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The perfect pillow replacement!

by Peter on September 10, 2010

The Wedge is a great non-intimidating item that you can share with your partner. It's relatively small and unassuming, but can provide a great impact in bed. Before I bought this product, I tended to use a number of pillows. The thing is that some had more air than others, and so when laid on, they'd shrink more than I'd want. This would usually result in some trial and error trying to find the right combination of pillows for the desired height which sometimes breaks the mood. With the Wedge, I can grab it and know it's comfortable, solid, and will give the desired height to allow us to keep on having fun.

Best Anal Ever

by Babydoll on September 8, 2010

Seriously, easiest rear entry I have ever experienced, I could totally relax and enjoy with the support of the Wedge, no more stress or strain to arch my back for better angle, could take a good pounding from my husband, super double triple orgasms for us both, he is still recovering from last nights romp! As for me, it was the Best Anal Ever! Getting the Ramp next. Thanks for your great products!

Great Product

by IceMan on September 6, 2010

Its pretty fun to use. You can mix it with other things, and many places. I enjoy the product and so does my wife.

For Vacation!

by Blue on September 6, 2010

My husband and I never go on vacation without this piece! It fits easily in a large suitcase, or can be carried easily on roadtrips. It takes boring vacation bed sex to a whole new level! Thanks, Liberator!!!


by J on September 5, 2010

This was our first Liberator Product and well worth the investment. My wife isn't usually into extra "props" for sex but was actually very receptive to the wedge. Now it's become standard equipment in our bedroom and we look forward to further adventures with future purchases. It has awoken our sex life and we can't say thank you enough.


by Pedro on August 31, 2010

this product is amazing for anyone who loves to orally pleasure their woman. raises the hips to the perfect angle and is extremely comfortable for the extended visit down south. my fiancee loves and and we are now giving the smaller version as wedding gifts to our friends!!! I recommend this item for anyone looking to bring a little extra excitement to the bed room!

Wedge Play

by Lieutenant Dan on August 30, 2010

My wife and I really enjoy using the wedge. It works great when I am giving her oral sex. It allows a great angle and position to realy explore and work her clitoris and to provide her with ultimate pleasure. My neck does not get tired and I could go down on her hours. Truly a great addition to our love making.

awesome but a bit short

by Ben on August 30, 2010

I love the wedge. It gives good leverage in any situation and it's compatible with my microfiber couch, but It is a bit short. If you're really tall, think about getting a larger shape.

Ramp up your intimacy!

by tj on August 30, 2010

Don't let the small size and low price fool you, this little jem is worth its weight in gold. The Liberator Wedge can let a man easily and effortlessly get so DEEP into his lady, and just RELAX there and 'feel' each other, so close, riding little twitches of pleasure to waves of passion, that you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Doggie-style has never been so easy for her to relax in, nor so easy on his knees & ankles. If you are different heights or weights, the wedge is the equalizer you need to fully enjoy yourselves. Get one today. You can thank me when you come up for air... in a few weeks... or months... Yeah, it's that good! Oh, and buy an extra cover, so you can still have it ready to go while one is in the wash. Enjoy!! :)

Love it, But I knew I would when I ordered it.

by BizzyBizzy on August 28, 2010

I had bought this 5 months ago for my husband and I when he returned from deployment and we LOVED it.The foam doesn't squish underneath you, the case is washable and the free gift we had recieved with it was great! It's so much fun and can be used so many ways. My friend has the wedge/ramp combo and it's fabulous! After seeing hers I knew I should have bought them both together! The only con with the wedge is that it's sort of hard to store-we just put it in the closet though, no big deal. I would suggest this and any other liberator shape to anyone cause the quality is fab and you're definitely getting your moneys worth!

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