it with the tip of your tongue until you feel it growing and hardening. That's a sign that you're doing your job well. Once her clitoris is erect, wrap your lips around it, purse your lips in an "O," then gently suck on it until you feel her body working up to a momentous orgasm.

As a reward for enabling her to have her orgasm first, guys, I will share an incredible technique with you called the BiGasm, which should leave you weak at the knees. Straddle your Cube and lean back against a wall, sofa, bed or just put your hands on the floor for support. This time, she gets on her knees and begins to pleasure her man by licking his testicles. Guys, you should grab on to your pride and joy and masturbate while watching your lover licking and lapping your jewels. Give her plenty of motivation; tell her what feels really good as she's doing it.

Just before you're ready to climax, ask her to sit on you and ride your penis. The Cube will rock and bounce with your bodies making lovemaking even more exciting. Having your testicles lavished prior to intercourse will enhance your orgasm. As you are reaching orgasm, ask her to fondle your testicles gently so that you feel your orgasm in them as well as in the penis.

My mission is to search for the ultimate orgasm and then share it with you, so here it is. It's the ultimate, unforgettable, enormous TriGasm! For women, a TriGasm is the result of arousing three points of pleasure: the clitoris, G-spot and anus simultaneously. For guys, a TriGasm is the result of arousing the penis, testicles and anus. Now it's up to you to achieve the TriGasm using your tongue, fingers, genitals with any extra props you desire, including Liberator. Believe me when I say that you and your partner will not easily forget experiencing a TriGasm together. If multi-tasking is too much for you to handle, you can always purchase the revolutionary TriGasm vibrator I invented.
Fellatio the Wedge Way

For a guy, fellatio (oral sex, blow job, getting head,) feels great in any position, and there are lots to choose from, especially with the help of Liberator. I encourage you to try new positions if you want to keep your love life sizzling hot. Here are some of my favorite fellatio positions.

Take the Wedge and ask your man to rest his butt upon it. The Wedge is deliberately angled at 27 degrees so that it raises the pelvis for easy access to the penis, testicles and anus. He can lie on his back with a pillow under his head, relax and feel like a king. Ladies, spread his legs (men love it when women take charge), slide in between them on your stomach so that you're comfortable and have a bird's eye view of his package. Take his happy penis in your hands and begin by licking the glans (head) with your tongue in circular motions as you look at him. Make lots of slurping noises of pleasure to increase the sexual charge. Then wrap your lips tightly around the head of his penis and lower your mouth as far down the shaft as you can, then slowly and deeply suck all the way back to the head. Repeat this at least ten times, and if you can't take all of him into your mouth, use your hands as an extension of your mouth.

For variation, push his knees up to his chest and tell him to rest his feet on your shoulders. Cup his testicles and tease them with your tongue, then suck on them one at a time making them sopping wet with your saliva. Meanwhile take his penis in your hand and masturbate him simultaneously. Now alternate by taking his penis in your mouth and stimulate his testicles with your hands gently. Watch his body language and ask him for feedback.

To further impress with fellatio, tell your man to stay in the same position lying on his back while you get on top of him, facing towards his feet. He'll enjoy the erotic view as you go down on him. Start by creating a tight seal with your mouth around his glans and then suck him with short and long strokes repeatedly. Meanwhile, take your prominent hand and tap your fingers around his testicles as if you were playing a piano. Stay in this position for at least five minutes.

Now tell your man to turn over on to his stomach with the Wedge supporting his pelvis while lifting his butt up in the air. Spread his legs wide apart and draw his penis back between his legs. Talk erotically as you do this and tell him how hot he looks bent over. The best position for the woman is between his legs on her knees so that she can easily reach his penis with her mouth. It might not be the best position for deep throating, but it is the best one for licking that sensitive area that so many women neglect called the perineum (the landing strip between the anus and the testicles). Massage his penis and pull gently on it towards you as you lick him from the testicles all the way along the perineum to the anus. Do this at least ten times, then suck on the penis while you scratch the perineum gently with your fingernails.

Here's one for the lover of deep throating. This time she gets to lie down on her back with her head resting comfortably on the Wedge. He kneels above her face so that his penis is over her mouth while she wraps her hands around the base of his penis and draws him into her mouth as far as she can. Ladies, relax your throat and be careful with your teeth especially in this position. If necessary, cover them with your lips so that you don't scrape him accidentally. This position is also great for Tea-bagging (dipping his testicles into her mouth) because she can open up her mouth and throat to its full capacity.

