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Utterly fantastic

by Lola on July 28, 2014

This is exactly what we needed. It absorbs everything, no matter how much I come (which can be A LOT!). After using one for a couple of weeks, I've ordered another to use to alternate. The plush side is very comfy and the satin side feels great too. Both are super absorbent. If you gush or you're just sick of "the wet spot," I would definitely recommend this (or two!).

This thing is a life (and laundry) saver

by kristen on May 5, 2014

No more messes - this blanket is super soft and absorbs everything we've, er, thrown at it! Have friends who own them and they all highly recommended it. I will be as well!

Exactly what I needed.

by Firebrand on April 23, 2014

I own two of these, to alternate for washing. I can't recommend them highly enough. A bit crinkly in the middle of the two fabric layers, but that's what makes it totally waterproof. Washing on warm and drying on medium heat has kept these in great shape, and the fabric doesn't pill up. These blankets look really nice in person, much sexier than throwing down towels or "puppy pads" as I've had suggested to me in the past. This blanket is worth a splurge; your sex life will thank you!

this is super useful!!!

by VanMa on April 17, 2014

Me and my wife needed this for a while! This is perfect if she is on her period or she sprays and or if we are having anal. Its easy to clean up so we don't have to clean the sheets afterwords :)

a must for prolific squirters!

by Aly M. on April 10, 2014

where has this been my whole adult life? it is an amazing product! totally absorbs anything you may be expelling in a moment of passion, when the last thing on your mind is worrying about the inevitable giant wet spot on the bed. my partner and i are extremely pleased, and marvel at its effectiveness every time we use it. in a nutshell, if you are a squirter, of if you're a really lucky girl who is dating a squirter, or even if you BOTH squirt, it is money well spent. Female ejaculators rejoice!

works amazing

by Kelsey H on April 8, 2014

Wonderful product. No more wet bed! Can finally sleep without having to change all the sheets, put towels down find new bedding etc. All we have to do is either make sure the throw gets on the bed or put it on after our fun (: works either way!

Mostly as advertised

by scooterams on April 3, 2014

As others have pointed out, I doesn't actually absorb liquids. But it does create a good barrier and keeps the bed dry. We use it in conjunction with towels (to actually absorb the moisture). Ours has been through the washer/dryer about 20 times, and it's still holding up.


by Caligirl on March 24, 2014

My husband and I are newly married and ...... I have learned that I am a heavy soaker/squirter ~ This blanket will be the way to keep your sheets/mattress from odor or stains. The less you have to worry (as a woman), the more relaxed you can be with your partner! We absolutely LOVE this blanket and will probably think of giving some as gifts as well~ it cleans nicely too. My husband always packs it on trips as well..... so we aren't sleeping in wet sheets at hotels!

Work Great

by Wonder T. on March 12, 2014

Throe works great and keeps linen dry, too.Wished item was a little bit larger to fit size of a queen mattress.

It works great!

by kent on March 9, 2014

Excellent product. Does exactly what it supposed to, very comfortably. Holding up to repeated washings well. I highly recommend it.

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