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love it

by Robert on January 12, 2014

Works wonders in the bed room

Near perfect..

by redrobin on January 1, 2011

My husband and I really enjoy this product. Its able to make certain positions easier. For example it makes him hit just the right spots when doing doggy-style and my husband loves the missionary position on it, which is a position that usually doesn't get much love. The only problem I have is that its very smooth so sometimes in missionary position I slowly slip off which kind of ruins the mood when you have to get back on. But I absolutely love it for doggy. So we thoroughly recommend the Axis. So far we really find Liberator products very helpful.

A wonderful wedge!

by Valyn on August 19, 2010

The Axis is a brand new sex-position adjusting pillow-thing from Liberator. This wedge helps couples adjust so that their favorite sex positions are ache-free. The Axis is so new that the Liberator booklet that came with this product didn't even have this shape in it. However, the booklet does have similar shapes, and lots of pictures to help the creativity flow. One of the best ways, and seemingly most common, to use the Axis is bent over the large hump during doggy. Another useful position is for a woman to rest the lower back on the large part of the Axis while her partner goes down on her. Liberator values their high-quality products, and wouldn't accept anything less than awesome. The Axis is made of a thick, sturdy foam, and is covered in black microfiber fabric. The wedge is almost hard to the touch; it does not give very much, but laying on part of it is rather comfortable. There is a zipper around the back so that the cover can be removed and cleaned. The microfiber fabric feels soft of the touch - almost velvety, but also allows the Axis to be placed on top of a bed and not slide around. The Liberator Axis is a great adjustment pillow for people with back problems, and for those that just wish they could lift this or lower that. While the Axis did not inspire my partner and I to try any new positions we had not thought of before, it has helped with certain aspects of sex. As a person with back problems, this pillow has helped me push up my hips or recline easy during sex and foreplay with much fewer aches and pains after. Well, the Axis is not exactly a pocket rocket toy. It's There, and it's hard to hide. Luckily, though, because it does not have "SEX TOY" stamped anywhere on it i bright letters, it is pretty easily disguise-able as a simple back pain relief adjuster. Mine is stored next to the bed, and I figure it would be pretty easy to play it off as a shape I use when I want to sit up in bed a little and read. Clearly, it's not something I bend over when I want my world rocked. It's for my back! ;) An advantage to the removable black microfiber cover is that it makes the Axis easy to wash. The cover can be hand washed with a gentle detergent. It can even be ironed with low temperatures if needed. The foam, however, I'm not so sure about, but so far, even with some leaks and drips on the Axis, nothing seems to have seeped through that far.


by NaughtyDiane on January 26, 2010

My husband and I have a lot of Liberator shapes. He got me this one for my recent birthday and I'll have to say this is why everyone needs many Liberators! This one lifts my butt at the right level and angle so that he can get great (and for me: comfortable!) anal penetration, while I pop in my hitachi for clit and vulva stimulation while he's "backdoor." We had amazing orgasms together from day one and have used it every day since for two weeks.

Excellent cushion for sex

by NadiaWest on December 6, 2009

When I tried out the wedge it didn't quite put me in the right position for my lover to penetrate me from on top. The axis solves that problem, however by being rounded on the end. It's also narrower than the wedge.

Get Your Groove On!

by DominaDoll on November 5, 2009

But, why bother using a pillow or shape during sex? For one thing, it allows you to lay comfortably aligned with your partner, so there is no strain or stress on your back or other body parts which allows you to stay in the positions much longer. The Axis allows you to also get into poses that normally would be a struggle, and these poses allow for greater penetration as well as G-spot and anal positioning, thus maximizing pleasure. The Axis also acts as a pivot point when wedged under the knees to allow for firmer, deeper thrusting. For oral sex, it is great for lifting the genitals up so your oral facilitator doesnÆ’??t get a kinked neck (kinky-good, kinked neck-bad). Finally, the Axis supports you hands-free. This allows your hands freedom to caress, grope, fondle and titillate. And, you know how we are big fans of titillations! So get your groove on & become a Kama Sutra positions guru :)

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