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Love it!

by Dharma Sky on June 25, 2014

If you don't have a man in your life, I highly recommend that you buy one of these! I have a number of Vixskin, Tantus and Lelo "toys" that all fit wonderfully in this. It is VERY sturdy, the cover is high quality (very much like suede!) and it is enjoyable to use. I followed another reviewer's advice, and created a "cover for the cover" out of a hand towel with a slit cut in it. This makes it much easier to wash the "cover," since the microsuede cover - although WASHABLE - is on there very tight, and may be hard to get back ON the pillow, since the pillow is very solid, and doesn't "give" much. (And if the microsuede cover were to shrink at ALL, it would not fit back on the pillow. So, if you DO wash the cover, it would be a good idea not to put it in the dryer!) But, BUY IT!!! You'll be glad you did! :) (By the way... I'm only 5'0" tall, and the height of this is just fine for me. Maybe if it were an inch or so lower, it would be just a tad better (since my legs are so short)... but yet, this has not been a problem for me.)

Wonderful experience!

by Uggh on May 8, 2014

My husband and I have been considering a liberator purchase for a while now. However, as others have mentioned, the price seemed very high for a foam pillow. Because the price of this product is relatively inexpensive, we decided to try this piece to see what type of quality this line has. Wow! I loved it. I am 5'9 and 140 pounds with very long legs. Because this is a product that's mostly designed for women, I was somewhat concerned about the height being adequate. It is fine and gave new life to a Lelo Iris that has been unused due to a lack of power. It was slightly too short; however, straddling this across the width of the product versus the length helped immensely! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my husband & I used it together last night. It's very sturdy, and the microfiber is so soft. This purchase has convinced us that we should indeed invest in some of the larger pieces!

Easily Rideable

by Busybusybumblebee on April 21, 2014

I got tired of contortions for satisfaction so I wanted something to ride. Takes a little getting used to but I suggest a longer dildo for deeper women. It works well with glass and the flexible types. Only thing is I have long legs and bouncing requires a lot more leg power and they cramp at times.

made my cam life so much easier

by HellCat on March 30, 2014

its really nice , soft , comfortable , yet its firm enough so you don't sink into it when you sit on it. I also lay on it with it under my arm when im just lounging on cam :D love it

Great for cyber play for my fiance and I

by Tina on March 29, 2014

I love using it when my fiance and I the cyber nasty lol. And great in person, double use as a pillow and the cover is easy to wash :)

We love it!

by HappyCamper on March 13, 2014

The bonbon exceeded our expectations. It will also hold a wand btw. It has an inner and outer cover. The foam is very dense and can handle body weight. You can get just about any toy to work in it. I have spent alot of money on toys during my 15 year marriage. Much of that money was wasted. This thing rates right up there with the hitachi for money well spent on a toy.

So Much Fun

by Violet on March 12, 2014

This little wonder is a great addition for anyone looking to mix things up a little. It is very versatile and user friendly. Toys easily fit into the top slit. It is a good size and sits up high enough for some good leverage. I would recommend this especially for single gals ;)


by vanessa on March 10, 2014

Perfect toy mount! I love riding it and its a pretty purple fits most all toys!!!!!! OH YEAH YEAH YEAH

Outstanding really means what the name says

by ARMANDO on March 7, 2014

A great item. My partner was able too get her grove on on the first try. Good item and really works as advertised

Will be buying more from Liberator

by Amy Jo Nicholson on February 5, 2014

Liberator lives up to their reputation. This was our first Liberator purchase, and we have already been back for more.

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