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by Me on July 27, 2014

Bought the hipster yesterday and it is great, well worth it, especially for those where the men are so much taller than the wife/ girlfriend, want the chair next, lol


by Dale Crafts on June 5, 2014

It is all I expected and a lot more I'm 83, my wife is 75 and the hipster has taken having sex to an unbelievable level. Sincerely Dale Crafts


by Daniel on March 31, 2014

Lot of fun to use, great on bed or floor, will be taking it on road trips for sure. Confertable for both of us

Loved it

by Mark on February 7, 2014

Hi Alysa: You helped us pick out the Hipster and Arche Wedge last night at the store. I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated all of your help and how much fun we had with our shoping experience. You made things so comfortable and enjoyable that we had a great time. I was so impressed with your level of knowledge and the way you made us feel at ease when you discused and demonstrated the products. I also wanted to thank you for staying late for us. The time flew by. We will definitely be back and recommend your store to our friends! Btw - the Hipster and Arche Wedge were the perfect recommendations for us! What fun! :)

money well spent

by MrsBing on December 18, 2013

if you need g-spot stimulation to cimax this is your new best friend! You won't regret this purchase ever ever


by Mrs M on July 24, 2013

This was my first purchase from Liberator and am extremely pleased with this item. It helps my husband achieve deeper penetration. In my 29 years of marriage I have always experienced orgasms, but now they are more intense than I could have EVER imagined. Wish I had bought sooner. Thank you!

Its great

by fireman on April 27, 2011

I own the ramp wedge combo and its all great. But this is more round and comfortable for her. Since its used so much for the rear entry postion its great and put her at perfect level for me to be beside the bed.

I just want to know what the song that plays in the second video is.

by Listerine on November 17, 2010

I've been trying to find this song forever. I would be so grateful if somebody knew the name/composer. Thanks!

Our 2nd Purchase

by The Bear on November 6, 2010

We bought the Hipster after having the Wedge/Ramp for a while and it turned out to be every bit as good. The hipster enabled my fiance to have to have her 1st G-spot orgasm during intercourse which leads to her favorite position which is face down with her hips over the tall end and chest resting on the flatter end and me entering her from behind and making it so i can hit her G-spot for multiple orgasm's . We also take the Hipster with us when ever we can when we travel.

Bottoms Up!

by Miss Kay on October 10, 2010

The Hipster is another one of the great shapes sold here. The body has a lot more curves than the Ramp, but the Hipster itself is about the size of the Ramp. The curves in the body are meant to curve with the different spots of the human body. Whether male or female, the Hipster ends up being extremely comfortable and easy to use. It is a bit large for storage though, so make sure you have a storage idea in mind. (Under the bed works great!) Even with my plus-size body, the foam barely squishes at all which is a plus. You can use the Hipster to either bend over it or to elevate the hips. When bend over, the nice lower spot in the middle is comfortable for your arms while the higher spot makes a great headrest. When elevating the hips, the lower spot ends up supporting the lower back. It's extremely comfortable and easy to use. If we make a mess on it, we take off the outer cover and just toss it into the wash. The cover even comes out more soft than before! We've also had some good luck pairing this with the Stage to bring all of our action higher up. We've also paired it with the Wedge to act as extra leg support. Really, though, it's amazing how comfortable the Hipster ends up being. Unlike the Ramp which is a straight edge, the Hipster curves to your body and makes it so much more comfortable. I'm in love with our Hipster, and I'm sure you would be too.

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