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Great investment for the bedroom

by TC on April 19, 2015

Bought a flip ramp at a local store...the wife was excited for me to bring it home and after using it I'm very happy I spent the money for it. We already had great sex with multiple positions, but this has increased what we had from great to amazing sex every time. What's even better is trying new things out and spending more time together. Best investment in this area I've ever made. We're going to purchase other products as well. Thank you for a wonderful invention and product.

Love the flip ramp

by Emily on October 31, 2014

Love our flip ramp. Used it the day it came. Fabric color matches bedroom decor and it looks like an ottoman. Soft fabric, versatile, stylish and fun! Takes pressure off positions that caused strain. No worries now just pleasure. Glad I ordered it. Totally recommend it without question.

Five Stars

by Michael on October 21, 2014

Fun product. Highly recommended!

Ramp it up

by Randy on October 9, 2014

We really enjoy our little ramp, it's actually great for missionary too, she is able to have her breasticles rub all over me as we enjoy each other's "company" It's not made to sit on, however, so a lap manouver was out of the question, we enjoy doggy and oral made easier with this device.

Great bedroom enhancer

by codeddna on September 1, 2014

The Liberator flip will take some time to get use to and figure out what positions it can be used for. That being said my wife and I both believe it enhances the bedroom experience and the convenience makes a quick and useable product. Highly recommended.

We love that the cover is washable

by Nuesa on June 13, 2014

Ours gets awfully dirty, what with all the wheelchair traffic. Our ramp is very busy! The city is even planning to add a stop sign.

Love it.

by Robert Bly on June 12, 2014

Love it!!! Me and my fiance love it all the way. We really had a great time with it and we are looking to and a bit of spice to everything, plus it doubles as a nice little foot rest.


by C & K on May 17, 2014

My wife and I love this thing! It lets her relax in positions that are the perfect height for me and the exact angle she wants me in to "hit the spot". We lay a towel on it because it would be a pain to remove the cover and wash it. Although, it does have a zipper, and, theoretically, you could remove the cover. It just looks like a foot stool in our master bedroom.

As promised

by Roger Slightom on March 28, 2014

It was all that it was promised to be and arrived quickly. Would definitely recommend it to anyone for sure.

LOVE IT!!!!!!

by Billy Rager on March 13, 2014

It is great. It is good for play or if your sick and you need to sleep sitting up, it will help there too.

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