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Our 2nd Purchase

by The Bear on November 6, 2010

We bought the Hipster after having the Wedge/Ramp for a while and it turned out to be every bit as good. The hipster enabled my fiance to have to have her 1st G-spot orgasm during intercourse which leads to her favorite position which is face down with her hips over the tall end and chest resting on the flatter end and me entering her from behind and making it so i can hit her G-spot for multiple orgasm's . We also take the Hipster with us when ever we can when we travel.

Bottoms Up!

by Miss Kay on October 10, 2010

The Hipster is another one of the great shapes sold here. The body has a lot more curves than the Ramp, but the Hipster itself is about the size of the Ramp. The curves in the body are meant to curve with the different spots of the human body. Whether male or female, the Hipster ends up being extremely comfortable and easy to use. It is a bit large for storage though, so make sure you have a storage idea in mind. (Under the bed works great!) Even with my plus-size body, the foam barely squishes at all which is a plus. You can use the Hipster to either bend over it or to elevate the hips. When bend over, the nice lower spot in the middle is comfortable for your arms while the higher spot makes a great headrest. When elevating the hips, the lower spot ends up supporting the lower back. It's extremely comfortable and easy to use. If we make a mess on it, we take off the outer cover and just toss it into the wash. The cover even comes out more soft than before! We've also had some good luck pairing this with the Stage to bring all of our action higher up. We've also paired it with the Wedge to act as extra leg support. Really, though, it's amazing how comfortable the Hipster ends up being. Unlike the Ramp which is a straight edge, the Hipster curves to your body and makes it so much more comfortable. I'm in love with our Hipster, and I'm sure you would be too.

love the hipster!

by blonde7745 on September 19, 2010

my boyfriend and i love the hipster....when we remember to take it out ;) but when we do, we have the best sex. it provides us with great angles to hit just the right spot!


by jon on September 13, 2010

Very nice product. Not many positions to do with it. But this thing helps a ton with the ones you can.

great item

by funcpl79 on March 1, 2010

the hipster definitely adds to our love life, it is great and fun to use. creates alot of different position possibilities and increases our level of love making. wife can't wait to use it solo.

Review by Jonmmm32

by Jonmmm32 on December 28, 2009

I've already had a few liberator's for a while and my wife just bought the hipster for christmas. so far it's been a great addition to our collection. we're still discovering new positions and greatly enjoying the ones shown in the catalog and on the site. Thanks liberator.

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