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Consider this....

by Ivy on November 14, 2010

Bought with the Wedge/Ramp Combo (special price deal) and do like it, however it look like the Liberator Wing is similar shape/size with the huge added bonus of being a toy holder!! If I were to recommend this to a friend, I'd tell them to consider getting the Wing instead... Since I already have the Whirl XT, I guess I'll just have both! Pretty sure I can figure out a way to put both to good use :)

This a fun little toy that grace a bed.

by DonTungsten on October 8, 2010

This is a great help as a pivot point. On the bottom, under your knees, this will help you penetrate your partner use the strongest muscles in your body. On top under your ankles, this gives a very nice fulcrum for thrusting.

Confidence in the Bedroom

by kimmy on October 2, 2010

The Whirl is a product that every couple should have. Gives you the confidence to try your positions with a twist. Love the leverage my hubby has from behind. Also nice to straddle

Great Product

by Chris on September 20, 2010

My girl friend and I purchased the whril and love it. We use it all the time and have had so much fun with the whirl, that we want to buy more shapes and furniture all the time. We will be buying more from liberator in the near future.

Great Item For A Great Price

by Happy Couple on August 17, 2010

We bought this item with the liberator/wedge combo and it has become a mainstay in our sex. The Whirl XT fun to use and few new positions to use on it. Only wish there was a gearbag avainlable for it.

You won't run out of reasons to use this.

by KamaSutraBender on August 7, 2010

The Whirl XT is, by far, one of the most versatile Liberator shapes available. Whether used for sex or everyday, there is no end to the uses for the Whirl. Because of its shape, the Whirl easily hides in plain sight as another bolster pillow. For everyday, it makes a great head rest for reading or watching a movie. It also makes a great rest for those times when circulation is poor to the legs and lower back. For sex, this is a one-stop tool for anything you can conjure. Whether its positions, oral, or role-play the Whirl delivers creativity and freedom to play as you desire. A must-have for anyone who wants to increase the comfort and intimacy of their bedroom.

fabulous! Fabulous!! FABULOUS!!!

by JNRiss421 on July 23, 2010

My boyfriend and I received our Whirl XT in grape - which is a very sexy color, BTW - yesterday afternoon, and obviously couldn't wait to try it out right away! First of all, the microsuede is very soft and sexy and feels great against your skin. The bolster itself is quite firm with just the right amount of "give" to it - even with two people leaning on it. (I'm 5'8" and 170, and he's 6'3" and 190, so a considerable amount of weight between the two of us!) Last night it made a perfect leg prop for the both of us during spooning sex, providing perfect leverage for the both of us. My cowboy then bent me over it for a ride and we hit some amazing new angles! Needless to say, with all of the excitement and pleasure of last night, we didn't make it through all of our favorite positions with our new Whirl XT, but it's a given that we'll be using it again tonight! So, needless to say, we HIGHLY recommend this product! This is our first shape, but now we're hooked, and I've already ordered a Jaz and a Bon Bon! The description states "compact in size", but it is nine inches in diameter and 24 inches long, which is only one inch less in diameter than the original Whirl and Black Label Whirl. For this reason, it is my opinion that the Whirl XT is the best buy. I purchased it for $59, whereas the original Whirl is $89 and the Black Label version is $140. We also received a position guide book with this purchase, which has us hyped up about future shapes and furniture! Delivery was FAST and very discrete as well! Great product! Two VERY happy customers!!!

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