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Love it!

by Aimee on August 29, 2014

Its very comfortable and supportive. Goes great with using the Liberator Wedge. It is great for sex, helps us go longer without fatigue. We also us it for tent/cart camping, and it works great! So comfortable.


by james on July 8, 2014

I wish it came in king size.

Love It!

by S.P. Schubert on June 19, 2014

What more can I say? It is as described. Came in a small box and "inflated" as I was pulling it out - kind of like a self-inflating life-raft. Was a good comedy scene.

Love it

by Toots on January 27, 2014

we use it with all our shapes and when we watch movies but it turns into more then movie watching

Possibly the Best Liberator Product Ever!

by Miss Kay on September 23, 2013

The Liberator Escape is something I've had my eyes on for awhile because our floor is really uncomfortable. We now own this, and it works amazingly for both sexual and non-sexual things. We lay it on the floor to make playing board games more comfortable as well as to have sex with. I'm about 270 pounds, and while this does squish under my weight, it still is extremely useful for our sex life. It has about three inches of padding on the inside of it, and that padding still supports my weight wonderfully. It cushions the floor and has made sex possible on both the carpet and hardwood floor. It feels squishy when you put weight on it, but a supportive kind of squishy - not the useless kind. The microfiber of the Escape is amazingly soft and sexy. It feels like velvet and makes me feel like I'm lying on a bed fit for a queen. (If they made this material for sheets, I know I'd spend way too much money purchasing it.) I honestly thought I was going to have to assemble this and place the pieces of the foam into the Escape. Nope! It comes folded up like a piece of paper does in an envelope - in thirds. You just pull it out of the packaging, and it's good to go! If you own any other Liberator pieces, I can attest that this holds firm against them - the pieces do NOT slip against each other, and you can be as rough as you want, and the pieces will stay perfectly still as long as placed on the Microfiber. Getting the cover off can be a slight pain, but it's not difficult. There's a zipper running along the length of one of the shorter sides. You just unzip, pull it off, and throw it in the wash. It's pretty big, and we can't fit much else in the wash besides this. For storage, the regular-sized one is basically the size of a twin bed. So if you have a bedframe, this will easily slide under your bed for discreet storage and easy use. The foam is really light-weight, so you can pull this across the house for other rooms without any sort of strain. Overall, seriously one of the best Liberator products we own. It makes sex very comfortable, works well for non-sexual uses (such as my Yoga), is extremely easy to clean, can be hidden easily, and contours perfectly to my body to provide great support. I'm a huge, huge lover of the Escape.

Welcome addition to the Liberator Stable

by Unabashed on September 14, 2013

The pad has plenty of cushion for the knees and back. By throwing a Wedge or Ramp, down they stay put, allowing for lots of play and motion without sliding around. The cover is easy to pop off, and toss into the washer in case things get messy. We have it laid out in our den, and use it as a stretching pad after exercise, which sometimes leads to a little more exercise...

Lots of fun, but hard to store

by CowboyBob&Ginger on September 13, 2013

We've owned the king size Escape for a couple of months and have enjoyed using it every chance we get. Super soft and suprisingly WARM, making it easy to fall asleep on afterwards. The only drawback to the king size Escape is finding a good way to store it. Because of the supports under our bed, we can't slide it under easily as other have mentioned. It's fairly difficult to fold, and takes up a corner of our walk-in closet. We're planning on packing the cover on our next overnight trip to see how it works without the insert... ;)

Choose your Escape's size carefully

by David on July 15, 2013

My wife and I became interested in the Escape after her parents spent 3 weeks with us over the holidays. We ended up being so sexually frustrated due to the lack of privacy that we made love in our master closet one morning. While uncomfortable, the experience led to a revelation that maybe our squishy pillow-top mattress wasn't the best place for play. The harder surface of the floor made for better thrusting. The Escape seemed like the perfect solution and we bought one that Valentine's Day. In order to maximize our fun we bought a king-sized model. The only real criticism I have about our Escape is that it is fairly slick and doesn't seem to offer as much grip as I would like. This is despite the fact that it's made from the same microfiber as the other shapes which grab hold of us. Maybe it's just harder to get a grip on the tougher surfaces of our feet and knees. Aside from that, however, we have encountered a major problem with our Escape. As I mentioned, we bought the king-sized model. We quickly realized that there is no place in our house where we can use the Escape where we don't have to move at least one piece of furniture in order to get it to fit. The other issue with it is that it will not fit under our bed for storage. Our queen-sized bed simply sits too low and the support structure gets in the way too much for the king-sized Escape to fit under it. In fact, there is no good place for us to store the Escape unless it's in the storage bag, but we're worried about the effect on the foam since it's folded up all the time. Why is this a problem? It's something we didn't even realize until several months after the purchase, but for us using our Escape lacks spontanaity. Unlike our Ramp and Wedge which live beside our bed, ready to be called into action at a moment's notice, the Escape lives inside its storage bag in the deepest part of our closet. It takes planning and effort to use, which is all well and good for when you're planning a romantic evening, but it's not so useful for spontaneously throwing your spouse to the ground to play. I didn't say all this to discourage people from buying an Escape. In fact, I'm not even comfortable rating it because the fact is that we've only used ours a few times in the 6 months we've had it. What I do encourage you to do is buy the size that fits your living space. Don't buy one that you can't roll out at a moment's notice like we did. Measure the storage clearance under your bed. Make sure you have some accessible place to put it where you'll be free to enjoy it often.

Escape to paradise

by tj on June 10, 2013

VERY comfortable, and the microfiber holds other Liberator shapes securely in place for maximum enjoyment. Under a fitted sheet, one or two of these make a top-quality mattress topper, or a mattress all by themselves for that matter. Removes easily for roaming play. I cannot tell you how just plain comfy this foam is! Firm back support & soft memory-foam luxury at an awesome price. Oh yeah, and rockin' good sex, too! What a deal!!

Escape to fun and comfort.

by Garnet on May 6, 2013

I recently purchased my SECOND Escape. 'All Terrain Sex' is right! I keep one out all the time for lounging in front of the TV (and for the spontaneous sex romp), and I have another that goes tent camping with me. My friends on their air mattresses are so jealous, Ha! It is like having one of those memory mattresses that can travel! It also nests tight to all the other Liberator shapes and holds them HARD *giggle* so they stay put no matter how frisky you get. The thick foam is able to withstand even the superman jump from the couch to the floor, trust me, I know. Finally when playtime is over even the KING size cover fits in a standard wash machine.

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