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by J on September 5, 2010

This was our first Liberator Product and well worth the investment. My wife isn't usually into extra "props" for sex but was actually very receptive to the wedge. Now it's become standard equipment in our bedroom and we look forward to further adventures with future purchases. It has awoken our sex life and we can't say thank you enough.


by Pedro on August 31, 2010

this product is amazing for anyone who loves to orally pleasure their woman. raises the hips to the perfect angle and is extremely comfortable for the extended visit down south. my fiancee loves and and we are now giving the smaller version as wedding gifts to our friends!!! I recommend this item for anyone looking to bring a little extra excitement to the bed room!

Wedge Play

by Lieutenant Dan on August 30, 2010

My wife and I really enjoy using the wedge. It works great when I am giving her oral sex. It allows a great angle and position to realy explore and work her clitoris and to provide her with ultimate pleasure. My neck does not get tired and I could go down on her hours. Truly a great addition to our love making.

awesome but a bit short

by Ben on August 30, 2010

I love the wedge. It gives good leverage in any situation and it's compatible with my microfiber couch, but It is a bit short. If you're really tall, think about getting a larger shape.

Ramp up your intimacy!

by tj on August 30, 2010

Don't let the small size and low price fool you, this little jem is worth its weight in gold. The Liberator Wedge can let a man easily and effortlessly get so DEEP into his lady, and just RELAX there and 'feel' each other, so close, riding little twitches of pleasure to waves of passion, that you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Doggie-style has never been so easy for her to relax in, nor so easy on his knees & ankles. If you are different heights or weights, the wedge is the equalizer you need to fully enjoy yourselves. Get one today. You can thank me when you come up for air... in a few weeks... or months... Yeah, it's that good! Oh, and buy an extra cover, so you can still have it ready to go while one is in the wash. Enjoy!! :)

Love it, But I knew I would when I ordered it.

by BizzyBizzy on August 28, 2010

I had bought this 5 months ago for my husband and I when he returned from deployment and we LOVED it.The foam doesn't squish underneath you, the case is washable and the free gift we had recieved with it was great! It's so much fun and can be used so many ways. My friend has the wedge/ramp combo and it's fabulous! After seeing hers I knew I should have bought them both together! The only con with the wedge is that it's sort of hard to store-we just put it in the closet though, no big deal. I would suggest this and any other liberator shape to anyone cause the quality is fab and you're definitely getting your moneys worth!

Exceeded all expectations!!!

by GLOCKHAMMER on August 28, 2010

My partner was very skeptical at first but after our first encounter with the wedge she was hooked and I was satisfied beyond expectations! She loves the angle that it puts her hips in during penetration and the feeling of fullness it gives her! It makes extended periods of going down enjoyable, fun and extremely satisfying! Who knew such a simple shape could make for an such incredible sexual experience over and over again and again!!! We own several products from Liberator and they are all first quality all the way down from the products thru the customer service!!! Five Stars all the way!

Greater Orgasm for the Wife

by Bubba on August 17, 2010

We have tried the pillows under her to help with the angle, but the pillows keep sliding out from under her. We tried may different positions with pillows, but nothing worked. THE WEDGE IS THE KEY TO HIP PLACEMENT FOR ORAL OR PENETRATION!!!

Works for Plus-Sized Women!

by Miss Kay on August 14, 2010

I own the "Average" sized Wedge in black. I must say that I'm absolutely in love with the Wedge. I'm a bigger girl, and honestly, the thing I was most afraid of was that the foam would crush under my weight, so it wouldn't be useful. (That's the problem we have with pillows). I'm more than happy to report that that is not the case - the foam, while compressing a small amount, pretty much stays the exact same shape underneath my weight which makes it amazing for our use. We use it mostly for missionary, and when on the wedge, it elevates my hips perfectly to line up for good missionary sex. Even if the sex doesn't hit my g-spot (but it easily can with the angle that the Wedge will place you), it still makes intercourse so much more pleasurable because there isn't quite as much painful friction because of an awkward angle. The Wedge comes with the gear bag which is perfect for taking the Wedge out and about or storing it discreetly. The Wedge is pretty light and is easy to toss around and move while in the middle of sex. We definitely prefer to use it for missionary position, but this also makes a good aid for from-behind positions as well as making a good aid for easy-to-hit-the-g-spot masturbation. Overall, I can't recommend the Wedge enough. Anytime we have sex, I prefer to have it with us - it just makes sex that much more pleasurable. (On a sidenote, I have 60 inch hips, and we are using the average size without any problem at all. The plus-sized one would be neat for the extra width, but for this size-28 girl, the average still provided more than enough room.)

Wedge That Ass Up!

by Splendwhore on August 9, 2010

My partner & I purchased the Liberator Wedge a few short months ago after hearing others rant & rave about it. We were recently in a car accident, which has left us constantly stiff and sore, and were looking for a little aide to assist with our lovemaking. The Liberator Wedge was the perfect solution! It has helped us enjoy so many of our previously favorite positions, that had since caused strain to attempt. The angle is excellent for deeper penetration, and more intimate, less uncomfortable sex. The foam is this wonderful mix between firm and soft, and supports the weight of two people superbly! The cover feels lovely, and is super simple to clean. In all, we really adore our wedge, and will continue recommending it to friends.

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