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Magic Wand Original Vibrator

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Earth-Shattering Vibrations

by Miss Kay on August 14, 2010

I'm sure almost every woman has heard of the Hitachi. It's one of those sex toys that are considered a cult classic - for a good reason too. If you've found that you think other vibrators are too weak for you, this is the next logical step. I wouldn't recommend this to a woman who's never used a vibe because this is a really, really strong wand massager. The vibrations are amazingly powerful, and they are so powerful that when people review sex toys - they compare the vibration level to this toy. The vibrations are strong and deep, and as long as you aren't too sensitive to vibrations, this toy is a god-send. I know a lot of women swear by the Hitachi. I don't swear by it, but if you are looking for an under-20-second orgasm, this is the toy. The large head of the Hitachi will give you vibrations through your entire vulva - not just the clitoris, and with all of the attachments that exist out there for the Hitachi, this is a toy that has a lot of versatility. Couple downsides: This does plug-in to an outlet, so it's not meant to be used in water. The cord can also be a pain, but it's long enough that I had no problem using it throughout the room. There's also only two seperate vibration settings - low or high. The low setting gives me those 20-second orgasms, and I barely, if ever, adventure into the high setting - it's extremely powerful. I just wish the vibration settings were a bit more varied. If you don't want to have sex at that point, the Hitachi was also originally created for full-body massages, so this works great on sore muscles. Really, though, if you're ready to experience some earth-shattering vibrations or just find that other vibrators are too weak, this is the best place to start your journey. Liberator even sells the Axis for the Hitachi which is a cushion that will hold your Hitachi and make it possible to experience Hitachi vibrations during sex. I'd highly recommend the Hitachi.

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