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Sex Pad, Crash Pad, Rad Pad

by the bedroom blogger on December 11, 2012

I'm in love with my Escape. I took it to Bonnaroo this year to sleep on. I absolutely loathe inflatable mattresses and I thought this might be a nice substitute. It was fabulous! I have never been so comfortable camping in my life! My friend D and I spent three nights in a row on the Escape and neither of us had any complaints. I was blown away by how comfortable it actually was. Seriously awesome. Oh, and makes for some comfy floor sex, too. It will save your (or your partners) knees and elbows. Or you could take it outside and go at it in the woods. Or a field. Or on a pile of gravel. I kid you not, you'd be comfortable in any of those places. The microfiber cover will zip off and is machine washable. The waterproof barrier means that no matter how much of a mess you make, you won't hurt the super dense and amaze-tastic foam core. I do suggest getting yourself a gear bag if you plan to do a lot of camping or traveling with your Escape. It makes hauling it around (or storing it) a whole lot more convenient.

Outdoor sex in comfort

by Riverkilt on November 5, 2012

I'm fortunate to live in a beautiful and remote part of the world where a short hike can bring enough privacy to make love outdoors without the risk of offending anyone or being arrested. The folded Escape totes easy enough and I've also rigged it to a backpack frame for a short hike to beautiful areas for making love outdoors amid nature. Not only does the Escape provide protection from small rocks and twigs that might irritate, it provides a wonderfully soft playground so that we can focus on sexually pleasuring each other without interruption from a sudden sharp pain. And its great for laying together in the Sun during the afterglow - or between rounds. It can be a challenge to refold outdoors if there's a wind blowing but with cooperation two of us can get it folded back up for the walk back to the car.

Storage solution!

by Ivy on September 10, 2012

Went with the king size... love the feel of the fabric!! Several of the reviews said hard to store, ran into the same issue BUT figured out a great place. I have a relatively high headboard so I just pulled the bed a couple inches out from the wall and slide it in upright. I have it zebra-size out, but for a more subdued look you could put it black (back) side out. Really feels great, nice quality and easy to clean :)

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