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Fascinator Throe

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Customer Reviews

Fascinator throw even BETTER than we hoped!

by June Leighton on October 30, 2010

I searched high and low for a waterproof blanket. This blanket was reasonably priced, looks and feels beautiful [NOT able to tell what it is REALLY for], and keeps the bed, floor, etc clean and dry -- both for us, and b/c of us. I recommend this to everyone.

Love the throe

by Fives on October 29, 2010

We love our blue throe. We chose the plush option. It is great to have a blanket/surface dedicated to play time, you never worry about getting it messy and clean up is so easy. We even use it to hang out and watch movies. Only thing I would change is to offer it in a larger size, 6'x6' would be perfect.

Very convenient.

by Hunter on October 25, 2010

It is nice to have a blanket that we know will do just what we want. Keeps our bed nice and dry no matter what we might be doing on it. Having the smooth side is great for the summer when cool material feels nice.

Great Product

by Nelson on October 18, 2010

Great product to have around so that you don't have to wash the sheets every time... instead just have it around to keep the bed clean. It is also very soft, only bad thing is that you hear the a plastic sheet in between the soft covers,but it comes with the product and i prefer to have my bed clean.

No more towels!

by C on October 13, 2010

My husband and I used to put a towel underneath me before sex (when we remembered). It never felt sexy, and it sometimes leaked through to the bed anyway! Now with the Fascinator Throe we have a sexy microfiber throw to put underneath me to keep the bed clean. This is also really great for the floor too, because carpet burn sucks!

Love It!!

by Miss Kay on October 5, 2010

I absolutely love my Throe. One side is super soft and velvety while the other side is nice and silky. Both sides are amazingly fun to play on, but the velvet sides provides more traction since you'll slide on the silk side. The material seems pretty thick, and it feels like a nice, high-quality blanket. The only difference between it and a regular blanket is that this Throe ends up being a crinkly. When you move around on it, it does great a bit of crinkles because of the waterproof layer inside of the blanket. However, it's not that noticeable during play, and it'd probably only bother you if you want to go nap with the blanket. (Which I've done and it didn't bother me at all.) The Throe does an amazing job of keeping liquids off of the material underneath it. For sex or female ejaculation (or male ejaculation), you won't find a single drop anywhere but on the blanket. (Unless you missed.) For other messier things like watersports, food play, or playing in lots of lubricant, it remains the same - all of your mess will stay on the blanket. The only reason your mess might make it off the blanket is if the mess becomes too large for the blanket (and overflows) or just because you missed. It's soft, the material is sensual, and it's a high-quality blanket which is great for sex. It makes any surface feel like a sexy surface and keeps you from washing towels. Plus, it's very discreet and no one would know the difference. I'd highly, highly recommend this to anyone.

And if the other reviews haven't convinced you...

by twoladies on September 13, 2010

If none of the other reviews have convinced you to buy one of these throes, well, let this be the one that does. Other people have said that this product is magic for ladies who squirt, and it absolutely is. But I know personally that it holds up to heavy use by TWO women who had previously been forced to either be chaste, or sleep in wet spots the size of the Everglades. My partner and I had searched EVERYWHERE to find something that could keep the deluge in check, but all to no avail. That is...until we found Liberator. We use this throe (and the second one we bought for when the first is in the washer) AT LEAST four times a week and every time, it gets drenched. And, every time, it keeps the bed totally dry. We wash them just as often as we use them, and they are still perfectly fine. We have had the first one over a year, so there is a little bit of wear along the piping that lines the outer edges, but that is to be expected. No wear shows on the main part of the fabric. Ladies who squirt, gentlemen who like ladies who squirt, ladies who squirt and who like ladies that squirt,too: This throw will be the best investment you make in your bedroom. But one, buy two, heck, buy three. You'll be glad you did! (p.s. some other reviewers mentioned that they started to squirt MORE when they bought this, and it is true! My partner used to be a modest squirter, but ever since we bought one, she's let loose! No more feeling shy!)

A Must Have

by Sexy in the OC on September 11, 2010

My partner and I love this product! It [mostly] keeps the bed dry after a fun-filled adventure, but we still end up with wet spots on the bed. The satin side is extremely soft, but is often too slippery and snags easily on the velcro when we accidentally [in the throws of passion] use our black label shapes. We take this blanket everywhere with us, and couldn't imagine play time without it. Just writing this review makes me want a new one, we've had ours for over a year now!

No more sleeping on the wet spot!

by Peter on September 10, 2010

The Fascinator Throe is a great product. Toss it down, and you don't have to worry about making a mess, having to change the sheets afterwards or trying to figure out who will sleep on the wet spot. Have no fear if you use lots of lube, massage oil, enjoy hot sweaty sex, or play with a squirter, this product will keep everything under it dry.

Throe Away Your Troubles

by oldguy on September 1, 2010

Of all the toys and products we have tried in 26 years together the Fascinator Throe has been the most used and the most appreciated. When I surprised my wife with our first one she was so delighted and turned on! No more sleeping on wet spots! We now have a new one that is bigger and better. Keep up the good work and the quality! We also think the Fascinator would make a great wedding shower gift.

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