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ultimate crash pad

by gunn on May 18, 2015

I love our zeppelin pillow is comfortable and love to lounge on it I'm saving for another soon as I get some more room they are big just make sure you have space


by Six on April 4, 2015

Overall the product does what it is designed to do. The workmanship is as expected from the Liberator name. That being said, we found that the Zeppelin pillow is not very user friendly to set up, we had stuffing all over the place and once it is set up, it is very difficult to store. Also having to wait 24 hours for the foam to expand is very inconvenient. The Zeppelin pillow is very portable either, once it is set up, it cannot be folded up and put away when finished using it. It is not very portable either and it is quite cumbersome to move around. So overall we are disappointed with the practicality of the product.

Whole Family Loves These Pillows

by matrat on February 18, 2011

I have purchased two of these, and am saving for a 3rd. Purchased my first one, to lounge on in living room and for other obvious reasons. I suffer from back problems, and have found that sleeping on this really helps to alleviate constant tosssing & turning during sleep, as well as morning stiffness & pain upon waking up. Got another, for one of my daughters to use as a bed, and am now saving to get another to use again in the living room. I highly reccomend this product for it's versatility, quality, and simplicity of care(cover is easily removed & thrown in washer for cleaning).

Using it wrong

by Riverkilt on December 18, 2010

First, was surprised how small the boxes the Zeppelin Pillow arrived in were. I was afraid when I released the foam that there'd be an "explosion" of foam that would knock me over. But it expanded slowly as promised. First used it as a snuggle pillow to cuddle up and watch TV together. Makes a good crash pad for visiting kids too. When we've used it making love has been with me on top. Kinda difficult that way. Looking at the pics from Liberator seems the lady should be on top. Gonna try that.

Fun but Big

by Clay on October 31, 2010

The Zeppelin is good for providing a large movable bed for all kinds of play. Make sure you have enough room because the Zeppelin is big. It is also not the easiest Liberator to move around. The Zeppelin requires some assembly. The foam comes compacted in two small bags and expands once opened. This works great but I would recommend starting with only some of the foam and working up to the full amount. We found that using less foam created a flatter surface and worked best for us. If you start with all of the foam it can be difficult and messy to remove foam from the Zeppelin. If you have the right space the Zeppelin is great for both sex and lounging.

Like a cloud

by sugarfairy on December 31, 2009

I was really thrilled when my pillow arrived. The setup was not as easy as I would have liked as I had the stuffing everywhere. After filling it, it had to sit for a full 24 hours to use. Once ready it was like lying on a cloud. I love it and my husband and I use it now more than our real bed. It is heavier than it looks and is not easy to move, but once in place it ROCKS!!! I have fallen asleep on it and it was the best nap ever. Would buy another if I had the money. I was going to use it as a pillow top for my bed but it is not wide enough for two people who move alot and it was very high and I felt I was going to fall off.

Review by Johnp70

by Johnp70 on December 28, 2009

great comfort and a whole lot of fun. it works great as a flat bed style support or on its side as a lounge which we love for face to face lovemaking.

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