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Great support and well made

by Gstar on September 20, 2015

Love it! I'm having all sorts of fun with it. It is well made washable and strong enough to hold both of us, doesn't flatten out as most did.

5 stars

by regnl03 on September 9, 2015

I really miss certain sexual positions, but my knees are getting old, and there is often a problem with my partner's legs being too long. Lying on top of this wedge (belly down) is super-comfortable for both of us, and the angle is perfect for deep penetration. (It's also alot of fun for spanking games!)


by PoorPWR on August 9, 2015

Men, this thing is awesome for your neck when you are giving oral sex to your wife/girlfriend. The angle is perfect. It is also awesome for deeper wife says a little too deep...which is funny, 'cause I ain't all that! But seriously, if you want to get in deeper during sex and not have your neck get sore (due to the angle) during cunnilinglus (sp?), this mat is the ticket. I also like the fact that you can take the cover off and wash it. It comes vacuum packed and before you first "deploy" it, you think that there is no way this thing will support a 125 lb woman AND a 180 lb man...but rest assured, it does and works amazingly well. 5 stars for sure. It even comes with a handy cardboard diagram with about 8 suggested different positions it can be used in :) Thanks for a great product.


by Donny boy on August 4, 2015

Awesome, everyone told me just get a pillow and fold it up. This wedge is perfect for the type of activities you plan on performing. It doesn’t slip out and the case is super soft. All around fun item to use.

love love

by van on July 28, 2015

it really pushes it up, you know what I mean. love love it

Five Stars

by John F on July 4, 2015

It is awesome it serves her up like a feast fit for a king!!

Magical and orgasmically perfect

by Jules W on June 29, 2015

Magical and orgasmically perfect

Five Stars

by AW on June 26, 2015

was skeptical that this could make a noticeable difference. But it does!!!


by OH MY GOD!!! on May 9, 2015

Greatest invention since Dr Grafenberg's discovery! My girl didn't believe she was capable of finishing without external stimulation till we got this, but oh is she ever. Multiples and hyperventilating! It creates the perfect angle every time.

Five Stars

by Jessica on May 3, 2015

Pretty firm, holds weight nicely but comfortable.

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