Fascinator Lush Throe - Standard & King Size

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Love this.

by PJC on May 10, 2015

This is a great and welcomed addition to our lovemaking sessions as I am a one of the many gushers who needed something like this to save washing so many sheets and sleeping on towels UGH! Glad that this was available and it is easy to wash and dry in my washing machine and dryer. YAY!

Peace of mind with my piece.

by J Harrison on April 28, 2015

Great. Both sides feel very nice and it's a great piece of mind. It could help anyone let loose without fear of hassle. It's like being in a hotel at home!

best purchase ever!

by Wendy on February 25, 2015

I am super squirty, and I was tired of soaking my bed, doing laundry and dealing with wet spots. I have the king size, which covers the surface of my king bed. The velvish is super lush and nice on your skin. Plus, thus thing WORKS! First time we used I squirted every where. The bed was dry, and since the blanket was dry underneath, we left it dir the night as an extra blanket, since it was freezing out. I woke up because I was damp. It was so warm my partner started sweating, so we turned the heat down, and now this blanket dies double duty protecting my bed and keeping me warm!

Cannot be without this

by KP on February 16, 2015

I am a huge gusher. My bed was soaked even through blankets folded in quarters. The throe caught everything and my sheets were bone dry. A miracle. Very easy to clean too.

Love this blanket!

by Gushing Girl on September 27, 2014

I, too, am a huge gusher and this blanket is AWESOME!!! No more tacky waterproof mattress pads that are too small are scratchy. I keep one of these on my bed all the time so it's ready when we are. I need to get MORE! It is a little heavy, but the material is so nice against my skin and it washes very easily.

Too Heavy

by Blaster on August 11, 2014

This is too heavy and difficult to clean!

The Best!

by Raande on July 27, 2014

I absolutely love my Throe! The quality is amazing - it feels and looks great and is easy to clean. I want one in every color.

Best purchase I have ever made

by SuperSatisfied on May 26, 2014

I absolutely LOVE this blanket. I am a gusher and have tried several different things in the past to save my mattress, couch, carpet, etc. I soak through waterproof mattress protectors and don't like having sex on a plastic tarp. The only thing I would change is making it larger (I create a lot of liquid folks. It looks like a water balloon massacre when I'm done!). I love how convenient it is too. My boyfriend and I pack it up wherever we go and it looks like just a regular blanket. I love it so much that I am buying another!

Works for me.

by Leanne on January 18, 2014

This throe measures 72"x54", covering most of a king size bed (yay!). It...does indeed work as promised. It's gorgeous, and feels great! I almost want to cuddle with it!

Our favorite throe!

by Hikers on October 19, 2013

"Where's the good one?" was what my wife said when I came back with one of our older Fascinator Throes. Recently, while getting ready for playtime, my wife sent me to find one of our throes. She is blessed with the ability to totally soak a bed so we found Liberator years ago and these water proof throes are wonderful. We now have several Fascinator Throes and even give them to friends as gifts. The Lush Throe has become our favorite. The satin side of the original feels great but tends to slide around and makes finding a purchase for some positions difficult. The Lush Throe doesn't move at all. Once it is on the bed or floor it stays put and essentially becomes invisible. Friends who have joined us all say the same thing - they didn't even know it was there! We also own a Wedge, Ramp, Flip Ramp (my wife's favorite), Jaz and other shapes made by Liberator. On the older throes they tend to slide away and make fun difficult. On the Lush Throe they stay put- we are the only one moving! If you are looking at one of the Fascinator Throes you should give serious consideration to a Lush one. .

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