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Tenga Egg 6-Pack

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Customer Reviews

everyone needs one.

by dr. carlisle on October 26, 2014

when entering a new relationship. I think every woman should buy one for there man. this will send a message to your man that if you cheat on me we are done. he will laugh at first but tell him in a nice way. make it clear. this is for real. then tell him how much you love him. this will remind him to be faithful. it should strengthen your relationship.

Great Product!

by Beck on July 14, 2013

My fiance loves these! Easy to use with no hassle clean up. The package says only one time use, but we found they last a bit longer with a good cleaning! Def. will be back for more!

Cannot wait to use these

by Maria on May 6, 2013

with my partner, they look like a ton of fun will be had, I will leave him a couple to enjoy on his own as well!

Tenga Products Are Great!

by Big on March 18, 2013

I have a deep throat cup and 4 eggs. Multiple uses on my eggs and maybe 10 on the cup. I like the eggs better and use one almost every morning. Such a nice way to start the day!. Maybe 40 to 45 on two and a few less on the others. There is no reason that they shouldn't go for another 45 or more, unless they tear or something. They have lost a little of their original shape but my cock doesn't seem to notice.

Tenga Products

by BiOrgy on September 17, 2010

I am a huge fan of Tenga Products, the only one I have not tested is the Tenga Hole and and I look forward to doing so. I highly recommend any of the Tegan Products.

Great for Traveling

by Smitty on June 14, 2010

Great item when traveling. My wife even enjoys using it on me so the cleanup is quick and easy.

Devilish eggs

by maxie on February 25, 2010

Heard about these Tenga "do-it yourselfers" from a friend who always seems like to first to know what's the next big thing. Had some trouble sourcing my Tenga eggs, but thank god for Liberator! Got the 6 pack, and Holy Crap! Used my first one while stuck in traffic. Gives new meaning to auto eroticism? No one in other cars could tell what I was doing, and that made it even better. Bet they wondered while I was smiling. Welcome to 2010-on demand hand jobs! Fuck dating-now you only need to pay for one dinner and you know you'll get offafterwards.

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