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So happy to have this!

by SB on August 27, 2015

So happy to finally be able to ditch the towels! This is a lifesaver. It feels great to lay on, although one side is a bit slippery so be careful if you put it on the floor. It's a great investment if you are tired of running to get a towel in the middle of fooling around, and it makes a nice throw blanket.

Blanket is ok, reviews shaming women are not ok.

by The truth on June 15, 2015

First, the blanket is well made. I should have gotten the plush or fx fur because I didn't care for the microfiber. I got the limited Ed "Safari" and wasn't crazy about the cowlicky texture. Kinda like veloure? Maybe that's why it was "limited edition" lol. The sale price suckered me in. ;) but as a functional waterproof blanket, you won't find better anywhere else. Now, I have nothing against squirters. But I would ask men and women to please review the medical research which found the majority of the fluids "gushed" to be watery urine, and the minority to be a small amt of extra lubrication from females who had a prostate. If this is you, please note while there is no shame in it, there is ALSO no shame in not squirting! not everyone is the same. BUT lately there has been some major "woman-shaming" going on regarding squirting to the point where men feel that women who don't are actually inferior and women perpetuate the myth to elevate their status! Wow! Let's please stop the misinformation because we all should be blessed with confidence, not consumed with competition.

Just buy it now

by So happy on January 21, 2015

My boyfriend and I have been dating a few months and we have an amazing sexual experience together. For the first time I am squirting big time. To be honest it's out of control! I purchased this blanket 2 months ago, and we seriously could not live without it. It is comfortable to lay on, there's no weird crinkling sound, and it handles a very big wet mess. It's worth the money 100%. After sex you have a nice clean bed to relax in without ruining your mattress. And it holds up through multiple washes.

Comfortable and effective though

by Aaron on October 30, 2014

Awkward length... not quite a body length, so you end up with the edge somewhere on your body. Comfortable and effective though!

BEST investment ever!

by C. Gibson on October 23, 2014

BEST investment ever! For a gusher like me this was a god send, for me laying towels on the bed were never enough. Not only is the blanket soft even after washing over and over, it doesn't leek even if I fold it up and leave it to wash in the morning. Very sturdy, I have been working it to the bone and it shows no sign of fraying. Also its pretty big, It would cover half a queen bed easily. In conclusion weather you are a gusher, squirt, or just want to keep your sheets from getting stained, this blanket is well worth the price.

Better than a stack of towels!

by L Hudson on October 18, 2014

A must have if you are with gusher and if not a great way to keep whatever off the sheets!

Great product

by Fitivlife on October 2, 2014

Works wonders. Soaks up everything. No more messy sheets. Just throw this in the wash after use.

Frikkin PERFECT!

by Madame Amrita on September 22, 2014

SOOO PERFECT!! no more washing those ugly towels and sheets everytime I come! omg I could not be happier!! so luxurious I wrap up in it all the time!It's going on the plane with me!

What a Throe

by Lady on September 20, 2014

I told my husband about this throe that I found while looking threw the sight and he said go for it. I was tired of having to find the one black towel that somehow always ended up with the kids dirty cloths and not clean and ready to go in my room. Since we got this throe we have not had to look for the towel anymore, and what a change it has made. Its softer, larger, and I don't have to worry about sheets anymore. Only set back is it is very warm. I don't recommend laying on it other then for its purpose, unless you like to be that warm.


by Sarah on August 21, 2014

I bought this to use on top of the Esse. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it is definitely heavier than I thought it would be. This isn't bad if you have it underneath you on the bed or floor, etc. But, I wouldn't really use this as a blanket to cover up. You can kind of feel the plastic layer when holding it. It's not weird or noisy, just there. Wonderful, however, to toss aside after recreation time is over! And the velvish is very soft and sexy feeling.

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