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Soooooo good!

by Mywife on August 22, 2015

Wife and I used the first time, she was nervous but hoped right on. I was so excited watching and helping. It was great! The second and third times she had a great, leg shaking organism and was able to take care of my while riding! Great job liberator!

Not for short women

by SpankMeinPA on August 17, 2015

Recently purchase this, it is too tall for short people. I am 5"0 tall and had to place two pillows on the side of the product to try to get elevated enough to be able to ride this. Unfortunately, that didn't work. Short people you'we been warned. It would be great if they would create a "mini" version of this for shorter individuals.

Color is a bit inconsistant, but great product

by Engineer in Texas on July 28, 2015

Great fun product. I already ordered a second one for a friend. The second one wasn't really as fuchsia as the first, so there's some hit or miss factor on the color, but it would certainly recumbent these for fun. They don't explain it clearly but there a pocket for the long vibrators such as in the picture, but the pocket has side slits inside to hole flanged toys nicely only about a half inch below the surface.

The wife really enjoyed it. She really know how to work it ...

by Jesse on July 9, 2015

The wife really enjoyed it . She really know how to work it right..

Great product that adds new and fun possibilities in the bedroom.

by Rex on June 27, 2015

I bought this for my wife and she absolutely loves straddling it. She can easily put her biggest toy, "Shane Diesel" on it without stability issues. As promised it has a tight grip even on toys with a suction cup base. My wife is able to confidently have as much fun as she would like with her toy knowing that it is firmly held. It's the perfect width and height to for it to give that even more realistic feeling.

Worth it

by Zack on June 16, 2015

Works like a charm

Not bad.

by Kristina Reynolds on June 9, 2015

Could be a little shorter, I'm 5'8" and it sits a tad higher than I'd like.

The good times just keep coming!

by J.L. on June 3, 2015

My mind has been blown away after receiving this for a gift. I now by pass my husband when I come home and head straight to the bedroom for a little sweet suductive encounter with my new friend, The Liberator! ..if you want something to slide between your thighs, this is it girls!

Good for Solo

by xoForbidden on May 9, 2015

I picked up this little beauty for $40 here on clearance. I mentioned in another review about using my Shibari wand or a regular vibrator with a sleeve on it and using this pillow. If you are into solo play or you need help with positioning, this is a great tool for it. I have a bad lower back and sometimes have issues when behind action comes in - this helps hold you right up or ride the cowboy you are dreaming about alone.

Terrific product

by Carla on May 8, 2015

Put this on top of one of those footstool cubes and you have your own homemade sybaris. Works great for me with my bad knees.

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