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Happy 1 year!

by Doe-moan on June 30, 2015

This product is crazy awesome! It's been almost a full year since I've had this product and looking to get a normal cover just for a play pad. If you like to get a little dirty, this is for you.

Great product = great sex

by Woohoo on September 16, 2013

As an enthusiast of shiny pvc/rubber-like materials this purchase was a no-brainer for me. However, I was nervous about my wife's reaction to this surprise gift. She tends to be a bit more vanilla than me. In short, she loved it as much as I did and we had a great evening breaking it in. Definitely recommend going with the king size and pairing with Pjur lotion. Worth noting that the mat itself is huge and heavy. May be worth purchasing the carrying case, although we just kept the box it was shipped in and put it back into there.

Seen by a neighbor

by JesseH on September 16, 2013

This product has been great. Easy clean up, easy to pick up, and looks/feels great. Takes a min to warm up but is fantastic once it does. I have always had trouble getting a good footing to give my woman the force she wants but with this it is easy and she is all the happier. Neighbors came by to see something in the house and hadn't put it up yet. They saw it and immediately had a few questions the last being where can they get their own. I Recommend it and can't wait to continue ordering from Liberator.

Romantic Massage, Slip and Slide and ????

by Kitty on September 16, 2013

Love it, fair pricing, well made. Massages and sliding around is great fun! You don't have to worry about any oily messes on the floor or bed and its easy to clean up.

Awesome escape wet

by Roma on September 16, 2013

We got the escape wet several months ago. We got it because we occasionally enjoy some water sports. It turns out it is perfect for that, but what we found is that is great for much more. The escape wet makes any surface a perfect place for a romp. We love to use it on the pool deck and then jump into he pool when finished. And clean up is a breeze. We love our escape wet!!!


by Shark on September 16, 2013

We've had some dirty and oh so fun times on our Wet Escape. It's easy to clean up after some pretty wild times. It's tons better than the raw hard floors and carpets. It's comfortable to just lie on and it fits nicely in a closet when we're done.

Escape to a happier, wetter place!

by TJ on September 16, 2013

Fantastically comfortable foam like in a top-quality memory foam mattress, but securely covered in waterproof black vinyl? What's not to love! Messy play has never been so easy to clean up. Surface warms quickly to the touch, and feels sexy whether dry or lubed. One or two of these can be part of a firm, supple mattress set that comes out easily for wild play or off-site use. The ultimate camping mattress, too. Keep one in your car for "emergencies!"

Naughty but oh so nice!

by Amberstclare on September 16, 2013

This was my first PVC piece of sex furniture and I adore it. The feel of it against the body is so sexy, and it's big enough to lounge around on by yourself, or to get naughty with a partner (or two!). The PVC wipes clean very easily, and there are so many ways to use the Escape in the bedroom. So far it's stood up nicely against champagne, wine, lubricants, water, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, massage oils, and bodily fluids. Love it!

A Wet Escape!

by boogieman on September 16, 2013

Best thing ever to get down and dirty. This thing is so easy to set out and get to it. Love how it warms almost instantly as you move around on it. Super easy to clean and the storage case is perfect.


by subdreams on September 16, 2013

I love getting down and dirty, but I tend to get a bit rough at times. I need something to cushion myself when Iƒ??m playing or having sex. Plus, having it portable enough to bring for my outdoor adventures would be a welcome bonus. I was recently luckily enough to try out the Escape Wet all for myself and fell in love. The Escape Wet comes in two sizes: the regular 50 x 72 and the King size (the one I got) which is 76 x 72. It was perfect for our needs, giving us enough space to roll around and get intimate on. As PG says ƒ??Beds are great for lovers. But they do have limitations. If youƒ??re really rambunctious in your rutting, theyƒ??re noisy. Theyƒ??re too bulky to sling over your shoulder and tote to the beach or into the woods for al fresco amour. And if youƒ??re into wrestling and flinging each other around, itƒ??s a bit of a drop if you slip over the edge. The Escape solves all these shortcomings, and does it with style.ƒ? The Escape Wet comes in a huge box that weights around 25 pounds. After getting it in my apartment and opening the box, I was a bit surprised at just how big it was. It comes wrapped in a plastic white cover with little kisses and the words ƒ??love all ways, Liberatorƒ? Packing- a cute little touch. Taking it out of the plastic was easy and after unfolding the mat, I jumped on it before grabbing some toys and testing it out. I made a bit of a mess but all I did was grab some of our cleaner and wipe it down. The next day we had a wrestling match. Over to PG again: ƒ??Alpineƒ??s quite the wild child, and likes to be taken by force. This has led to a few banged heads and bruised elbows as weƒ??ve bounced off the bedside walls. So we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of this mat. To give it a real test drive, weƒ??d arranged for a best-of-three downs wrestling match, with the loser incurring some severe (and sexy) penalties. We cleared the floor for a good way around the Escape to create a safe zone, and went for it. The matƒ??s covered in a glossy black vinyl fabric. I liked this for a number of reasons: Itƒ??s easy to wipe clean of bodily fluids, lubes, foods, and what have you, itƒ??s moisture-proof. Itƒ??s slightly grippy, so you can apply leverage in wrestling moves. And it just feels kinky ƒ?? which is hot. Wrestling on the mat was much better than on a bed; the firm yet padded surface let me get greater purchase than would be possible on a yielding mattress, yet we could slam each other down without injury. We did slide ƒ??out of boundsƒ? onto the carpet a few times, but with no distance to fall, there was no injury. We recommend this mat highly for any folks looking to expand their boundaries and extend their repertoire. Oh, and the outcome of our match? I won all three falls, thank you very much.ƒ? The Escape has been a welcome addition for everything that we need, making love on it, getting dirty or simply just cuddling on it afterwards. Our friends were impressed by it during a recent party we had and we had fun wrestling on it. Itƒ??s perfect to bring anywhere with you, including outdoors, on the floor, or simply for topping off your bed with a firmer surface. You can order a carrying bag with it for easier transportation. I didnƒ??t request one but Iƒ??m sure it would make toting and storage easier. Because itƒ??s vinyl, you canƒ??t clean it the conventional way but simply treat it like you would any piece of BDSM furniture by using something like Super Sani-Cloth and Sporicidin Disinfectant to kill a wide variety of virus when bodily fluids comes in contact with it.

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