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Fascinator Throe

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best item we ever bought

by keystonestate couple on January 15, 2014

we can not believe how great this blanket works, wish it was bigger however, we have it for about a year now and it work great, and cleans up even better, the more we wash it the softer it gets, its a must have item, and the best thing is no more wet sheets to sleep on

ours is never out of reach

by b00gl3 on December 2, 2013

we love our microfiber fascinator throe. It lives within arms reach of the bed. the hardest decision to make is which side to place downward. the silky smooth side is cool against the skin and allows some added movement without bunching up, but the microfiber side is so luxurious and almost bonds to our shapes to give a little friction missing from the bed sheets. All manner of liquids have been collected by and cleanly removed from our throe, even a couple of silicone lubes that are known for staining washed out completely (I don't recommend tempting fate, but we have been surprised by the performance when those "whoops" moments have occurred). When you're done, fold it up and toss it in the corner to be dealt with tomorrow and fall asleep in the arms of your partner. NO fuss, NO mess. Could it be a little larger? yes. it works perfectly well on our queen sized bed, but I do spend more attention than i'd like making sure we are not moving beyond the borders of the safety zone created by this wonderful product. would that prevent me getting another? absolutely not.

Love this product!

by Mark&Suzie on December 1, 2013

This product has saved our bed from my wife's copious flow, as we call it the "Bellagio" show after the fountains at the famous hotel in Las Vegas. Not only has this product spared our sheets, but also the mattress pad and the mattress itself! We take it where ever we go to spare any bed we play in. The microfibre feels great on your skin and the satin side is nice and cool in summer and slippery when lube gets all over it. We just ordered the lush throe in KING size and can't wait to try it out. DO NOT put it in the dryer on anything but low/no heat. We accidentally put ours through with towels and sheets on high heat and the inner membrane melted and stuck to itself, we were able to pull it apart and "save" it and it is good again. You will love this product.


by Karyn on August 6, 2013

We love this! We use in on the bed, and on the Escape-going to order some more- just got 1 so far. Need more! We love it when we use massage oils with our Equus REST (I call them pillows) got 3 of them!

Fluffy and micro fiber

by Gadget on August 3, 2013

The first one we bought was microfiber, loved it! We ordered another and I accidentally clicked for a fluffy one...loved it more! We now have four! No more pulling the bed sheets off in the middle of the night OR sleeping in puddles! I do wish they were a bit larger to cover a king size bed, but they do work well on queen and perfect for a double. We do find ourselves making sure it has not slipped from underneath us a lot. If it were a fitted mattress cover style it would be completely worry free!

Let the Water Games Begin

by Inodaspot on May 7, 2013

I bought one after wanting one for a long time. Brought it home and told my wife I bought us a gift to enjoy together. At first she was a lil skeptical about it. But after the first use she loves it just as much as I do. She loves not having to make the bed over after a good fun filled playtime.So we let the water games begin...... I also like that too, It travels well. And we take it with us everywhere we go. It helps us in hotels not to have wet sheets. So I would definitely recommend this to everyone. If it was larger it would be perfect. It also makes for an awesome wrap to cuddle under

Wish it was a little bit larger

by Tj on February 8, 2013

I more often use this at the park to sit on and wish it was a little bit larger, kinda the size of a sheet. When I do use the throw for its intended purpose, it is great! Keeps me out of the lube covered and wet spots. Great idea!

Squirters, you need a throe or two

by becral on August 10, 2011

No more cleaning the sheets after a great time letting the juices fly. I recently found how to squirt (and yes squirting IS real). But soaked towels and sheets became a hassel having to wash them all the time. Get a throe and don't worry about anything but sexual bliss (and dry sheets)!

Original Fascinator Throe

by Bite Me! on May 7, 2011

We love it! The- Original Fascinator Throe-has saved us many wet landings! Its the best!

Wonderful gift

by Spyder on December 15, 2010

Purchased this as a late birthday, early Christmas gift for my husband. Ok, really it was for me, but hey, he gets the benefits too. The microfiber side is very soft, feels great against the skin. We tried it on a king size bed and the size was good. There was a lot of area to move around on and still be on the blanket without feeling like we were limited to a small space. One of my favorite parts is that it goes through the wash beautifully. I think it will now become a travel companion and go everywhere we go. Very nice to use when not at home.

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