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Just order , don't waste time reading

by Himself on October 30, 2010

Buy this. it is an innocuous shape that you can leave on bed to used to sit-up and read and then when the kids go to sleep and the lights got down the love. This slight incline relaxed her back so we could love without discomfort for her. It lead to double insertions and plenty of new and comfortable positions. OH YEAH order. fabric is plush, pillow is firm enough for the purpose and comfortable. Get it, get it get it now.


by Buddy on September 19, 2010

I bought this as a surprise for my wife. It made finding the right spot so much easier! I do have three regrets...that I didn't buy it sooner, that I didn't get the ramp with it, and I should have bought black label! It's going on the Christmas list!


by LovingCouple on September 18, 2010

The wedge was made with us in mind. It lifts her assets at the right height for maximum pleasure for both of us. We use it daily!!!

The Wedge .. always in the perfect position

by sbains on September 17, 2010

This liberator wedge always puts you and your partner in the perfect position. Whether she is lying on her back for some deep missionary on her tummy for some rear action, you will be perfectly lined up. The cover is comfortable, removable and washable. The shape is firm but comfortable which helps with deep penetration and positioned strokes. This is a great starter shape before you add more to your collection!

Good intro product to the line

by reviewsRme on September 16, 2010

The price makes this a great intro to the LIberator line. The wedge makes possible positions with ideal g-spot stimulation (so can replace positioning the woman on top of your folded legs in an adpated missionary position or using a pillow to elevate the woman's pelvis). Better coupled with the ramp or stage. Avoid the Black Label version. Really no point being cuffed to it as not confining whatsoever.

Girls best friend

by Lisa Mae on September 14, 2010

I have bad hips and it is hard for me to have fun on my back. Thanks to the wedge Playtime is back. It sit near the bed so that playtime can happen anytime. Just slip in under the hips and let the fun begin. I find it also give more contact on my g-spot too. My husband finds that it is easier on his lower back as well and makes the moment more enjoyable for both of us. I would highly recommend this addition to anyone for a good time and great value as well. I found the price very affordable.

Perfect position

by donnyd on September 13, 2010

The wedge is perfect for anyone that likes the "doggie" position. It's also an unassuming toy that won't be a turn off to a more conservative user. Liberator has made an excellent, high quality product. I highly recommend.

An Amazing Addition to Any Bedroom, and GREAT for Trips Too!

by RobustoMaduro on September 11, 2010

My wife and I purchased the wedge this summer and I would be doing anyone that is reading the reviews section for the wedge a disservice by not telling how great it has been for us! My wife is not the most flexible person I know and for that reason has had some problems getting into positions, and feeling natural in positions when she does get into them. For years I have been trying to get my wife into my favorite position: on her back with her knees bent, and her feet on my chest. I have been able to get her into this position once or twice, and those times were thanks to some drinks beforehand. Once we purchased the wedge I saw the perfect opportunity to try once more to get her into this position. I had her pull her butt all the way to the edge of the wedge, lay back, raise and spread her legs, and before we knew it she was in my favorite position and we were making love. We have found that our favorite positions on the wedge involve my wife on her back. Though we did enjoy a position where she was laying over the wedge (right at her hips) with her torso going down its incline, this position gave just enough elevation that we could easily enjoy making love from behind while she laid face down on the bed. At first I was not sure just what all I could do with the wedge, but between positions in the middle of the bed (or floor) and positions on the edge of the bed, the possibilities are exponential! I would recommend the wedge to anyone that is looking to spice up things in their bedroom! Another great thing about the wedge is its size, you can easily pack it up and take it on vacation (which we have) and it will make the time in your room something to look forward to each day!

Most used toy!

by bungieinberkeley on September 10, 2010

Out of all the toys we've collected, this is the one that the wife asks to use the most. Several positions we won't even do without it! Excellent quality, has held up to several years worth of use. Have recommended it to many and everyone has been very satisfied!

Awesome but tooooo small....

by Pammie on September 10, 2010

The wedge is super, but one size doesn't fit all. I'm an average sized person...size 12. Though I love this item; it's simply too small. For the money I spent on this......I should have bought a combo item. The idea is excellent, but size DOES MATTER.

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