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Fascinator Throe

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And if the other reviews haven't convinced you...

by twoladies on September 13, 2010

If none of the other reviews have convinced you to buy one of these throes, well, let this be the one that does. Other people have said that this product is magic for ladies who squirt, and it absolutely is. But I know personally that it holds up to heavy use by TWO women who had previously been forced to either be chaste, or sleep in wet spots the size of the Everglades. My partner and I had searched EVERYWHERE to find something that could keep the deluge in check, but all to no avail. That is...until we found Liberator. We use this throe (and the second one we bought for when the first is in the washer) AT LEAST four times a week and every time, it gets drenched. And, every time, it keeps the bed totally dry. We wash them just as often as we use them, and they are still perfectly fine. We have had the first one over a year, so there is a little bit of wear along the piping that lines the outer edges, but that is to be expected. No wear shows on the main part of the fabric. Ladies who squirt, gentlemen who like ladies who squirt, ladies who squirt and who like ladies that squirt,too: This throw will be the best investment you make in your bedroom. But one, buy two, heck, buy three. You'll be glad you did! (p.s. some other reviewers mentioned that they started to squirt MORE when they bought this, and it is true! My partner used to be a modest squirter, but ever since we bought one, she's let loose! No more feeling shy!)

A Must Have

by Sexy in the OC on September 11, 2010

My partner and I love this product! It [mostly] keeps the bed dry after a fun-filled adventure, but we still end up with wet spots on the bed. The satin side is extremely soft, but is often too slippery and snags easily on the velcro when we accidentally [in the throws of passion] use our black label shapes. We take this blanket everywhere with us, and couldn't imagine play time without it. Just writing this review makes me want a new one, we've had ours for over a year now!

No more sleeping on the wet spot!

by Peter on September 10, 2010

The Fascinator Throe is a great product. Toss it down, and you don't have to worry about making a mess, having to change the sheets afterwards or trying to figure out who will sleep on the wet spot. Have no fear if you use lots of lube, massage oil, enjoy hot sweaty sex, or play with a squirter, this product will keep everything under it dry.

Throe Away Your Troubles

by oldguy on September 1, 2010

Of all the toys and products we have tried in 26 years together the Fascinator Throe has been the most used and the most appreciated. When I surprised my wife with our first one she was so delighted and turned on! No more sleeping on wet spots! We now have a new one that is bigger and better. Keep up the good work and the quality! We also think the Fascinator would make a great wedding shower gift.

Fabulous blanket!

by Jennifer S. on August 30, 2010

This product delivers what it advertises - great to take to any room in the house, on vacation, anywhere that you need "special care" for "hot moments".


by Kitty on August 28, 2010

We couldn't wait to get it so we wouldn't have to pull the bed sheets all the time. Ordered the red shag blanket. I LOVE IT. Very well made, very soft fabric, the size is more than adequate, easy to clean. It's pretty enough to lay out on the bed and everybody thinks it a regular blanket. WE LOVE IT

We love it...and so do our friends!

by Pastor_of_Love on August 28, 2010

Now hold on there...if you started reading looking for some really kinky details, you will be sadly misdirected. However, the title is true. My wife and I love our fascinator throw which we purchased shortly after we got married, and now a few years later still use regularly. I am an actual pastor, so my wife and I are around a lot of couples that don't have sex until they get married. Because of that starting last year we started putting together a sensuality basket for our friends including a throw, some lube, condoms, lotion, and a book that we found really helpful for first-timers. We've since done that 3 times and all the couples were very confused at first with the throw, but after "getting to know their partner" they've said resoundingly that it's the best present they recieved for their wedding. There are only a few downsides, 1) if you are in the moment and forget to put it down before, you likely won't. 2) Similarly, when you're washing it you might end up going without it, which we usually wish we had. (this could be remidied by purchasing a second throw...maybe offer a discounted 2 pack?) 3) we recently purchased one for our friends that were getting married and they no longer come with a case/bag which we thought was a bummer, as we like our case.


by cyouriouscat on August 27, 2010

This is one of the best products I've ever purchased. We got the microfiber one and it's been used and washed on many occasions and still looks like the day we got it out of the box! Awesome product!

Puddles of Passion!

by Susan on August 21, 2010

No amount - and I mean no amount of girl juice can overwhelm this throe (or my man!) The choice of velvet or satin sides is a nice touch. Easy to wash, so I can't see why anyone wouldn't have one. I agree that quilting would be easier on my lover.

Perfect for girls that squirt.

by NaughtyEm on August 17, 2010

This is the best thing I ever bought for myself. You can take it anywhere. Quite a large surface, and water proof. Great to be able to sleep on dry sheets after sex, or have a clean, waterproof surface for on the go fun. Only drawback would be if you do not have personal washer and dryer..having to wash it after each use does get to be a hassle. Worth the money.

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