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Wonderful gift

by Spyder on December 15, 2010

Purchased this as a late birthday, early Christmas gift for my husband. Ok, really it was for me, but hey, he gets the benefits too. The microfiber side is very soft, feels great against the skin. We tried it on a king size bed and the size was good. There was a lot of area to move around on and still be on the blanket without feeling like we were limited to a small space. One of my favorite parts is that it goes through the wash beautifully. I think it will now become a travel companion and go everywhere we go. Very nice to use when not at home.

Wish I had Two!

by Ron on December 10, 2010

Friends call it the sex blanket. It's taken everything we can throw at it (jizz, pussy juice, lube, santorum) and just keeps asking for more. Cleans up great in the washer and dryer. Quite comfortable to lounge on, too. Thinking about getting a second one so I don't have to wait to fuck again!

Magic. I swear.

by Jackie on November 28, 2010

I continue to be astounded by the freedom this has given me. Years of annoyance and panic about the mess: GONE. I loved my first so much that it just seemed mandatory to buy another. More throes = more freedom. Worth every single penny and then some. If my house were burning down, they would be on the list of things I'd grab. REALLY.

Changed ten years of my life in a single hour. I'm completely awed.

by Jackie on November 14, 2010

I am a woman who has been ejaculating for the last decade. Although anything is possible, I can't imagine there being other women who make the magnitude of the messes I make. The volume of fluid I generate is completely insane, and has ruined beds, couches, chairs, hardwood floors, antique furniture, you name it. It has meant that something that gives me and my partners incredible amounts of pleasure has also had incredible levels of annoyance because there has had to be a constant clean-up ritual, or a constant preparation ritual, and a limitation as to where we could be together. It has has an impact on our spontaneity, for sure. Nothing so fun as ever generated so much interruptive stress. I have tried every puppy-training, elderly-tending, bed-wetting pad/blanket/sheet known to man, and all have failed even with towels underneath. When I bought the Fascinator Throe, it literally changed my life. My $1200 bed is now completely untainted, despite the fact that the Throe and everything on it (including me) is sopping wet. I feel like I have a freedom now that I've never had before. There is no stress, no clean up, just fun and pleasure. The Throe is worth every single penny.

Nice but could be larger

by knaughty on November 13, 2010

Great materials, okay size. It would be nice if the throw were just a bit larger to cover more space. Having said that the price for this size is a bit high in our opinion. They should definitely either increase the size of the throw or decrease the price. Also we were curious as to what the "shag" material looks/feels like but couldn't see any pictures or real descriptions of this material. We bought the microfiber throw and we're pleasantly pleased with this.

wet and wild

by HHFo3 on November 7, 2010

great product for those night when whipped cream and chocolate sauce are on the menu. Keeps the sheets pristine but still get the comfort of the bed. Also good for times when you need a little extra lube or she is extra wet..

A gushing review...

by the bedroom blogger on November 5, 2010

DEAR SWEET LORD. Rarely will I review a product and claim that it is something that everyone should own, but that's what I'm about to tell you. If you have sex, you need this. The Fascinator Throe by Liberator is the best thing that has happened to my bedroom since the boyfriend. So, you may ask...what is a Fascinator Throe? To which I would respond, 'Uh, you mean other than amazing?' Okay, seriously...I'll stop gushing (ha...that's the beauty! I don't have to!). Oh...I'm too much. Anyway...back to the task at hand...Liberator's Fascinator Throe is a blanket made specifically for the naughty time. One side of the Fascinator is satiny smooth, one side is a plush microfiber. Inside the blanket is a medical grade waterproof barrier. Seriously...this thing is almost magic. It will hold an incredible amount of liquid. The boyfriend and I own three of these (we like to be prepared) and we have tested all of them to death. We tend to have pretty sloppy sex. He does things to me that I struggle to even describe, but the end result was always a very uncomfortable night on a very soggy mattress. Well not anymore! The Fascinator means you no longer have to worry about any messes as a result of your raucous romps in (or out of) the sack. Always wanted to go to town on that Italian leather sofa you love so much? Now you can. The Throe will keep any lube, oils or love juices contained and off your good sheets, sofa, carpet, car seats...the possibilities are endless (do you see why we have three now?). The best part? The Fascinator is machine washable. Soak the thing in all kinds of love sauce, and then just throw it in the washing machine...and then the dryer...and you're good to go again. I have honestly never been as pleased with any other product I have ever purchased. From anywhere. Ever. Not only is the blanket incredibly functional, it's not too bad to look at either. The Throe comes in a wide variety of colors. The boyfriend and I have one in purple, blue, and tan. The purple and blue are both shag, while the tan is a smoother, almost velvety microfiber. I don't have a bad thing to say about either style. Both have the same satiny feeling material on the reverse side. The one thing the shag has going for it is that it is a bit more absorbent. No liquid is going to get through any of these Throes, but the shag may absorb any fluids a little better than the pooling that may happen on the regular microfiber. The Throes are also pretty passable as normal blankets. If someone picks one up and examines it, they'll be able to feel the waterproof barrier inside, but if you leave this on the foot of your bed or folded on the back of the couch, no one is going to know at a glance that it is essentially a sex blanket. I'm obviously in love with my Fascinator Throes. Even before I began this blog I raved about them to anyone who would listen. Several people have mentioned that they couldn't imagine why one would need a waterproof blanket for sex. Honestly, I kinda feel sorry for anyone who doesn't understand why the Fascinator Throe is incredible, even if only to avoid the occasional wet spot that no one wants to sleep in. Liberator has truly created something that is worth its weight in gold. And I am talking its weight after an average weekend in my bedroom.

Fascinator throw even BETTER than we hoped!

by June Leighton on October 30, 2010

I searched high and low for a waterproof blanket. This blanket was reasonably priced, looks and feels beautiful [NOT able to tell what it is REALLY for], and keeps the bed, floor, etc clean and dry -- both for us, and b/c of us. I recommend this to everyone.

Love the throe

by Fives on October 29, 2010

We love our blue throe. We chose the plush option. It is great to have a blanket/surface dedicated to play time, you never worry about getting it messy and clean up is so easy. We even use it to hang out and watch movies. Only thing I would change is to offer it in a larger size, 6'x6' would be perfect.

Very convenient.

by Hunter on October 25, 2010

It is nice to have a blanket that we know will do just what we want. Keeps our bed nice and dry no matter what we might be doing on it. Having the smooth side is great for the summer when cool material feels nice.

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