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wedge pillow

by Eugene Bell on November 5, 2014

This pillow is very well constructed and comes in an inconspicuous box, great for adding fire to your sex life or you can use it to prop yourself up in bed to watch TV

Excellent product; awesome customer service

by Igor on November 3, 2014

This product is awesome; hope I've had it a few years ago! Seriously, you should advertise it more widely. I've purchased the Jaz Motion too, just to be able to carry some FUNctionality away from home :-) Ah! I want to thank TISHA for all her help with the UK site. That's what I call awesome customer service!

Four Stars

by DLC333 on October 26, 2014

Just what we were looking for.

Five Stars

by SjB on October 13, 2014

As advertised and more!


by 2lab on October 3, 2014

Elegant simplicity, perfectly executed. Just the right size, shape, materials and excellent construction. We have both the large and small wedge, but use the small wedge almost every time. We're trying to sign up to be on the beta-testing team for new products.

Great access to the fun parts!!

by Ivey Green on September 4, 2014

The Liberator wedge pillow is awesome...felt a little sheepish for carrying it into the hotel but the experience was well worth it. The wedge puts your partner in the perfect position for all kinds of fun. Easy access without fatigue!!

Can't get enough of this!

by Katherine Hurta on August 28, 2014

We love our wedge, we use it all the time. Its pretty firm, yet still soft. The cover comes off and you can wash it, which is also great. Ready to buy another product from Liberator!!


by Patchdriver on July 21, 2014

We have been married for twenty years and well experienced in bed, but last night was the first time sensations were achieved for both of us like we have never experienced before! Fantastic product!

Think outside the wedge

by MoveSmarter on June 25, 2014

Good back support; fun to experiment with. Looks very discreet when stored. It's a simple idea well executed. Well constructed

Best furniture ever!

by Okayx4 on June 17, 2014

My girlfriend and I enjoy hours of foreplay and lovemaking with our wedge. Best piece of furniture ever. Hello

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