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Esse Chaise

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Great chair, great fun!

by JMH on April 20, 2014

We got this as a way to see if this kind of furniture really enhances sexy times, compared to the couple-thousands a similar chair costs. We absolutely love it, so many more ways to enjoy positions we know, plus more that are just not really possible without it. While the marketing for it is a bit over the top with the positions they show, it absolutely makes sexy times WAY more fun, more comfortable, and gives us more ways to connect. It's also great for those that have injuries like knee, ankle, or back problems. I had a severe sprain on my ankle and could not be on top or behind, but with this, I was able to go wherever I wanted. Highly recommended!

WOW--you will love this one

by OB on April 2, 2014

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary with an afternoon at the Sybaris in the Chicagoland area and I was very pleasantly surprised to see the Esse Chaise when we walked our room. I recognized it immediately as did my better half and we had to try it out right away. I can say, once again, Liberator has done it well! We love our Ramp/Wedge combo, whirl, and Lovearts shapes, and if we had the room in our Master we would definitely be getting one of these--my husband even suggested removing our dresser to make the room after trying it out. The angles are amazing, and it was quite sturdy. I can only say that so far every Liberator shape we have tried or purchased has been AMAZING--including this one. It's quite large, but if you have the room, go for it; you won't be sorry. We may be making the room soon;)

sex & relaxation.

by Jets on February 25, 2014

Great price for this item. I was able to break it in the first night with my girlfriend. I would definitely recommend this item to my friends

Great Product

by AE Hedge on February 21, 2014

This product is great. I read other reviews, people saying that it is slippery...well it is without the cover, which is included. The cover was hard for me to get on. It is low to the ground, but the dimensions say that it is....I saved over 200$ by ordering it here. I received it within a week, and even got free product. It is quite large and takes up a decent amount of space. I would recommend going to the original liberator site and watching the videos for it; great ideas :)

"Man"datory Bedroom furniture

by Hercle P on February 9, 2014

I had wanted an Esse for a long time & finally purchased one. I have the faux leather taupe. First of all it looks great in the bedroom. Very stylish. It is also very sturdy. I weigh about 165lbs & even if I sit on the end of it....It doesn't flex that much-great for TV or just lounging in the bedroom (get the headrest!). My girlfriend & I used it the other night & she loves it. It even works well for those times when you guys get really going because its sturdy & doesn't squeak like a bed at night. It even works great if you guys like to oil up...cleans off great. That's why I wanted the faux leather...material looks good as well. Great product!! Also make sure you register with the company so that you can get e-mails with better discounts than you would get by just going on the site!! I got such a major deal that I bought a bunch of other stuff.....wicked deal!!!

so comfortable

by sean simpson on December 13, 2013

very utilitarian, comfy, soft, great angles, perfect height, washable, I nap on this thing all the time. It's more then worth the price.


by jeffrey on March 30, 2013

the best invention ever. especially for short people. have yet to meet a women who doesn't find it fun and exciting. can't imagine ever not having one now...

Works well ithe the Esse Stage!

by Ivy on November 14, 2010

Bought the Esse Chaise over the Esse for the narrower width, however my BF is very tall and it really needed a booster. Wasn't sure how well it would work with the Stage as it's built for the Esse dimensions, not the Chaise... Bought the Stage hoping for the best, and it works GREAT! The size is slightly different so it doesn't fit exact like the Esse would, but it doesn't look weird and the extra height makes it perfect for us!


by olivespice on January 7, 2010

It not only looks stylish..but for a Tantric Positionist like myself it greatly enhances love making...in comparison on a bed or anywhere else. Highly Recommend it..

Love it!!!

by fromtheheart on January 2, 2010

I was intrigued by the Esse and I am always looking to add something new and fun to the bedroom. It was hard to decide between the original and the new chaise. I wish that I could have tried them both! We already have and enjoy the Fascinator throe, the whirl, and the wedge/ramp combo, and my DH and I have made this our new favorite! The material of the chaise gives a little bit of slide without being slippery. The shape and size work out great for us and makes certain/many positions much easier, more comfortable and more effective.

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