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This is the pillow Othello should have used with Desdemona. ^_^

by Iago on March 3, 2013

This is the pillow Othello should have used with Desdemona. ^_^


by Karyn on February 2, 2013

WE USE THIS ALL THE TIME The wedge holds me up the whole time which makes him really happy he is the 1st to get it out, and at 1st he didn't want to try it now he's glad we own it!

great product

by Field of dreams on August 20, 2011

This is our first Liberator purchase and it exceeds all expectations. My wife loves it as much as I do. We are using it almost every time. She looks forward to using it. We are going to want to try more shapes. thanks Liberator.


by cowboy on January 2, 2011

Simply awesome!!! The increase in intensity and pleasure is unbelievable. We are adding the ramp to take things to the next level. Great quality!!


by tash on December 17, 2010

My boyfriend and i were always trying to use pillows to hold me up to his level but they would always squash down after a few seconds of movement. So i decided to buy the wedge hoping it wouldn't do the same.. It sure didn't!! This thing held me up the whole time which made him really happy..less work!! i will definitely be buying a few more liberator items in the future!! :)


by fam on November 19, 2010

it will be better to use a diffrent kind of very soft material such as satin which is smoother and sexier

Must have

by Fat Cobra on November 13, 2010

Of all the shapes and items sold on this website, this is the must have. Not only makes it better for your partner, but easier for the guy on top. Small easy to store for quick access. No having to dig around in the closet to find it, just slide it under the bed. If you can only afford one, this is the one.

Do yourself a favor & buy the Wedge NOW!!!

by J'sKitten on November 12, 2010

My guy & I got a Wedge as part of a Scoop/Wedge combo. While we were pretty clumsy with the Scoop, the Wedge was AMAZING!!! It is honestly one of the best things I have ever bought!! It is easy to use, very fun, very versitile, blends in easily to room decor, ( it looks like a headrest pillow & works well as one too! lol)easy to travel with... a MUST buy you will not regret!! As always the Liberator products are top notch, comfortable, easy to clean, easy to change, look & feel incredible. Do not fall for the imposters out there!! The Wedge has been such a great addition to our sex lives. We rarely go without it now! It makes old standby moves easier & way more pleasurable. It makes range of motion easier as well. We are not 20 anymore lol & the Wedge gives you such a hand in boosting up parts you want boosted or lifted up. Makes all positions all the more comfortable. Doggy Style & G-Spot action are incredibly easy now. Missionary is greatly enhanced. Oral "neck strain" is non existant now. The angle of the Wedge is perfect for dozens of positions. My guy enjoys using it just as much for extra support under his hips while Im on top. I often recommend it to my friends & many have bought one themselves & fell in love. We cant wait to try more of the similar shapes like the Axis or Hipster!! Thank you Liberator!!!

Closer and Closer

by Raser on November 8, 2010

This product got us to a place my wife and I haven't been. It opens up possibilities to love making that we had not been to before. The angles make it possible for easier entry with "missionary" sex, and provides more relaxation during oral sex. Great product, the best we have bought so far.


by PC on November 6, 2010

We got this with the ramp and all I can say is AWESOME! We have purchased several items from Liberator - best site for the bedroom!

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