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The Perfect Purchase!

by Valentine on July 3, 2015

This is the very best addition to my bedroom I have purchased in a very long time. Both beautiful and useful, easy to wash when needed and perfect for what it is intended.

Five Stars

by Richard on May 7, 2015

Love it, great positioning….


by schu87 on November 7, 2014

I bought this pillow some time ago. It has an outside cloth cover and an internal plastic cover to avoid fluids to get in the foam. They are both washable. The foam is hard and durable. The pillow is also attractive and one can use it for decoration when not in use. The size is perfect so is the angle. The color is a nice brown and the texture great. This pillow had taken all the intense action that my wife and I had thrown at it. This one is actually my wife's favorite. I do recommend this one. Is money well spent.

Comfortable and classy

by Jack Painter on October 30, 2014

This thing is wonderful and classy. My girlfriend likes it and it can sit around without looking like a weird hospital device like some other pillows of this kind.


by K. Hardy on July 15, 2014

Must buy!

great purchase

by chai20 on June 22, 2014

Love it. Best $50 I ever spent on stuff like this. It is also a great pillow for your back when reading or using a computer laptop in bed.

Boy, did this fix me up!

by Johannes M. on April 16, 2014

I decided to learn if this was different than using a pillow under my pelvis, and it is! The firm foam is encased in two removable, washable covers: one that is more decorative and one that appears to be nylon or waterproof. This photo is at an angle so you can see the wedge. When it is facing you, it is wider. The wedge can be used for front or rear entry. No, there are no instructions on how to use it but, there is a photo on the removable tag. That photo addresses rear entry. For front entry, have the point of the heart facing you. It tilts you up and supports your back. I have lower back problems and this allowed me to enjoy myself without being in pain afterward. I used a regular pillow under my head to ease neck strain. It also made it easier on my arms, which used to get exhausted before the rest of me was! I decided to try it out with a glass wand that wasn't pleasuring me as much as my other ones in order to compare. It really did the trick! I can't wait to try it out with my other ones!

Wife says it makes a big difference

by C.C. on March 12, 2014

My wife says this makes the sex feel a lot better. She like it therefore I like it. I would recommend to anyone wanting to take their love making to a new level.

Works great

by P. Martin on March 4, 2014

It does take some adjusting to find the best position, but once we've figured that out, we love it. Puts you in the perfect position!


by MommaMel on December 29, 2013

Multiple says to use this firm and supportive, very soft pillow in you love routine. Perfect shape to allow a whole new angle on things. I don't leave it out because my two-year-old inevitably puts his face on it which is too weird, but the heart shape and soft outer cover makes it rather unsuspecting. There is a second inner cover that is like a windbreaker material, not absorbent. Both covers zip on and off with ease. Very pleased with this product. Highly recommend.

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