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Really puts ya there!

by fireman on April 5, 2011

What can I say. I tried these out and was really impressed with the workmanship and time taken into the product. It was well planned put my parnter in perfect position for me! She was very well impressed and was thru the roof! It helped me out to not put so much stress on being ACROBATIC! Would recommend to anyone looking to try new positions or give new meaning to old ones!

Can't wait to use them more often

by xurate on March 11, 2011

We have had these shapes a little over a year and we only get to use them on occasion. We have had GREAT success with several new positions. Now it's just a matter of frequency of usage. Awesome feel and Red is the perfect color.

Wonderful, Fun, and Exciting!

by Melis on March 4, 2011

I really enjoy the wedge & ramp! I am a short big woman which makes some positions difficult since my partner is much taller than me. The wedge & ramp gives much needed support and elevation so we can enjoy much more variety and deeper penetration. It also has made my favorite doggy style so much easier and I love it! <3 They are strong enough to support any position and yet soft so it is always comfortable. I am now a Liberator fan and will very much like to try other products. Thank you Liberator ^_^

Worth every penny

by Big D on March 3, 2011

It's very well made. I figure its going to hold up for a long time. Even with our active life style. My wife and purchased the Libarator Wedge/Ramp combo and love it. I'm 6'2" and wife is 5'4". We got the 24" Average Height and it's perfect. Straight out of the box, I had her squirting. Im able to find every part of her easily and effortlessly. Her and I stay put while on it, no more chasing her around the bed while enjoying each other. We both where surprised on how firm and comfortable it is. It's well worth the money. Just sad we waited till Valentines Day to get it.

Bliss and liberation

by daddynard on February 18, 2011

I wanted to get a valentine's day gift that my wife and I will both enjoy for a long period of time. After browsing though liberator's inventory, i felt Liberator ramp/wedge combo would be perfect. According to the wife i made the perfect choice. First let me say the shipping was fast (4 days) Our 1st experience was breathtaking, my wife said i touched spots she didnt know existed. The product takes sex to another level. Lberator allowed deeper penetration, better angles, gspot orgasms and longer better orgasms.......Is there anything left to say other than buy this product

Early Valentines was the best

by Triedit on February 14, 2011

I ordered the wedge/ramp combo as a Valentines gift. It came this past Friday and we used it that night. It was fantastic, we tried a few different positions and finished with her using a vibrator while reclining against the large wedge with her knees proped over the smaller wedge while I entered her. The angle was amazing. She came 3 times within 10 minutes, something she has never done before. We used the cushions several times throughout the weekend trying multiple positions for one of the best Valentines celebrations ever. It was worth the money, we plan on using them again tonight.

A Must Have for Spinal Injuries

by jsimo on February 5, 2011

My Husband and I have had the Wedge/Ramp Combo for years and are very happy with them. We just got the Equus piece to go with them and it has made them even better. I have had 3 low back surgeries and I also have pain going down 1 leg. Now I have firm but comfortable support for my whole spine and neck and even for my husbands bad knee's. I can now relax and enjoy our time together and move into different positions with ease without the worry of pain after. I highly recommend them, they are a great investment that will last for years.

A new use - pleasureing and being pleasured

by Riverkilt on December 18, 2010

We bought two wedges and two ramps. In addition to the uses shown and how cool they are to get some sleep with a head cold we like watching and being watched while we pleasure and are pleasured. We take the Wedge/Ramp Combos and place them facing each other side-by-side. She lays on hers pleasuring herself so I have a fantastic view and I lay on mine pleasuring myself which she enjoys watching. Then I reach over and slide my fingers inside her to pleasure her G Spot while she pleasures herself and she reaches over and fondles my testicles while I pleasure myself. So we're self-pleasuring while being pleasured and giving pleasure and watching while being watched. A sensual delight that always leads to multiple orgasms for her and great orgasms for me which we follow up with intercourse while we're still high from the sensual overload. Of course this can be done without the Wedge/Ramp Combo but using them sure gives a better view, great comfort for a languid sensual feeling, and plenty of Liberator parts handy for making love afterward.


by Dr Doctor on December 17, 2010

We purchased the wedge/ramp combo before my wife was scheduled for shoulder surgery. The combo allowed us to find pain-free positions to remain active! Right after the surgery, she used the combo to find a comfortable position to sleep in, to allow the area to heal. Now, we're back to using the combo for play time, and we can't say enough good things about it! The quality of the items, the materials the cover is made from, the size and shape of both the wedge and ramp.... We both give it two thumbs up!

Pleasantly surprised and definitely enjoying the combo

by ColoradoCouple on December 15, 2010

My wife and I purchased the wedge/ramp combo recently. We did so with a little bit of hesitation; with all the great reviews and so few negative ones, we couldn't help but wonder if it was too good to be true. Of particular concern was the fact that I'm 6'2", 275 pounds and my wife is 6'0, 160 pounds, so we weren't sure these cushions could really be both comfortable and support our combined weight. Turns out they do, and how! I can't say we've yet found any positions which have completely blown our minds in terms of experiencing sensations we'd never felt before, but it definitely has made many of the positions we already enjoyed much more comfortable and stress-free, allowing us to enjoy them longer. Further, making those positions more comfortable adds significantly to the intimacy of the positions. For example, when I recline on the ramp with my wife on top, it's easier for my wife to relax completely against my chest, and the weight of her body on my chest is lowered, so breathing is easier for me. Similarly, when bending her over the combo, she no longer needs her arms to support her (leaving her hands free to play), and her back is a little higher, making it easier for me to caress her body as I take her from behind. Another nice benefit is visual. There's something very erotic and appealing about seeing your partner draped across the combo, ready to play. We're also a little surprised at just how well the pieces stick to one another. The whole combo might move a little on slick sheets, but the pieces themselves stay solidly locked together and don't budge at all. Finally, the shapes are just fun to play with. Remember when you were young and half the fun of sex was finding a new position or a new place to enjoy yourselves? Well, get ready to experience a whole slew of new things to try. So all considered, do we have any complaints? Just one -- these things are so addicting and fun to play with that we want more. Lots more.

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