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nice alternative

by Stephen R Clayton on January 30, 2014

My likes this well enough. It's something different for sexy time and it's a hell of a lot cheaper that most similar products

Great fun

by Ncosmany on January 7, 2014

We really have not put it to the full test, but It could be a bit firmer. Great fun and my wife uses it almost daily. With the right attachments its a heck of a ride.


by michelle on December 14, 2013

Just received our new Bonbon and.... just wow! Purchased the Lelo to go with it and although only did a quick try, can already say it is amazing! LOVE.LOVE.LOVE!

Fun times

by Wendy T on July 31, 2013

I opened up the package, tightened my inner core with anticipation, stripped down, strapped in and climbed on. There is a learning curve with this one. Especially if you are not in the best physical shape. You know, stretch not-so-much in the last ten years. But, oh boy! Once I figured it out, it was heaven to let my hands rome while my body enjoyed my toy(s) without my direct attachment to the machine. Well, I was attached, but you get what I mean.

Right On!!!!!!

by Caroline on June 11, 2013

I thought it was good the first 2 times i used it. Then I figured out how to use the holder and my big dong fits perfectly, what a great Idea! If you use a dildo a lot get this thing!

good suggestions for dildos

by asrb2013 on May 25, 2013

Good items to purchase with this mount! Dildo: Vixen Mustang, Tantus Curve, Lelo Ella, Tantus Rocket Vibrators: Lelo Elise 2, Fun Toys G-Vibe, Lelo Smartwand, Fun Factory G4 Tiger, We Vibe 3, Lelo Liv

5.0 out of 5 stars Heaven

by Brittney on April 25, 2013

Wild beyond my expectations. More fun than a barrel of monkeys. Gave me control while my hands were else where. Cleans up well. It accepts all sizes of toys.

One of the best purchases I have made

by Diana on April 17, 2013

This is everything I wanted and more! It's shaped perfectly for my to use. I am able to sit on it very comfortably. It's not too soft, it's firm enough to actually sit on with out sinking down like some foam pillows do. I am VERY impressed. I would purchase this item over again! I would also recommend anyone who is interested in being able to ride their toy, to get this. It is the closest thing to doing the "real' thing. This supports your legs like they should be supported in order to be able to ride your toy. I couldn't be more pleased.


by Lilly on March 15, 2013

a sex toy holder thats better than sex! ok maybe im exaggerating, but close. orgasms every time

Awesome New Toy

by RJ on November 19, 2011

As a deployed soldier I bought this for my wife to play with while I was away. She loves her new toy and used it the first day she got it. Can't wait to get back home and so we can play with it together. I know she would highly recommend this toy for all military wives to have and for any couple period.

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