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by Jason on October 1, 2015

I had been looking at this item ever since I stumbled upon it, my girlfriend thought it sounded ridiculous and I somewhat skeptical I went ahead and bought it assuming we would get some use one way or another. THIS THING IS AMAZING, as stated time and time again, it opens up so many new angles and makes everything so much easier. More versatility and less exertion = more play for much longer. It has become a new favorite for both of us.


by Ringer on September 1, 2015

This thing is fantastic. Our arrived yesterday and we put it through its paces last night and have ZERO complaints. I always hesitate when it comes to sex-related products due to numerous experiences with poor quality and bad materials, but I can honestly say that Liberator products are top notch. I would definitely buy more from this company in the future. Some comments have been made about a lack of firmness and I really have to question whether or not these folks got a legitimate Liberator product. I'm 6'5" and weigh 290 pounds and my wife and I had no issues with support. My only suggestion would be for Liberator to produce a video on how they pack the thing in that bag because that's incredible.

we love it!!

by Michael Whitacre on July 13, 2015

we LOVE it!! Lots of Fun!!

BUY THIS NOW! You will both LOVE it!

by T. Beaulieu on April 15, 2015

I knew of this product for years, but never considered getting one until recently. Wow! This setup added quite a bit of excitement to our sex life. It's extremely well designed and constructed. It comes in a very small box, having been vacuum shrunk and sealed. After explaining my experience with it to a coworker he ordered it on the spot and has been bragging about his sexcapades ever since. It's been a big hit for both. Fast forward a month and another coworker now has one! This is literally a game changer. The positions it enables are comfortable for both. It eliminates neck pain during oral, and makes for some exciting views and situations while straddling. With her on top, it's completely unlike what you get in bed. MUCH closer and intimate contact. We've been using it on the floor - haven't tried it in bed yet, though that's where my coworker uses it. The cuffs are comfortable, effective and fun without the hassle of tying scarves. The blindfold is also a fun treat, with foam on the underside for comfort and additional blocking. My Wife loves both. Cuffed and blindfolded, being serviced by your partner in this is amazing and servicing your partner is SO much easier. I came home the other day to find the wedge in the living room floor. In other words, it also serves to formalize intentions and the commitment to the session. We've only scratched the surface with positions, but are thrilled. I'm a bit over 6 ft with an inseam of 33 inches. This size/height seems perfectly fine to me. Personally I've like the wedge to be a bit larger with more surface area, but I'm not really complaining. If I scoot down on it my head can rest on the back. THIS WILL AMAZE BOTH OF YOU!


by Rachelle on March 17, 2015

This product is AMAZING! My best friend recommended this product and RAVED about it! So after discussing it with my husband and he was curious also, we ordered this. It was an amazing weekend in the bedroom! we are heavier people and I am short and it made positions easier and VERY satisfying! I would recommend this to anyone! I paid for the overnight shipping and wish I wouldn't have bc I still didn't get it for 2 days, their over night shipping doesn't mean overnight shipping bc it has to be ordered by a certain time then it still doesn't get shipped til next day! so I was pretty disappointed we spent an extra 61.57 for shipping when my friend did the free shipping offered and had it sooner than I did! Also the customer service mgr is great but nothing was offered for the inconvenience!!! But as for the PRODUCT ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY WE SPENT!!! Oh and cuff kit has to be purchased separately.


by Nathan on January 11, 2015


Perfect for playful couples

by Matthew on January 10, 2015

The Black Label wedge/ramp combo has been the perfect accessory to our love play. My wife enjoys being restrained and Liberator shapes make her so much more comfortable, both physically and mentally, due to the comfort of the shapes and non-threatening application of the restraints. We would recommend these to anyone looking to explore light bondage!


by Michelle on December 28, 2014

All I can say is totally I'm impressed with the quality of this product ! Not only was it built and packaged amazing, it performs that way too! We have an amazing sex life but this just put it thru the roof. I recommend it to anyone wanting to have better sex! Only thing missing was on educational DVD. We had to study that online. Of course I wanted instant gratification. That came soon after though!!!

Five Stars

by Jillybean on December 12, 2014

My husband and I have owned the black label wedge/ramp combo for six years, and we're still loving it. Totally worth the investment! One of the best things we have ever bought for ourselves. It opens up a whole new range of possibilities for positions and incredible orgasms. So much fun!

Five Stars

by Dam on October 20, 2014

This was the most fun thing we've tried in a while!

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