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Great purchase

by Devilman on January 7, 2014

I got this item to spice up the relationship in the bedroom.My girlfriend thought I was being silly for getting this and was a bit apprehensive when I tried to use it.Needles to say she latter have in and was very happy he did,great purchase,would recommend

Rocks my world

by Sinthya on October 12, 2013

My long-distance boyfriend had been ooh-ing over Liberators at the toy shop, so I surprised him with this one when he came to visit last weekend. (Go full-size unless you both have tiny butts.) I know everyone talks about angles, but HOLY CRAP. In my best scientist's evaluation, I'd say that the "better angles" decrease friction significantly, allowing for more direct penetration. What that meant for me was I never needed a single drop of lube, my back felt great (it usually hurts after prolonged pounding), and out of nowhere, I found myself having a *vaginal* orgasm (!!!). [That hasn't happened to me since like, '99. WHAT.] Now that the bf is across the country again, I use it for back support while sitting in bed, typing product reviews. I'm definitely stuffing this thing into my suitcase for future visits. It's SO worth the sacrificed shoe space. And can I just point out that the cover comes off for ease of washing? No crusty old cum stains=Bonus! My only regret is that I didn't spring for the Jaz Motion. I'm sure that having the flat edge would add another dimension of AHH-someness.


by Johnny C on June 11, 2013

This product is awesome! My wife and I love it. It took us a little time to get used to it and now it is magic. Great for those deeper moments. Great for first timers

Small, confortable and fun

by Samara on November 17, 2010

I love this new pillow. I bought it at hustler hollywood because I wanted it now (and didn't want to wait for shipping). And it is a wonderful accessory to my ramp. I love that the edge is not as squared as the wedge and while you get the support of the wedge, there is a bit of rocking motion so you and your partner can connect with the rocking motion. I recommend this to anyone who is worried about the prices of Liberator products, but want to try a product out.


by Happily Married Guy on November 7, 2010

We own almost every shape Liberator pillow ever made. We were "early adopters" of these wonderful bedroom aids. However, I can honestly say that of all the fancy and fun pillow and shapes we have, the little JAZ is the one that gets the most use and the one I would recommend to every couple who has an intimate relationship, regardless of age, shape or anything else. The JAZ is simply "magic". There is no one we know that has not, at one time or another, used a pillow or rolled up bedspread, to try and get a "better angle" for things. Why bother? The JAZ is the PERFECT angle "for things". It is SO small, light and easy to use that you forget you are employing any kind of "aid", but whatever the magic it has, it always lines things up for extra perfect fun. I have recommended this little wonder to a couple we know that mates a 6 1/2 foot guy and a 4 foot 3 inch girl together who complained "angles were always a "problem". They both almost hugged the air out of me after getting their JAZ. THEY LOVE IT. Same as me and my wife of 30 years. It just makes EVERY intimate act "fit to perfection". The JAZ is something every marriage counselor,GYN and couples advisor should recommend. Like all Liberator Shapes, this one is of the highest quality construction and finish. The texture and comfort are second to none. Get this one shape, if nothing else, and you will discover why you will want ALL of them, before long. Even then, I bet the little JAZ will remain one of your favorites!!! ENJOY.

WOW! All I can say is, wow!

by bluemonster on September 14, 2010

Happened upon this while looking for other items to surprise my wife. Found a lot of "toys" and "gadgets" but nothing that seemed 100% practical (I'm using the word "practical" as something I look at and think: "Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense. Why haven't I seen something like this before?") I mean, think about the body and what it takes to maintain this position or that... sometimes it takes a lot of effort... which sometimes takes away from the pleasure. Well, I'm happy to report this item was a genuine hit. For her, each position was made so much easier to maintain... and allowed her the freedom to try new, unexplored movements. Since she wasn't using all her effort holding her legs up (or whatever the position required), she was able to surprise me with some extra gyrations and wiggles and such (which was mind-blowing). It also allowed me to enter at a slightly different angle (no matter the position) which drove both of us crazy!!! The pillow is firm, which holds its shape, but soft and comfortable. It is a high-quality product. We are going to keep using this but I think it won't be too long before graduating to the larger combo wedges. Those look like lot of fun. Cheers! (P.S. I'm surprised they aren't marketing this toward folks trying to get pregnant. If used in missionary position, it certainly points the woman's hips upward and helps plunge the man's penis in really deep. It would also make it easier after the "deed" for the woman to lay back, relax and hold her legs up in the air, keeping the semen in.)

Best Travel piece

by storychick on July 21, 2010

Bought mine at the ATL showroom,fresh off assembly (Great Place!, while on roadtrip. I surprised the hubby with the Jaz and he really liked it! We unpacked it at every stop we made on our trip. It was easy to carry and super to use. Plus, the website gave me the idea to use it for a laptop rest too! Best shape I have bought so far!

Who Needs A Pillow !?!

by DRAGONnTIGER on May 18, 2010

This works far beyond the limits of a top quality pillow. And there is no sliding around. Size is perfect(we got the mini). We might even need a second as a spare.

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