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Wedge/Ramp Combo

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Wedge, Ramp, and Whirl XT

by elaqure on August 28, 2010

This is the first purchase I've ever made at Liberator and I must say that I am not disappointed. All of the Products are of the highest quality and very easy (and enjoyable) to use. The combo has a wide range of versatility and when my wife and I aren't using them, our cat tends to use them as an impromptu cat post! I would reccomend these products to anyone and look forward to our next Liberator Shapes purchase!

Best purchase for our marriage ever!

by Shuffles on August 27, 2010

Outstanding product that has lasted us at least 3 years so far and still performs like new! Limitless positions and fun for both partners. Highly recommended for young and old alike.

Awesome Product

by jcplant on August 27, 2010

This combo is absolutely amazing. The combination makes positions so much easier. I love the fact that when you set them on the floor or bed when you push on them they do not move, no matter how hard you push. This has made sex so much more fun and easier than it was before, not that is was bad before. I would recommend this to anyone especially someone with a bad back.

wedge/ramp combo

by ram on August 27, 2010

one of the best thing we got our weeding anniversary, we both loved this ramp/wedge combo.

Even if you're already a creative lover...

by Ben on August 27, 2010

My wife and I were already creative lovers when we bought the wedge ramp combo, but we've really taken it to the next level now. The shapes just give you so much more leverage, so many more options, and so many levels on which to play.


by The Liberated Wife on August 27, 2010

OK. I have always been willing to try something new (within reason) with my husband. So after 10 years of marriage this seemed like a good idea. UNDERSTATEMENT.We got the wedge/ramp combo and it is awesome. If you are on the fence get off of it and get on the phone and order it. Super fast shipping and it is sooo soft and comfortable. I'm 5'11" and hubby is 6'4" and the 24in wide average is perfect for us. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !! :)

Great Product

by Desyn on August 20, 2010

My wife and I love using this product. It definitely helps us get into positions that we wouldn't be able to on a flat surface. I bought these as a surprise and had them delivered while on a business trip needless to say she couldn't wait for me to get home to try them out!

Very Pleased

by Happy Couple on August 17, 2010

Bought this product after much research and have to say we were interested. We took it home and immediately took it for a test drive and wow, were we pleased. Sex has never been better and looking forward to purchasing the other shapes!

A wonderful combination!

by KamaSutraBender on August 7, 2010

I purchased this for my wife and I a while back but never thought to review it. It was foolish of me not to do so. For anyone who wants to improve, or enhance, their sex life this is a great way to introduce Liberator to your bedroom. The simple shape gives you quite a few angles with which to play. The Ramp is great for when your lady wants to be in charge. It gives great neck and back support, plus reduces the angle for those intimate moments; ultimately providing better knee and hip support for your lady. The Wedge is great for everything you can think of! Having the smaller angles means it is multipurpose. No matter how you are playing, the Wedge delivers in big ways. The combination of the two gives amazing pleasure for those moments when just a slight change in height is needed for that extra buzz. A wonderful set for beginners or the most experienced of artists.

Greatest product ever!!

by TyMan on July 14, 2010

This product is my first buy from liberator and if the other products they offer are even half as good as this, I am going to be a poor man! Great product!

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