Two of the best reasons for having oral sex in different positions is to avoid predictability and to experience new erotic sensations with each new angle. How many new oral sex positions can you come up with?
Calling All Cunnilingus Connoisseurs

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is a must for any cunnilingus student, connoisseur or guru. Okay, let's face it. For women, receiving oral sex can feel pretty good in almost any position, but some positions are better than others; some are more comfortable, some stimulate the clitoris better, and some actually help her to feel less inhibited. And that's what you want whether you are a woman or her lover.

So here's the revolution: with the help of Liberator, a woman can feel comfortable enough to surrender to her lover's mouth and tongue. She'll be especially eager to try Liberator if she knows she's going to be the focus of her lover's attention.

Let's start with the Wedge, which is a wonderland for her butt to rest upon. Designed at a 27-degree angle, the Wedge raises her pelvis up for easy access to the clitoris, vagina and even the anus. She can spread her legs apart or rest them on her lover's shoulders. It's a surefire way to give her ultimate oral pleasure while alleviating strain on his neck and back.

For ladies who've never received oral sex from behind, here's an opportunity to enjoy cunnilingus from a different angle and a recipe for reaching a quick climax. She lies on her stomach and bends over the Wedge or Ramp with her legs spread wide apart. This position offers access to the anus, perineum (landing strip between the vagina and anus) and the vulva. She can play with her clitoris while her lover lavishes the vulva and/or anal areas from behind.

Another perfect use for the Ramp is to have her lover lie down on his back while she straddles him by squatting or kneeling over his face. She can face him or turn towards his feet, but either way, this position is for the physically fit woman who enjoys being in control. She can move her hips, tilt her pelvis and lower or lift her vagina to get maximum pleasure. She is in complete control of the angle, pressure and tempo.

The Cube makes a good throne for her to sit upon. Her lover can kneel or crouch in front of her and either hold her legs up over his head or let them rest on his shoulders. The flexible Cube will move back and forth in a gentle rocking motion as she grinds her hips and thrusts her vulva into her lover's mouth.

There is nothing better than the Stage for the sixty-nine position (mutual oral sex). Decide who is on the bottom and on top. (I suggest the heavier one lay down flat while the lighter person gets on his/her hands and kneels over the other.) The velvety Stage is soft, yet stable enough to hold two bodies. For some oral variety, couples can easily move from the classic sixty-nine into a side-by-side sixty-nine where both lovers lie facing each other's genitals. There's no need for extra pillows because the Stage supplies all the leverage and comfort needed.

I encourage everyone to set the mood for oral sex: the temperature, cleanliness, music, beverages (for a dry mouth) and, most importantly, the place --- including where, how and at what angle you are going to enjoy the erotic art of oral sex. A little planning goes a long way, so whether you are a cunnilingus novice, amateur or expert, Liberator can help you achieve a memorable oral experience, which in turn will be a sure way to maintain excitement in your relationship.

Erotic Liberator Massage

In order to give a great erotic massage, all you need is the desire to pleasure your lover and a few tips from yours truly. For starters, set the mood for romance by dimming the lights, burning some scented candles or incense, playing your lover's favorite music and warming the room so you'll both be comfortable. I know pretty soon you'll be making enough heat of your own, but it's always best to start in a warm room, especially since you'll both be naked.

Now here's the most important choice of all: which Liberator is best for erotic massage? My suggestion is the Wedge/Ramp Combo either on your bed or the floor. Keep the silky, stain-resistant nylon inner shell on so that you don't have to worry about getting carried away with the massage oil. Ask your lover to lie face down on the Ramp with pelvis raised for easy access to the butt and genitals and then slide the Wedge under the head for support.

The Back Slide Stroke: Pour oil into your hands first and rub them together so they'll be nice and warm. Place your hands on your lover's lower back and slide your hands up all the way to the neck, around the shoulders and all the way down and over the buttocks, spreading their cheeks apart gently. Repeat this about five times.

Kneading: If you've ever kneaded pizza or bread dough, then this technique will be a breeze. If you haven't, try squeezing your lover's back and buttocks between your thumb and fingers in a flowing motion (not too hard) with one hand and then with the other hand. Now slide your hands to the sides of your lover's body and repeat until your lover has been well kneaded all over.

