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Decor Heart Wedge

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Heart-Shaped Love

by Miss Kay on November 12, 2010

I really ended up loving the Heart-shaped Wedge. It's downright gorgeous. Instead of being microfiber like other Liberator shapes, it seems to be made of a soft, velvety material that makes it much softer. (It still ends up being nice and no-slip against other Liberator shapes which is great.) The Heart-shaped Wedge is a bit smaller in width than the Wedge is, and as such, it actually was a bit too small in width to be nicely supportive of my large butt. (Which is larger than average at my three-hundred pound weight.) It does have about the same incline though. It also does have the same height. I was worried that the heart-shape would give it less stability. I was partly right. It isn't quite as stable as the Wedge is because it tends to squish more under larger weights, but for a regular body-weight (like my 160 pound boyfriend), it still held perfectly firm and did a great job of elevating his hips. It just isn't as effective for larger ladies though. It also would end up being pretty discreet if you wanted to keep it in public areas. Aside from a little "Liberator" logo (which doesn't look naughty unless you have sex-toy friends yourself), this looks like a regular decorative pillow. Granted, it's a little firm to be a regular pillow, but most people wouldn't really bat an eye at it. It makes a great seasonal sex toy, or just a new sex shape to bring into your house around Valentine's Day (or any holiday) for a more romantic touch than the regular, boring-ish Wedge can bring in. This one just looks more romantic. It holds weight just as firmly as the Liberator Wedge does as long as you are under 200 pounds. (Any more and I'd probably recommend the Wedge more.) However, for the vast majority of people, the Heart-shaped Wedge will be an amazing alternative to the Wedge.


by shag-mojo on November 4, 2010

ok so i ask myself as i come accross this new heart shaped wedge,i mean i already have a couple of wedges the hitachi axis and both the jazz and jazz mini, but hey why not just get it cause you know your going to anyway (i think i should note i may have a pillow fetish)so after a weekend of use i am happy to report it does what it is supose to do,it suports and helps keep everyone comfertable the velvety fabric is wonderful on the skin. but why would i recommend this? i will tell you this being heart shaped i can see this as a great gift to give girlfriend's (wife) so they can use it as just another decorative pillow that nobody would think twice about, but one you won't mind haveing easy access too.

Wait, this is a another Wedge...

by Tj on December 20, 2009

The partner had been gone for 4 weeks to visit family. I had wanted to do something for my partner so I purchased this in the Velvish Merlot, threw it on the bed with some flower petals and some other stuff I knew would be appreciated. When I bought it, I completely blew past the wedge description. I just bought it cause it was a big red heart. In any case, I was surprised to see that the Wedge Heart, was made out of the same foam and encased in the same water resistant material as the the other shapes were. In truth, this is just a smaller, just as functional, and more decorative wedge. She keeps it on the bed and we use it whenever we don't feel like bringing out the real Wedge. It's a real time saver!

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