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Fascinator Throe

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Finally...a solution for squirters

by Danielle on October 26, 2013

I have been a heavy ejaculator for years. It's a blessing & a curse. It's great to experience such a release but I have lamented all the bedding problems that come with it. I consider myself an industrious & creative person who can find solutions. And I've tried lots of things to solve this problem on my own. First, I invested in a terrycloth & rubber water-proof mattress cover for children who wet the bed & put in on the mattress backwards. It's quite effective at protecting the mattress from inevitable ruin, but didn't do much to make for a pleasant sleeping experience after a fun night. Then, I bought a water-proof duvet that was marketed to allergy sufferers & bed bud prevention. Sure it made my comforter waterproof, but the blanket bunched up inside, it made awful crinkly noises, it didn't breathe, it was uncomfortably hot... Not a good solution at all. It didn't even last through one sexy session before I pulled it off. I'd rather destroy my bed that deal with that! Then, I bought a "water-proof" picnic blanket thinking it could be a poor-man's Liberator. It was a giant fail. That blanket couldn't stand up to the huge puddles I was creating in bed. Although it did, in fact, work nicely for picnics in the park, fluids soaked right through almost immediately when using it in the bedroom. Finally, I succumbed to buying the Decor Liberator Throe. And my life has never been the same. It completely protects my bedding. And even though I have a king sized bed & the blanket isn't quite that big, you can still make it work as long as you're conscious of how it's placed. However, it's absolutely perfect on my partner's double bed. I've put this blanket through the ultimate tests, including several group sessions with multiple squirters - and it kept my bed completely dry, despite the mini lake that had formed on top. It took 3 people to carry the blanket with standing fluid on it to the bathtub, but it never soaked through. True story. I was shocked. It's soft, easy to care for, stands up well to wear in the wash & doesn't look like some sort of specialty sex blanket. In fact, it looks quite nice left out on the bed. I must say I prefer the silky side & wish both sides were silky. The various sex fluids & lube look pretty evident & gross on the velvety side afterwards. Stains seem to not stick to the silky side as readily. Overall, this blanket is worth every penny. It has completely changed my life. Do it!

Our go to liberator product

by dirtymonkey on October 24, 2013

We own the black label wedge and ramp along with a zeppelin lounger and the throw is our go to for playing. If you want to try watersports OR squirting this is a must have!


by Karyn on August 6, 2013

We love this! We use in on the bed, and on the Escape-going to order some more- just got 1 so far. Need more! We love it when we use massage oils with our Equus REST (I call them pillows) got 3 of them!

Fluffy and micro fiber

by Gadget on August 3, 2013

The first one we bought was microfiber, loved it! We ordered another and I accidentally clicked for a fluffy one...loved it more! We now have four! No more pulling the bed sheets off in the middle of the night OR sleeping in puddles! I do wish they were a bit larger to cover a king size bed, but they do work well on queen and perfect for a double. We do find ourselves making sure it has not slipped from underneath us a lot. If it were a fitted mattress cover style it would be completely worry free!

Let the Water Games Begin

by Inodaspot on May 7, 2013

I bought one after wanting one for a long time. Brought it home and told my wife I bought us a gift to enjoy together. At first she was a lil skeptical about it. But after the first use she loves it just as much as I do. She loves not having to make the bed over after a good fun filled playtime.So we let the water games begin...... I also like that too, It travels well. And we take it with us everywhere we go. It helps us in hotels not to have wet sheets. So I would definitely recommend this to everyone. If it was larger it would be perfect. It also makes for an awesome wrap to cuddle under

Boyfriend is pleasantly surprised.

by Kate on March 26, 2013

I have wanted a Fascinator Throe for ages, ever since a friend recommended them to me. I'm very messy in bed, and my boyfriend kept joking about all the laundry I was causing him whenever I spent the night. So I decided it was finally time to invest in one of these. I got the buckwheat color to coordinate with a White Tiger wedge I got at the same time. By the way, they look amazing together! When we went to use the throe it worked perfectly. It absorbed everything and the sheets underneath were 100% dry. He couldn't believe it, but I had expected that would be the case. Oh, and I really like the velvish material! It's similar to the microfiber on the shapes, but like the improved version, in my opinion.


by Lilly on March 14, 2013

Takes those wet spots away... no more mess after sex.

Wish it was a little bit larger

by Tj on February 8, 2013

I more often use this at the park to sit on and wish it was a little bit larger, kinda the size of a sheet. When I do use the throw for its intended purpose, it is great! Keeps me out of the lube covered and wet spots. Great idea!

Excellent product to manage the wet spot

by Bobbie Jean on October 28, 2011

Excellent product to manage the wet spot

Amaizing product

by JRROG on August 25, 2011

I have had my blanket for several years and it has been washed at least two time per week.... I still does not show any ware from washing or use. I would not recomend a product more highly.... Its Amaizing

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