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Hard core cumming

by derek on September 23, 2010

My wife tried the Hitachi before with out the Liberator Axis and found the Magic Wand alone to be "OK, not great." She was a little self conscious about the Axis Hitachi. At first she said that she though that it was good, but that we were going to have to practice with the Hitachi Liberator Axis. Then, all of a sudden she found it just right. I alternated cock and finger fucking her while she used it, finally with really fast finger fucking. BLAMMO! She came and came and came like a freight train. In goes the cock to finish her off for her most intense orgasm every. Quivering, crying, spent. Damn good use of money. Buy it.

She's gotta have it!

by tonyd on August 27, 2010

Wow! This worked for both of us so well that my wife doesn't want to do without! Paired with the Hitachi that she already had, this put her way over the edge!!! I thought things were pretty steamy before, but now it's wild! If you get this and use the Wedge you will have great results and she will love it!

Life-altering, mind-blowing orgasms

by carnivalesq on January 11, 2010

A rounded, trapezoidal wedge-shaped positioning pillow with a kick, the Axis Hitachi will blow you out of the water. Usable without the Hitachi this performs all the functions of the Axis, but with the Hitachi tucked inside it becomes a weapon of massive satisfaction. Never in my life have I had an orgasm from the Hitachi that was this fulfilling and intense. I didn't realize the act of holding the Hitachi caused me to press it too roughly against my clit, causing bruising and over-stimulation that effectively made my Hitachi orgasms actually unpleasant. The Axis Hitachi changed this by allowing me the freedom of moving myself against the Hitachi more gently. Masturbation has never been this good. Must have for anyone who likes the Hitachi.

Can't live without it!

by Katie777 on December 24, 2009

I've always loved the hitachi wand but when i got my axis hitachi a few days ago i was completely blown away. Without having to hold the wand, my hands can wander and go wherever they want. After just a few minutes my whole body was shaking... best orgasm ever. Thanks again Liberator!

Solo play Fun!

by Amazonspaqueen on December 20, 2009

I've been a Hitachi wond fan for years, but it can be awkward to angle and bulky to use with a partner. I recently purchased the Axis iHitachi. It is great for variety and hands free action. Ive had great solo play with it and am looking forward to trying it with my partner.

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