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Give it a Whirl!

by True Pleasures on March 26, 2011

The Decor Whirl is a wonderful addition to my growing collection of Liberator Shapes! I had been eying the Scoop because I wanted to try a little rocking motion, but the Decor Whirl works well, too. It's perfect for doggy style and even as a prop to trap your partner with. What can I say? I love feeling helpless. It holds up well under pressure for me (96 lbs), but it does tend to squish under my hubby (203 lbs). That's not really a problem, since I'm usually the one that needs something to prop me up. It's great for a firm headrest or lower back support. I've even used it as a dummy to let hubby cuddle when I have to slip out of bed for something. If you'd like to find out more about what I thought about the Decor Whirl, feel free to check out the full review on my blog:

The Perfect Helper

by Sexy in the OC on September 11, 2010

There are not enough stars in the universe in which to rate this amazing product! In my opinion, the Whirl is a cylindrical miracle. We got Whirl as a gift when we ordered the Ramp/Wedge Combo, and we now use the Whirl way more often! I love that the cover is easily removed so that I can just toss it in the wash, but I wish that it had come with a storage case.

Give it a WHIRL!!!

by CowboyBob&Ginger on September 10, 2010

We nearly declined purchasing the Whirl XT with our Wedge/Ramp combo. What a mistake that would have been! This is the most spontaneous piece from Liberator we own. It lays on the bed and looks SO innocent, disguising itself as a regular old bolster pillow. But put it in action and you will not be disappointed. Works great under her butt or tummy or his legs... Use your imagination and give it a WHIRL!

Great Bedroom Accessory (that hides its true nature)

by drd on September 10, 2010

When the bed is made the Whirl looks like a decorative pillow. But when you get ready for action the firm, yet yielding inner material makes the Whirl anything but a decorative item. We use the Whirl as across the hips support with her face and face down but our favorite is her face down on the Whirl with it length-wise. That way we get support and a great side to side rocking action. When ready for sleep we place the Whirl out of the way.


by IceMan on September 6, 2010

I have had mine for 2 years now, and i thoroughly enjoy it. Use it all the time with my Wedge and other products. I recommend this to anyone starting out with Liberator, or experienced. Enjoy and have a little fun.


by Steve on September 3, 2010

I am not MR.experianced but my wife has less than I...When I purchased the Liberator Whirl she was a little standoffish to say the least, but after our initial experimentation she can't get enough of the thing. She has said again and again how mind opening it has been and wonders aloud about the opportunities with the many other shapes offered by Liberator! LIFE IS GOOD

Great, great, great

by Gabriel on January 4, 2010

This was purchased alongside the Wedge/Ramp combo. As a standalone shape it is worth it. My wife felt more comfortable in new positions and some tried and true positions. Christmas is going to last long in to the New Year. 2010 here we come.

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