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she likes it

by john soldano on October 20, 2014

just what we needed

does put my lady at the perfect height and angle for oral

by Stephen Lucio on October 9, 2014

Little to firm, does put my lady at the perfect height and angle for oral

my honey and I have an amazing connection already

by letgobefree on October 1, 2014

Um, my honey and I have an amazing connection already. We just recently moved in together and I decided to get us this little gift as a "house warming" and to deepen our connection... and OH MY MMMMM! I think this is our new best friend. It's compact, firm and holds me up well, we couldn't stop going for hours... and on our first try I reached my first full body O's of my life! THANK YOU Liberator! Can't wait to be lifted by you again! Woweeeee!

This was the perfect wedge we needed to help with positioning

by Helene Brown on September 21, 2014

This was the perfect wedge we needed to help with positioning, definitely would recommend. Just the right height to maximize our experience. You will not be disappointed.

Five Stars

by mike stein on August 24, 2014

super good

Angles are great

by CurvedCurvy on July 2, 2014

One aspect of this I appreciate is that it horizontally makes missionary more acrobatic and deeper to stimulate her G-Spot not depending on the size of her body

angle of the dangle

by tony abbott on June 12, 2014

Sensational to take on holidays or store easily beside the bed

wow, is all I can say

by Mary J Bauer on June 2, 2014

this one little pillow has made a world of difference in the bedroom. I am glad that I ordered the smaller version.

Very nice

by Jim Bennett on May 26, 2014

After being married for 31 years, this product allows for some comfortable position changes and unique access. A fun useful product

finally a prop with correct height

by repliquant on May 17, 2014

This is a review written from the perspective of a male who uses large backdoor toys. We are not catered to, not exactly, so we have to make do with what is out there. Fortunately, the Bonbon is exactly what many of us are looking for, even though the mount functionality as such, designed with ladies in mind, does not see any use here. The Bonbon (mine is charcoal) is 21 cm high, and though there are rounded sides, there is some flat surface at the top, 10 cm wide. This exact height is perfect if I am in a kneeling position, and have to lower myself down onto a wide insertable that is difficult to use otherwise. Once the top of whatever it is that needs to be guided in is where it's supposed to be, I can take the weight off my legs, and lower down. Thanks to the Bonbon, it is now trivial, whereas previously the frog squat was required, which is not only uncomfortable to a great extent, but also dissipates the relevant forces, making it more difficult than ever to play with wide toys which have their center of weight very low above the base. Above all, it is comfortable, with the top slightly depressing under my weight, and the sides pleasantly touching my legs. I'm a very happy user -- no more acrobatics, whether in the bedroom or in the bathroom. I only wish I had got this earlier...The cover is removable, so washing body liquids or silicone lubricant spots off this thing by hand is not an issue, and I can also use the washing machine, though I have not needed to do that yet.

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