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by lexy on December 22, 2010

Exploration became more fun than imaginable! The most fabulous product we have ever purchased. For the novice or the most generously experienced of lovers, the Esse is one of my favorites of all Liberator products. If you are looking for something fantastic and a fabulous addition to either your bedroom, living room, kitchen....Purchase immediately!

Oh my G spot!!

by Riverkilt on December 18, 2010

Have many Liberator products. Saw the Esse and bought it with the Esse Stage. First time my then lady and I used it (she on top) she immediately shouted with joy, "Oh my G spot! - my G spot! - my G spot!" Have had similar positive responses from ladyfriends since. Its a great product that works to bring the lady pleasure - which brings me pleasure.

Very Fun

by lauran2324 on November 13, 2010

My husband and I bought this to spice up our sex life. It was very great, especially so we both could watch porn at the same time. Made for doing some great positions. Very comfy, and a great size for all types of couples.


by Sexymama on November 12, 2010

We have several liberator shapes and have been coveting the esse for several years. We finally decided to buy it fir our 5th anniversary. We use it everytime we are intimate. It provides fir just the right spread for oral sex and room for lots of creativity for intercourse. It is very comfortable for sex and even use it to rest and relax. The kids do flips on it and use it as a ramp for cars. We only wish we had bought it sooner.

The Best of All The Products We have Purchased!

by The Bear on November 6, 2010

We all ready had the Wedge/Ramp & the Hipster and thought those were great but the Esse totally gets you off the bed. My fiance loves how comfortable the Esse is in all positions for her and I. We also found that we can use our other Liberator pillows with it for some new interesting positions. Until we had the Esse my fiance struggled to get me off orally and that has changed for the better due to the comfortable position for both of us. We have all ready recommended it to friends.

Extremely Confortable...and AMAZING!!!

by MinnesotaMan on November 5, 2010

We have had our Esse now for about a year now and my wife and I absolutely love it! It sits at the foot of our bed so we think about it all the time! Not only is it so comfortable that you could simply just kick back and watch tv while laying in it, but when you really "use" it, it gives you so many amazing options that just are not available on a boring, traditional bed! In case you are concerned about the Esse sliding around underneath you, we use ours on hardwood floor in our bedroom and it is very sturdy (never slides!), while still being incredibly soft to the touch against your skin. It even stays a comfortable temperature during our cold Minnesota nights! Definitely worth the investment!


by Yubbo on October 18, 2010

This chair is wonderful, we had so much fun using it. It is very comfortable and sturdy and helps you get into all the positions you want without the discomfort. I am in love with the Esse and will be buying the stage to go along with it. You will not be disappointed in this purchase!!

Best Sex Ever

by J1mbo71 on September 21, 2010

My wife and I purchased the Esse after seeing an advertisement in a magazine. It looked interesting and fun. After our first exploration of the of the comfort and versatility of the Esse were completely hooked, our sex life has improved dramatically and we have sex more often. Thank You Liberator, you helped put the spark back in our marriage.

Holy shit!!!

by Maui Souljah on September 19, 2010

Recently received this as a gift and I can sum it up in two words... HOLY SHIT!!! This piece of furniture is definitely LEGIT! Tried it out without looking at the instructions and guide on positions, and we pretty much figured out most of the basic positions. Honestly I have never been ridden harder by my wife before this. She definitely loved the new sensations, and refused to let me get on top. If you are looking for something to spice up or change up the love making, I highly recommend you make this purchase. Of course it may be a little high on the price, and I got it as a gift (fuck yeah!!), but it is definitely worth it. It is so comfortable, and the wife loves to just lounge in it while reading her book. Of course, when I catch her in the chair, its game on!

Infinite Possibilities

by Solidsnake on September 18, 2010

When I first saw this chair I had to purchase it. It looks great in our bedroom whoever comes by does not even notice it and think its a sleek modern piece. The covers are easy to wash and replace on the chair. It has even help up pretty well moving from apartment to home. Whenever its in use we usually go at it for a pretty long time she likes how it gives easy access to everything. I would and have already recommended it to friends and some co workers.

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