Feather Stroke: Before you move onto the thighs, caress your lover's neck, shoulders, arms, back and most importantly buttocks with your fingertips in a feather stroke back and forth for at least five minutes. If you have fingernails, then gently scratch your lover with them. You can do this in circular motions around the anus and long fluid motions in between the thighs. Let your light, tickly strokes and caresses create sensual anticipation for your lover as he/she won't know where you are going to tickle, scratch or touch next. Use your hair to caress your lover's body and blow your warm breath around the neck, back and inner thighs.

Foot Caress: Add more oil as you need it and do the hand slide technique on the thigh and calf in slow motion. Follow this with kneading and the feather stroke, one leg at a time. Feet are a major erogenous zone so let's give those tootsies some attention. Take one foot at a time and smother it in oil, spreading it around the ankle, the heel and between the toes. Now use the palm of your hand to slide over the bottom of your lover's foot back and forth about four times. Gently rotate every toe clockwise and counter-clockwise, then finally slither your forefinger between each toe.

Turn-Over: Ask your lover to turn over, keeping the Wedge/Ramp Combo stacked together with their head resting on the Wedge, and their body lounging comfortably on the Ramp, pelvis elevated and angled for perfection. With plenty of massage oil, place your hands lightly on top of the navel, slowly sliding them up the center of your lover's stomach and around their nipples, then down to the pubic bone. Do this at least five times because it feels really good and it moves energy around the body. Be very gentle around female breasts. The male chest can handle a firmer stroke, even some kneading, whereas feather strokes are more pleasurable on and around female breasts. Use your hair to caress your lover's body.

Nipple Massage: Both men and women have sensation in their nipples. Find out how sensitive your lover's nipples are by giving a nipple massage. Use your thumb and index finger to gently massage the nipple in a rotating motion moving clockwise then counter-clockwise. Ask for feedback so that you get the pressure just right. Then place your hand gently over the nipple and roll it in the palm of your hand. Do one nipple at a time and make sure that all of these motions are done slowly. Observe your lover's body language and listen for pleasure moans and groans. Ask your lover to rate the nipple massage from 1-10 on a pleasure scale with 10 being the best.

Front Slide Stroke: Massage the front of the body, legs, arms and feet as you did on the back, using the hand slide, kneading and ending with the feather stroke using your fingertips, nails and hair.

Female Genital Massage: Use a water-based lubricant because oil can cause irritation if it gets inside the vagina. Start by gently massaging the vulva (outside of the visible area of the vagina) with feathery strokes. Rub the lube around her vaginal lips all the way down and around to her anus. Using the pad of your thumb, trace the outline of her anus and slowly slide your thumb up the perineum (landing strip from her anus to her vaginal opening). Gently part her outer lips with both of your thumbs and slide your thumbs up and down spreading them further apart. Do the same with her inner lips. The inner lips are more sensitive than the outer lips so use less pressure. Watch for her body language and ask her for feedback.

Clitoral Massage: Gently pull the clitoral hood back from the clitoris to expose it. Slide your thumb and forefinger up and down the sides of the clitoris for about ten strokes. You may feel it growing as she becomes more aroused. A clitoris can grow three to four times its normal size when it's fully engorged. Next massage the head of the clitoris in circular motions using your lubricated forefinger or thumb. Don't be surprised if she has a body melting, earth shattering orgasm.

Male Genital Massage: Put plenty of massage oil in your hands and warm it up by rubbing it with both hands, then slowly spread it all over the penis, testicles and anal areas. Next place one hand on the shaft of his penis and begin stoking it in an up and down motion while the other hand gently encircles his testicles and perineum. Do this in slow motion for at least three minutes. Now add more oil and twist one hand up the penis while the other hand twists downwards in a corkscrew motion. Change course and rub his penis with oily hands as if rubbing a stick to make a fire. This is a sure way to light his fire! Do this for about five minutes and don't be surprised if he climaxes because this stroke feels like he's inside a tight wet vagina.

Sensual massage is one of the most intimate, generous and memorable gifts you can give your lover and Liberator makes them that much more exciting. For an even more erotic massage try Liberator Black Label gear with a blindfold, wrist and ankle restraints.

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