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by skater_joe on November 17, 2010

This bedroom (or any room) tool is lots of fun.... love it.

Good addition

by Fat Cobra on November 13, 2010

This is a great addition to the wedge. Good by itself, but when combined with the wedge its awesome. Rather large which is great when in use, but it does take quite a bit of space in the closet.


by The Wrights on November 13, 2010

The liberator ramp is such a wonderful additon to our bedroom. It makes a world of difference for the doggie style position. We are very happy that we purchased this product. Maybe looking to purchase more items from here in the near future.

This is amazing to have on hand!

by Hunter on October 24, 2010

We purchased this ramp as sex furniture/ prop for a healing broken leg. Now that the leg is better we have found ourselves using this so often that we rarely even put it back into its case. It fits into the closet under the hanging clothes easily and is always ready at a moments notice. My wife loves that she can just lay over it and completely relax while still leaving me complete access to what I am interested in:)

The Ramp is just great!

by XB-70 on October 22, 2010

My wife and I purchased the ramp and anxiously waited (I know it's a cliche, but it's the best description) for the boxed ramp to arrive. We both own our own businesses and we can set our own schedules. We found the ramp to allow me to hit all of the right spots and drive my wife wild! We tried all of the positions in the Liberator Position Guide. We enjoyed every one. This is a great product and I can recommend it to anyone without question.

Rockin' Ramp

by Yohanna on September 18, 2010

I purchased the ramp about 9 months ago and absolutely love this product. The sexy positions and leverage that the ramp offers me and my sweetheart are amazing and deliciously haunting! The site held a special and I also received the wedge for free. What a great gift!!! We use the wedge more often than the ramp. It it just the right size to give the perfect access! Thanks Liberator! We love your style!

brings new life to the bedroom

by Lisa Mae on September 14, 2010

My husband and I both have back issues, we purchase the ramp to give help and boy did it. This gives us both the ability to play without causing pain in our backs. The only draw back is that because of its size it is not easily stored or can be put in a place to get to easily. So it is more of a role play item. We got the wedge with it and it does double the possible position we can use to play.

Fun Times Abound!

by RobustoMaduro on September 11, 2010

My wife and I purchased the ramp this summer and it has made our alone time that much more enjoyable! In fact, since we purchased our liberator shapes we have spent a lot more time making love. We have used the ramp on the bed, on the floor, in other rooms of the house, and even on a cruise! One of these days I will get it outside on the patio for some fun in the sun! Prior to getting the ramp my wife was never comfortable in positions where I could make love to her from behind, they always felt awkward and she had trouble getting just the right angle for an easy entry and reentry. Now that we have the ramp she prefers for me to make love to her from behind. While she seems to prefer kneeling and bending over the ramp on the bed or floor, we have also enjoyed flipping the ramp around and moving it to the edge of the bed so that she is standing up and bending over the bed and laying up the ramp. The latter position allows her more control and interaction making our love making all the more enjoyable. I would recommend the ramp to anyone that is looking to add a little spice to their love life. While the ramp is a little larger than the wedge, it is still good for vacations (as long as you are not bashful, and besides someone who knows what it is will likely not be judging you). When we took ours on the cruise is gave us a reason to spend time in our room. Most people I talked to on the ship said they didnÆ’??t spend much time in their room, they must not have brought any liberator products (we made it back to the room a few times a day just to enjoy ourselves and out toys).

The iconic Liberator shape

by Peter on September 10, 2010

The Ramp is the iconic Liberator shape. It's a great product, and deserves all its reputation as a famous piece of sex furniture. It provides greater height than the Wedge, and allows new angles to be explored that would take a mountain of pillows to replicate. My only complaint is that it is somewhat large. This can be intimidating when introducing it to your partner, and can also be somewhat of a pain when trying to store or hide it when not in use. However in the bigger scheme of things, those are only minor complaints in exchange for a great, reliable product that opens up new opportunities in the bedroom.

Love the Ramp

by Jason on August 31, 2010

We just got our ramp and love using it. Great for any position! (But even better for missionary) Allows me to kneel on the bed and use my hands for other things than holding myself up. We also have the Liberator Axis Hitachi and that works great for the wedge part of the ramp. You should get the wedge if you are getting the ramp or just buy the combo. Make sure to check the size chart as well.

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