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Five stars

by QueenB on April 30, 2015

Awesome! Perfect thickness, great length, comfy and easy to clean!

Awesome.. wife is enjoying daily

by bushman on September 27, 2014

Awesome..wife is enjoying daily..Clearly a must have product for the wife..

Super fun, super high quality

by d-rew on March 17, 2014

As a guy, I was a bit lost trying to find an ideal hands-off solution for anal play. The liberator wing may be expensive, but when you look at the layers of protective covers and the materials it is made out of, it is more than worth the price. Not only that, but it gives you some sexy fun times and is built to last years. The wing is great because now I can ride any toy that I want, and change either my body position or the toy position for the desired angle/penetration depth. The microfiber cover is very high quality and feels very nice on your thighs/butt as you thrust. It holds heat well, too, so once you get it warmed up, the warmth just adds to the experience. It also cleans in the washer very easily, I've gotten mine "dirty" many times and it comes clean each time with no stains or smells. Since I'm a guy, I was worried about someplace to hide it, as it is rather bulky and wont fit under the bed. I found I could just have it on my bed as a normal pillow and it blends right in. Couldn't really think of any negative aspects, maybe the fact that if you are using a toy that is too thin then it will slip too far into the hole that holds the toy. Overall an excellent purchase that I have been happy using for months.

nice product with various uses

by jbs1 on February 24, 2014

We dont use this alot. But we enjoy it when we do. Good for double penetration or for me to sit back and watch the wife enjoy herself. Unlike vibrators she play and still have her hands free. Nice to ad a third without the drama of another person.

3rd person without any drama!

by Babyjeezus on February 16, 2014

The wife and I just tried it out last weekend and it was a hit! We put a sock inside the pocket because it was too deep and most of the toy went too far down into it not leaving much sticking out. Plus we got an extra long toy "the Mocha Man #1" from Pipedreams to use with it. First time using this combo after a little foreplay was amazing! I not only enjoyed watching her enjoy it, I eventually joined in with a little DP action! Felt awesome to both of us and we recommend this pillow to anyone that has a collection or any couple that is into DP but not the after drama that can occur with threesomes. Only negative thing we can come up with is it collects lint real bad. Other than that, it still gets 5 stars from us!

Ok Ok So It Started as a Sex Aid

by Iwantsomewine on February 2, 2014

And also ended up as the best pillow we've ever used to sit up in bed. Oh yes, it holds a wand vibrator easily, also a curved vibrating realistic sex toy. Pretty big for my spouse (5 feet tall) to straddle and still be able to kneel. Zebra material cheesy. Should have chosen mundane material to mask it's intended use. The kids think it's an awesome pillow.

great toy room addition

by swimGIRL8 on December 6, 2013

Obviously not the kids toy room...I have noticed reviews from people say the hole goes all the way through. Which it doesn't actually go all the way through the fabric on both sides.if using the proper width of toys it wind shift much as the pocket is very tight. My favorite results were to place a vibrating bullet in the deep pocket on on the reverse side use the second hole for the toys. I think that was the way it was meant but obviously you can get very creative with this pillow. Now it does need handles. On the wrong surface it may try to ride out from underneath you. it has give which is why its pillow. But overall this is a two happy thumbs up customer. And I haven't been able to play with my partner and this pillow yet. Cant wait forbthe kinky creativity.

Great for personal pleasure

by asrb2013 on May 25, 2013

Good Recommendations! Dildo: Vixen Mustang or Mistress, Tantus Curve, Flex, Comet or Goliath, Fun Factory Amor Vibrators: Lelo Mona 2, Elise 2 or Soraya, Pico Bong Moka, Fun Factory G4 Tiger HAVE FUN PLAYING!

HUBBY who is Deployed all the time

by Navy Wife on February 2, 2013


Gotta have the toys and mindset!

by NaughtyStudent on December 11, 2010

I was really disapointed with this product. It is the first I have tried with Liberator and I had high expectations. Perhaps, too high. The pillow didn't come with an instruction guide for fun positions to try (although you can still check the website) nor did it come with a casing to protect it from pet hair. I too have the Liv, as others have said in other reviews and the Liv is too small. It won't stay in the vertical slot. In the horizontal slot it works quite well but the vibrations or too dampened to bring me to orgasm. So you need a long toy or a toy with a suction cup in order for it to stay inside the vertical slot. It is much easier for me to use my toys how I usually use them. I need clitoral and g-spot stimulation and it is so complicated for me to use the wing rather than just lay down and go to town with my toys. For sexual positions, I think you have to weigh more than 138 pounds for this to work bcs it is so rigid that it brings my hips up too high for adequate penetration. It makes sex uncomfortable. The only way it works for us is for massaging. It is so comfortable to lay down on this for massage. Also, I love reading so when I am on the couch I put it below my knees to prop them up for comfort. So the wing is not completely useless to us. I hope to find new ways to use this Liberator shape because I just love the idea of it.

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