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I love my Equus as it is my bed!

by SacredOracle on November 27, 2014

I purchased this after the wedge/ramp for my back pain. I actually sleep on this Equus, and have since 2009. this has helped my mobility with my spinal pain. lightweight so i can move it to vacuum around the bedroom myself. I think these items have been some of the best investment in my health recovery. I am glad to know people enjoy them for sex as well as massage and other uses as well. keep up the good work liberator furniture! November 2014

Worth every penny

by Gadget on August 3, 2013

This is a fabulous addition to any room! Perfect height for exciting positions and for getting dressed in the mornings. Very firm so it supports us both easily. Hubby is 300+ I am 125! Would say it was perfect if only it offered the black label cover as well! Was delivered to my MIL's house (next door, we weren't home)! She wants one! I have yet to tell her what it is...

Just what we needed

by Amanda on May 22, 2013

We originally were looking for a way to be less noisy for our neighbors at my apartment. This is a great purchase for many reasons. First it reduces noise drastically. No further banging on the ceiling/floor from annoyed neighbors :) Second it takes punishing, we can thrust really hard, it stays firm yet gentle & does not lose shape. Third easy to spot clean & its nice that the bed stays clean. Fourth easy to store into a corner just push it upright. Fifth, it is lightweight & nice looking. Lastly you can try so many positions with this flat yet firm & soft surface. The width is good for us. Im 5'4'' and he is 6'1'' I can almost plant my feet when I am riding him & he thrusts harder with his feet planted ;) We got the 72 inch & that was a good move. You do need to be of average weight or less. So for us who exercise everyday the size is not a problem. The size may not accommodate obese people which could be something liberator could consider.

The best piece of furniture we own!

by PC on November 6, 2010

We have this at the foot of our bed. The kids just think its a seat/couch. I recommend using this with the ramp. Many different positions and fun can be had!

After looking for years, it has finally come!

by Glutes on October 11, 2010

For years I have searched for a product that allows the possibility of perfect angles. Like a couch with no back and not as wide. This allows me to straddle it and enter my wife for long periods of time because I don't have the stress a bed causes on your hips or back. Standing sex while she is in doggy style position is awesome! Also my wife can perform the cow-girl position without excessive pressure on her knees and hips. The leatherette version I have is very easy to clean.

The unforgetable Equus

by JNT34 on September 20, 2010

We own both an Esse and Equus we love both of them but the Equus has given us the most pleasure. It allows for many positons the sky is the limit with it.

A great piece: easy to clean and store

by Kaberet on September 10, 2010

While this is a rather large object to have around the house, it is certainly easy to disguise as a bench. When it arrived the kids asked what it was, and we told them it was extra seating for the holidays. Now, whenever my mother-in-law comes over, the kids ask her to sit on the bench. I smile knowing what has been done there :) We have the smaller size and he is 5'10". While he lays down, his feet hang off the end, if his head is at one end. This is okay, but the larger size might be nice if you are taller. The width is perfect for straddling, though at 5'4" she has to use her tip-toes to lower herself. Having both feet on the floor can greatly improve thrusting from both ends. The Liberator Wedge improves angle when she is on bottom and works as a great headstay when she is on top, so he can watch. We would also recommend this for a 69, so both partners can have their feet planted on the ground and not have to worry about crushing the other, or being uncomfortable. Cleanup is a breaze. For our faux-leather, we simply use a damp rag with a mild soap, or lysol. If anything were to ever happen to this piece, we would replace it with the longer one, but are very happy with what we have.


by walrus on August 29, 2010

I have 2 hip replacements and this allows some positions I didn't think I would ever do again. We absolutely love it.

We love this and WILL BUY ANOTHER for a different room!

by BeachLovers on July 16, 2010

We have several Liberator products. This one we have in the leather look and it looks like a very long ottoman. So much so that we keep it in the den and people are ALWAYS asking where we got it. We love it for its intended purpose as well as an ottoman for extra "seating" when we have vanilla guests, and ...... when you have "fun" guests. he he he he, wink!

Great Item

by TheCarGuy on October 23, 2009

This is the 4th item I have from Liberator. I must say that this thing is great. Fun at night but still useful in the morning. Firmer than the bed but soft enough to keep things comfortable. Love my Equus!!!

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