Black Label Esse Chaise

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Great piece but lacking mini scoop

by K&J on October 27, 2014

K & I love our new addition however like others, wish it included a mini scoop like the original esse. It doesn't look like the chaise headrest would fit the dip exact like the original esse's scoop does. Only reason for the 4 star rating, otherwise we'd give it the extra star....

Great tool for lovemaking, but wish it had mini scoop pillow!

by Cheryl on June 8, 2014

We have enjoyed our Esse Chaise, but wish it had a mini-scoop pillow. Why it doesn't come with one, I will never understand. The only differences between the Esse and Esse Chaise seem to be the mini-scoop and the height. We had to get the Esse Chaise since my husband is shorter.


by grooviefan on June 2, 2014

amazed to hear most people think it cost s too much money. costs less then a session or two at a therapy session. makes a bed obsolete...

Absolutely Magical!!!

by Sweetheart and Honey on October 30, 2013

Have to say that I have almost gone broke shopping at this site! And this is probably the best purchase ever! While some of the smaller toys get used more frequently, when used with this item it goes to a whole new level! We have always been passionate during our sessions of love making. But never realized that being supported and at the best angle could make that even better! Our first night using it she had at least 5 orgasms and when I finally joined her I darn near passed out! We weren't even tired. It was pretty much the best night of sex we have ever had. Best part is we are only getting started!!! Don't let the price detour you! It is so worth the money! Although describing the couch in your back seat to the officer that got you for speeding, priceless!!!

Love It

by Amanda on September 27, 2013

I've had my Chaise for over a year. Bought it at warehouse location. It is very comfortable. Sometimes I just relax in it to read. Easy to clean. The D-Rings hold up well to rough play.

Fun Fun and More Fun

by Kitty on January 9, 2013

Love the look, fair pricing, well made. Our freinds thought it was a cool piece of furniture. Does not look like what it really is used for!!!! LOVE IT

Absolutely BEST piece of Liberator furniture

by reviewsRme on January 9, 2013

We own EVERY piece of Liberator furniture (really) and this is BY FAR the best. It is especially great when placed on top of the stage. The standing positions for the male give complete, deep penetration with good access to the clitoris. Expensive yes but wow. High quality. Be sure you get the vinyl...easy cleanup.


by southerngent on January 9, 2013

this esse chaise is an amazing item. i rally can't believe how great the sex is. My wife and i are tryin things we haven't done for years and things weve never done at all. thanks 4 all the good times.

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