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Wedge/Ramp Combo

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Possibilities are endless

by Ms. Pac on January 14, 2014

Pretty much every sexual position you can imagine is more comfortable, access to hidden spots is easily achieved, and despite how light the shapes are, they're sturdy, comfortable firm and extremely tasteful. Oral endeavors no longer leave my fiance with a locked jaw and stiff neck, and now I'm supported very comfortably during doggy style. Discreet and easy to clean and carry, my fiance and I are looking forward to purchasing more of the liberator shapes in the future!

first purchase from liberator (in 2005), still couldn't be happier

by b00gl3 on December 2, 2013

over 8 years and still going strong. i went back and forth about purchasing "sex pillows" from an online retailer, but finally decided it was worth a shot. it was one of the best decisions of my sex-life. in 2005 i took the plunge and purchased the wedge/ramp combo. they arrived in discrete cardboard packaging, which was great since my neighbor took delivery while i was at work. once i got them inside, i didn't even take my coat off before i anxiously tore into the package. still feeling hesitant, i tossed them onto the bed and examined them. they seemed light yet super firm. the microfiber cover was very plush and pleasing to the touch. the zippers were large, easy to use, and completely unobtrusive (smooth and not scratchy to the touch). stacking them together makes for a velcro-like attachment that doesn't budge during the most rigorous activity, yet remains very easy to adjust. the wedge and ramp deliver on all the claims. many times you buy a product that is surrounded by a lot of hype and fails in some way, but not my liberator shapes. the foam is still as firm as the day i received them, the covers have become so soft from washing they are a pleasure to just run my hand across, and the angles provide unparalleled access that enhances both of our pleasure. to this day, the only "problem" i've ever had is 50% of the time i put the cover back on backwards after washing and have to try again.

outstanding product

by randr on November 28, 2013

This product is very well made. From the unpacking to assembly to fun soon after assembling, we can't say enough about it. We went with the black label wedge/ramp combo and could not be happier. The ramp/wedge combo provide so many great positions, then when you add some cuffs and some kink with the black label, it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us. Forget the price, just do it

Great purchase

by OT on October 31, 2013

I ordered these a couple weeks ago for a Christmas present (I'm a shop ahead kinda girl), but when they arrived, I realized I could not wait. Pulled out a Christmas card and gifted it early. Boy was it worth it. Hubby was a bit upset about the expense initially, but after about 15 minutes said it was more than worth it. The only thing I would change is the material of the covers. They attract and hold onto lint like nobody's business--think light colored cotton sheets on the black fabric. After only a week of ownership they are both covered. The great angles makes it worth living with.

Endless Combos!!!

by Jeffrey on October 29, 2013

My wife and I love the Wedge/Ramp combo. We have bought this for wedding gifts too. The best gift to offer a new couple.

Fast shipping and amazing product

by Sue on October 24, 2013

A anniversary gift to my husband..thank you. It has made our time together even more special. Love the color and the fabric

simply awesome

by G Freeman on October 16, 2013

very highn-quality product. No review will do it justice. Perfectly soft, perfectly firm, and easy to clean.

OMG.... Perfect position everytime!!!

by Jennifer on September 13, 2013

We are in love with the ramp combo!!! It makes the hard positions a lot easier. It takes love making to a whole new level. It makes rear entry so more enjoyable. The angle is just perfect. Oral sex is on a whole new level.Sex is amazing can not wait to purchase our next piece!!! We are in love with this product!!!

Best sexual aid EVER!

by Bill on August 31, 2013

I was very hesitant about spending the money on this item, but I am SOOOO glad I did! You may be having rocking sex without this ramp/wedge combo, but try this once and you will never look back! It is sturdy, has all of the right angles and provides for lots of positions. Helps provide support for extended sessions in some positions that would otherwise be difficult to maintain. If I could give this 10 stars, I would!


by Eric_C on July 31, 2013

This product far exceeded my expectations. The Liberator Wedge/Ramp is definitely performance improving equipment for the bedroom. Should be mandatory bedroom equipment!

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