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Bring some towels

by CK on December 3, 2013

Before we got this, my wife had squirted once or twice with a g-spot attachment on a Hitachi wand, but it usually didn't happen. This amazing device nearly always soaks her. It's a beautiful piece, very heavy and very smooth, so it needs little lubrication. You can warm it quickly under hot water if you want, although she likes the cold sensation when it's inserted (it warms up quickly). It's a very strong g-spot stimulator, and instantly became one of her favorite toys. It has an amazing ability to bring on ejaculation--I gather from online reviews that it is not guaranteed for all women, but for a majority. I suggest putting down towels if you don't want the bed sheets completely soaked through (or getting a Fascinator Throe). Due to the super smooth surface, it's very easy to clean. But don't drop it!


by Hunter on November 22, 2011

There is a serious amount of heft to this object. I think that is where ists strength as a pleasure object comes from. It is almost unwieldy, but in an exciting fulfilling way. I love nJoys products.

hands down my favorite toy

by sexysquirter on February 7, 2011

Ok...I used this toy, trying to get used to it... by the third use I squirted for the first time. I saw this toy in Nina Hartley's Guide to Female Ejaculation and of course she didn't mention the name, so I had to find it myself. I've already squirted 3 out of six times we've tried. The product review video is wrong, however, (and it does say this in nina's video) when you squirt, it DOES come out of your pee-hole. You can tell a difference for sure so don't worry about that. This is my new favorite toy...my second one being the turtle which is like a rabbit vibrator. I recommend this toy to everyone! They say it can be used anally as well but we haven't tested that out yet.


by Golfer on January 4, 2011

Wow... Took this out of the box and first thing we noticed is the weight of the toy. Very easy to use from her positions and easy to use for me to use to help her out! Both ends do different jobs! Almost having two toys in one!! Highly recommend to anyone out there... After picking this up I had to place another order for some more toys!

She loves it!

by Willie on December 24, 2010

Best investment in a toy I have ever made! It simply drives her wild, orgasm after orgasm, an absolute must toy.

Best money you will ever spend.

by sandy on September 20, 2010

So simple yet so unbelieveable. Best Gspot toy I've found. I prefer to use this with a partner but it's wonderful for masterbation as well.

a good choice

by cowboy on August 16, 2010

my girlfriend spotted this and boy what a winner she came and came she was unsure about steel now she is a believer the best money i spent so far got to have this one hits the g spot everytime

G-Spot Pleasure and Female Ejaculation

by Miss Kay on August 14, 2010

The PureWand is another one of those high-quality stainless steel toys made by NJoy. It comes in a high-quality black storage box that is lined with satin and is intended to be used for long-term storage of the PureWand. The PureWand basically is a curved toy that includes a bulb on each end of the toy. One of the bulbs is larger and the other bulb is smaller. As you can imagine, the larger-bulb side is heavier. This toy takes very little lubricant to insert since it is very sleek. Once inside, (I prefer starting with the smaller-bulb end), the Purewand should be inserted with the curve of the toy in mind. Once there, most women find it pleasurable to use a rocking motion instead of thrusting. (I prefer a mixture of the two with a rubbing motion up against the g-spot). The curve of the Pure Wand works amazingly for locating the g-spot and stimulating it - even for those who have never attempted to find their g-spot before. The curve of the Purewand tends to find the g-spot very easily - I know I was still in my experimental stage with my g-spot when I first tried this, and it was definitely a new, interesting sensation. (For best luck, make sure you are really turned on before attempting.) I prefer the smaller end since I like the smaller diameter, but the larger end does provide a much more "full" feeling that, if properly lubricated, I'm really fond of. It provides a pressure up against the g-spot that the smaller end definitely can't do. The weight of this toy does cause a slight problem if I want to use it for longer periods of time - it tends to tire out my wrist really quickly. However, I really don't consider that much of a downside - just means I'm strengthening my wrist! (Something to consider if you have bad wrists though.) Overall, the Purewand is a g-spot toy that many, many women swear by, and it's a high-quality g-spot toy that I really love using.

G spot perfection

by Liberated on December 7, 2009

It took me a little while to get used to the weight (it's HEAVY), but if you are a squirter, it's a must have. Easy to use on yourself or with a partner. Clean. Sterile. Sexy toy. I like both the stainless and glass because they have the perfect shape, easy to clean, and won't ever need to be replaced.

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