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Axis-Magic Wand

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Good items to use with Axis Hitachi

by asrb2013 on May 25, 2013

TRY THESE RECOMMENDATIONS! Vibrators: Hitachi Magic Wand, Lelo Smartwand, Leaf Vitality, Bedroom Kandi Make Me Over Compact Dildos: Tantus Throb (for double penetration)

Great Idea however...

by Tj on February 8, 2013

Honestly, this is a great idea. This mount allows for a toy to be used either with or without a partner. The first 5 attempts, when I used it with my partner, I found it to be a little awkward. We found it difficult if not impossible to position ourselves in a comfortable and satisfying position, i.e. partner on toy and me penetrating from behind. I've since decided that this is the partners toy. The good news is that just about any toy will fit into the Axis Hitachi and you can position yourself or partner any way around the toy and pillow to get the buzz factor. It is a solidly built pillow with some give but not too much. Well Done Liberator!

See you on the flip side!

by Pegg on September 12, 2011

I am a longtime, die hard, nearly finatic devotee of the Hitachi wand. My husband surprised me for my b-day with the Liberator Axis Hitachi. I was very excited and eager to use it. It was "OK" with the Hitachi installed but for me when used as the Axis positioning pillow I was very pleased as was my husband. Deep penetration, perfect G-spot contact angle, and ease on his back are just some of the benefits. We are also into role reversal involving strap-on play known as "pegging." Now is when the review gets really good! During one of our sessions I was preparing to show my hubby how "the other half takes it" when we decided to try a new variation with the Axis Hitachi. We installed my trusted Hitachi as Liberator suggests however, after turning it on I pulled it out another 2-3 inches. (If you do this keep the switch oriented up as it slides between the gap in the pillow and does not turn off.) Next my hubby laid on the Axis with his behind on thick end and his legs in the air awaiting my arrival. I straddled the Hitachi so my clit would come in contact with the buzzing head as I thrust my pelvis forward. All I can say is the orgasm(s) I encountered were like no other!! Same rings true for my hubby but his orgasm had nothing to do with the Hitachi and everything to do with my strap-on, the shape of the Axis positioning him for nice penetration, and my "incentivised thrusting!"

Going to New Heights

by cgd65 on August 22, 2011

My wife and I are not the most adventurous of couples but I surprised her with the Axis Hitachi. After a sensual massage, I used the nice velvet blindfold that Liberator sent with the Axis Hitachi, to surprise her. It was fantastic and sent her to the moon more than once! I would highly recommend the Axis to anyone who already has a Hitachi wand as we did.

Leaves more to be desired for shorter people

by PghFans on May 26, 2011

Although the product is contructed well, we really weren't very pleased with it. My wife is 5 ft tall and thin and I'm just under 6 ft tall avg build. We couldn't find a position that worked with this because it's far too wide and just about an inch too high for us. On her own, it's not comfortable because it's too high. I wish Liberator would make smaller sizes for their products.

Worth every penny!!

by jaimist on November 5, 2010

I love my Axis Hitachi!!! My husband is deployed and this product helped me make exciting videos for him!!! He also loved watching me use this product while we "skyped"!! He has been telling me several ways we are going to use this together after he gets back from deployment!! We are very sexual and always finding new ways to spice things up. I have been dissapointed with products in the past or gotten tired of them but not the Axis Hitachi!! It's a keeper!!!

Great Addition for Hitachi

by Clay on October 31, 2010

We had mixed success with the Hitachi before purchasing the Axis. Much like other reviews the power of the Magic Wand was too intense for direct use. The Axis is a great for supporting kneeling positions with or without the Hitachi. The Magic Wand fits very securely in place. It can take a little work to learn to position the wand and getting good contact with the wand. Once there it provides a great additional stimulation while having either vaginal or anal sex. My wife has had a strong orgasm every time we have used it. I highly recommend purchasing an inexpensive variable speed controller for the Magic Wand. The added control and range of vibration will make using the Axis even better.

Hard core cumming

by derek on September 23, 2010

My wife tried the Hitachi before with out the Liberator Axis and found the Magic Wand alone to be "OK, not great." She was a little self conscious about the Axis Hitachi. At first she said that she though that it was good, but that we were going to have to practice with the Hitachi Liberator Axis. Then, all of a sudden she found it just right. I alternated cock and finger fucking her while she used it, finally with really fast finger fucking. BLAMMO! She came and came and came like a freight train. In goes the cock to finish her off for her most intense orgasm every. Quivering, crying, spent. Damn good use of money. Buy it.

She's gotta have it!

by tonyd on August 27, 2010

Wow! This worked for both of us so well that my wife doesn't want to do without! Paired with the Hitachi that she already had, this put her way over the edge!!! I thought things were pretty steamy before, but now it's wild! If you get this and use the Wedge you will have great results and she will love it!

Life-altering, mind-blowing orgasms

by carnivalesq on January 11, 2010

A rounded, trapezoidal wedge-shaped positioning pillow with a kick, the Axis Hitachi will blow you out of the water. Usable without the Hitachi this performs all the functions of the Axis, but with the Hitachi tucked inside it becomes a weapon of massive satisfaction. Never in my life have I had an orgasm from the Hitachi that was this fulfilling and intense. I didn't realize the act of holding the Hitachi caused me to press it too roughly against my clit, causing bruising and over-stimulation that effectively made my Hitachi orgasms actually unpleasant. The Axis Hitachi changed this by allowing me the freedom of moving myself against the Hitachi more gently. Masturbation has never been this good. Must have for anyone who likes the Hitachi.

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