Black Label Ramp

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More Cushin' for the Pushin'

by WalMart Who? on March 25, 2014

This product made an already awesome experience with my wife even better. We both have been enjoying it frequently and so far it has held up very well. Just an fyi though, roll off to the side when getting up. My wife sat straight up when dismounting the other night and was almost catapulted off the edge of the bed :)

Oh yes!

by Gadget on August 3, 2013

This piece has taken our exploration to a whole new level. Thank you! It is wonderful for helping with positioning for heavier and/or weaker explorers! The black label is wonderful!

Love It

by Daniel on April 22, 2013

This is an investment you must make! I've been trying positions I never thought possible, and my wife loves the way it elevates her ass so I can do it from behind. The velvet cover feels great against your skin, so there's no chaffing, and you can even take off that cover if you get into some ass play and don't want to get lube all over the place.


by Leslie on November 27, 2010

My husband and I bought this piece of Liberator furniture and we absolutely LOVE IT!!! The positions are endless. It truly gives you the seeing stars end effect every time you use it. BUY THIS PIECE!! Your sex life will never be the same :)


by katt on November 22, 2010

love love love the new hands free positions. It gives my husband and I other things to do with our hands. now ordering the bags to go with ramps. They are a must we have the roll the large wedge & small wedge with cuffs & blind fold. Love them all they can be used togather or seperate hours of fun. Great Christmas present.

On ramp for fun!

by bungieinberkeley on September 10, 2010

The ramp is similar to the wedge, but bigger. Make sure you have some space in the closet for this toy! Provides deep angles for interesting spins on stale positions.

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