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Great buy, worth every penny!

by A Swede on August 17, 2014

I must say I first found buying a "glorified" pillow for $100+ didn't exactly get me excited. But when I tried this out with my partner we found out it was worth every penny. In the "missionary"-position it just gets her the perfect amount of "up" with her ass so penetrations comes easier and it they also hit "the sweet spot" profoundly better then without using it or when using ordinary pillows for support. Gives her much needed support under those long "doggy"-sessions and we both love BDSM so hey, the cuffs? Don't even get me started. Packing and the product itself breathes high quality and craftmanship. Thinking about expanding my "Liberator"-series and think that out of my $400 collection of sextoys this is the one we treasure most and which we consider one of the essentials (on par with the "Bodywand"). Cons? Well the cover isn't exactly breathable so she is usually soaked in sweat on her backside, more so then when we usually have had sex. It does have a nice feel to it and one of its functions are also to avoid the people on the Wedge to slip down from it.


by brian on October 28, 2013

Very good

5 stars is not enough

by bryan on April 22, 2013

Does everything the description says. The perfect angle, the perfect height, the perfect firmness. Our first time using it, along with the cuff kit, was definitely an eye-opening experience. Very easy to unzip the cover and throw in the washinachine. Our only complaint is figuring out the right way to put the cover back on - sometimes put it on upside down. My wife and I love it and are already trying to decide which other Liberator product to buy next.

Worth Every Penny

by Kaberet on September 10, 2010

We are able to use this all the time for deeper penetration and as a way to lift hips up. It also works great for oral sessions (once your neck gets used the change). While we do not use the handcuffs every time we use this piece, the plastic clips are nice to hold onto when there is more aggressive thrusting. We also have the smaller original label jaz, which just does not compare to this piece. This will stay in place, where with the jaz, you are more likely to slide off. This is kept near the bed so that we can grab it at any time and even works well on our simulated leathre equus.


by Geeks on August 6, 2010

Bought this a month ago and it's utterly fantastic. Everything is better on the wedge. The fabric feels great against skin, almost as good as skin itself. Oral is easier and more fun (neck doesn't get sore). The angle makes every position deeper and more intimate. Adding handcuffs and sashes to the mix only spices it up further. Clips are in a great place, leaves plenty of possibilities open. I can't suggest it enough.

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