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Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo

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Rev'd up the bedroom

by SD on August 30, 2010

The wife and I got tired of just a flat bed,using pillows and trying to find something to tie each other up with for some light bondage. The we found the "Black Label" ramp/wedge combo!! All we can say is WOW WOW WOW!!! It sure has spiced things up!


by Kitty on August 28, 2010

We couldn't wait to get it. The price was good. The set up was fun and the restraints were even more fun. We use the pieces together and seperately. Put cuffs on and throw a blindfold in for the extra anticipation of what was going to happen. Very well made, nice quality fabric. We Love It

Good to Super!!

by GEN on August 28, 2010

My fiancee and I recently order the black label combo. The shipping was fast and the customer service experience was also excellant. But more to the important issues! This set is awesome!!!! It takes "the same old positions" to a whole new level. With the product you can hold a position for longer and get the perfect angle for all your fave positions. It also rejuvinates so of those old favorites. The wedge and ramp combo just brings a level of ease and comfort to both you and your partner that you'll wonder how you ever lived without and never want to.

Great Post C-section

by Cpl & Mrs Maddog on August 27, 2010

My wife had just been cleared for sex after having our first child via c-section when the black label ramp and wedge arrived. She was really worried about not being able to enjoy as her ab muscles were still very weak. The ramp and wedge combo allowed her to be in our favorite positions and yet still have her totally supported. The added in D-rings, and silk ties we got added an extra spice to our new "first time" and I'm sure every time to come! WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!! BUY IT NOW!!!

Rough Rider

by Sensual BareBear on August 27, 2010

My lady likes it deep and rough. The wedge and ramp allows for some hot lickin suckin and ridin. HIGHLY recommended. The restrains added some extra delight with anticipation and teasing.

Can't forget the Cuffs!

by Unabashed on August 9, 2010

Bought the Combo, and the Cuffs. Very prompt delivery, and the possible positions with these two pieces is amazing! We even go back to the DVD every so often to see what we may have missed. Very easy to wash, and even with the use of Lubes and/or Oils, cleanup is a snap!

Incredibly Intense Sex

by USMCDad on July 20, 2010

My wife and I have taken our intimacy to explosive new heights with the Wedge/ Ramp Combo. Deeper penetration, increased comfort, for both of us, and getting a better angle on those "special" areas turned our already great sex life into "Amazing!", as my wife puts it. I highly recommend this product and after just one session, you will understand why. Thanks Liberator for broadening our horizons and increasing both of our's pleasure.

wedge/ramp combo

by Marie on April 29, 2010

This thing rocks! Order it guys, you will not be disappointed! Positions are much more comfortable. Love the cuffs! Very well made. Also very sturdy! ;) It is a little pricey but it's definitely worth it! We've ordered several items and will definitely be back for the Equus and the Esse once we move back to the states. I'd also like to let others know, if you're ordering from an APO address make sure to order a couple months before you need it if you're ordering for christmas/anniversary etc. It took about 10 weeks to arrive for us. Also when it arrives it was labeled as orthopedic pillow! how funny is that? So don't be nervous that the post office will be laughing about your sex furniture purchase. It is very discretely labeled. :)

new excitement for a new decade

by decadecouple on April 17, 2010

met my wife about 10 years ago and the sex was amazing. after ten years its still good but but no excitement. now enter the ramp wedge combo. bought it for valentines day but with the storm we had didn't get it till after the 14th, such is my life. when we got it, it was like we were teens again. these are the best bedroom products we've ever used. definetly remember the restraints you will not be dissapointed. definetly will be buying more in the future (hopefully the esse or the new stage combo).

Expensive but you get what you pay for!

by WhiteLion on January 24, 2010

Hi, I am not that experienced with girls or sexually active but recently I met a girl I really like her. I want things to last so I want to keep trying new things. I first saw the Liberator several years ago. I actually purchased it for some perverted friends of mine at work that were getting married as a wedding gift but then some girl talked me out of it. I never purchased one for myself because I thought it was way too expensive. I still think its still too expensive but I have been thinking about buying it for years and I really like this girl so I took the plunge. I was hoping to receive it last week but I had some UPS dilemmas. I received it like 2 days ago. I was so excited! The box was not as big as I thought it would be but it was well protected. I was dissapointed when I pulled them out of the box because they did not seem luxurious, plush, or amazing I expected to be like WOW these pillows amazing! Honestly I was rather dissapointed because they are not exactly comfortable or soft to the touch or anything. I put them on the bed and I laid on them myself. They are not exactly comfortable but they do achieve their purpose, to help accomadate the body in certain positions, at that it does good job. So finally the girl comes tonight and I had just eaten 2 meals for dinner since I am trying to bulk up so I needed to digest my food so we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I almost peed my pants a few times. So we make our way to the bed eventually and after some foreplay I say hey lets try the pillow. I only used the Wedge because thats all I originally wanted because I personally find the Missionary position to be very uncomfortable. So first we had some sex without it so I can compare the difference. All I have to see is the look in her eyes when I inserted my penis into her when she had the Wedge under her was priceless!!! I immediately knew it was a good investment. All she kept saying was...oh my god you're hitting it! you're hitting my spot!! Even if she would not have said anything just from her face I could tell she was getting maximum pleasure and because of the Wedge I was also able to penetrate her better and completely without discomfort. So we went 3 rounds as usual for 3 hours each nonstop. She just left now its 1pm eastern time in NYC and I asked her so did you think the pillows was a good investment? She said Oh Yes! we have not even used the Ramp yet or the combo. Highly Recommended! Only con is the price but the experience you get with this is well worth the cost.

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