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Not bad

by stephanie on October 18, 2014

This is not a bad product. It needs to be a little softer. I had trouble keeping it in place during sex. But a good product

BTW it is also a great foot rest

by docmaximus on September 18, 2014

everyone who is sexually active and adventurous should have one of these near by !!! BTW it is also a great foot rest !!

tv. or pleasure

by CMHarris on June 28, 2014

It can be used for watching tv or pleasure. I recommend it to anyone!


by Bastian on March 8, 2014

The wife and I were trying to decide which to try...We picked this one up and simply love it. Very versatile. Wife just loves the the different positions. Brought the fun back into our bedroom!!

Was going for a different one

by Maria on May 6, 2013

But the excellent sales person at the facory store talked me into this one and I could not be more happy that she did! If you are thinking about this type of product, this is the one...well made, flexable overall GREAT!


by Will on July 4, 2011

I came across one of your ads in a mens magazine i brought it home to show my wife,i thought she would not be intersted in your product, but to my suprize she showed interset.So we took our time and looked thru your website and i mean we took our time,we eventually decided on purchasing the whirl. I could not wait to get it here to try out, when it finally arrived i believe my wife was just as excited to try it out .I can honestly say that we tried all the postions that were possiable and then some postions i thought were not possiable, and my wife loved the way it supported her when she put it beneath her and with me behind and the way she said it felt against her really helped her achieve some great orgazims.Guys you cant go wrong with this.

The Whirl is a Valuable Accessory is Our Bedroom.

by ChriSunZ on June 19, 2011

The Whirl is a great Addition to Our Bedroom and Our Sex Life. We are On The Hefty Side of the Size Chart and The Whirl is Great for Using Along With Our Esse, Wedge and Ramp, Stage or on The Bed; it Provides Support in So Many Positions. It's also Convenient to Lean on While Talking In Bed, Reading, or watching TV.

Liberator Whirl XT Gives You A Boost In The Bedroom

by WrestlingAddictedMommy on June 7, 2011

There are so many different positions and things you can try with the Whirl XT, and no matter what position you try with it, the pillow rolls with you allowing for some great penetration and easy thrusting action. Hubby is thrilled with it. Iƒ??m short, so a lot of times different positions one of us tires out, or itƒ??s not comfortable, but whirlxt2 Need A Boost In The Bedroom? Try The Liberator Whirl XTwith the added height itƒ??s able to prop me up and give me, hubby loves it!

I should never have doubted your awesomeness, Whirl XT

by The Bedroom Blogger on April 1, 2011

This is probably the most versatile shape that the boyfriend and I own. This unassuming bolster can be used in the missionary position, when he's on top, when I'm on top, and during oral. In some positions it adds a bit of a rocking motion to sex, and in other it just provides a nice comfortable support. The foam is firm but plush and supports my weight (about 180) just fine when it is under my hips. The boyfriend did have some trouble when we tried to use this under his ankles. Due to the Whirl XT's shorter length, it was harder for him to keep it in place there. But I loved how much closer it brought our bodies when it was used under his knees and I was on top. He said he can't tell how much of a difference it makes since he's used to thrusting on bottom anyway, but I am a fan. The one thing we haven't quite figured is doggy style. I love sort of straddling the Whirl XT when he enters from behind. It is so comfortable for me and it takes all of the strain off of my upper body. But for some reason, using it in this position is uncomfortable for him. I'm chalking it up to the fact that we haven't gotten used to it yet. Penetration from behind has always been an issue for us. Our bodies don't want to work together in that way. Almost every new rear entry position we try is a big ol' fail at first, but then somehow magically works after we've given it a go or seven. I'm thinking that's probably what our issue is here. We've gotten used to the way we have doggy style sex now, and we're just gonna have to make some minor adjustments and all will be well. I certainly hope so, because it is oh so comfortable for me. Oh, and I absolutely love the microsuede cover. I love the feel of it, I love the gorgeous colors that it comes in, I love the fact that it doesn't attract dog hair like crazy. It is still stain-resistant and machine washable, and it still has that awesome water-resistant liner underneath. Honestly, I was not expecting to be wowed by the Whirl XT. It has never been high up on my list of Liberator shapes that we much own (and yes, I do have a list). But I stand corrected. This little bolster pillow is pretty awesome. And it is one of the more discreet shapes outside of the Decor line that Liberator has to offer. I'm in like.

Position not shown on the videos

by Riverkilt on December 18, 2010

Have a mini-Whirl that was offered a while back. Best position seems to be with the Whirl up under my thighs, near my butt and with the lady on top. Another position that hits the G spot well. Has just enough firmness to give the lady on top a most pleasureable rebound.

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