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Takes Practice but Worth It

by Clay on October 31, 2010

The Magic Wand is a very powerful vibrator. It may not be right for everyone and it takes some practice. Using it on my wife it is easy to cause over-stimulation. Because it is so powerful, we have had better luck with self stimulation with the Magic Wand. Adding a variable speed extension cord was a great way to get a complete range of vibration from the Hitachi. This allows for a very low vibration and a gradual build up to a very intense finish. Using it with the Axis has turned it into a reliable orgasm machine. It is perfect for providing direct and indirect clitoral stimulation during vaginal or anal sex. The attachments work great and are worth a try

Total Extascy

by nudgemealittle on September 11, 2010

This is without doubt the very best vibrator on the market today and it's hasstle free. No batteries to replace and clean up is quick and simple. Also it's as durable as it is orgasamic, which never leaves you guessing if this purchase was worth your money.

Earth-Shattering Vibrations

by Miss Kay on August 14, 2010

I'm sure almost every woman has heard of the Hitachi. It's one of those sex toys that are considered a cult classic - for a good reason too. If you've found that you think other vibrators are too weak for you, this is the next logical step. I wouldn't recommend this to a woman who's never used a vibe because this is a really, really strong wand massager. The vibrations are amazingly powerful, and they are so powerful that when people review sex toys - they compare the vibration level to this toy. The vibrations are strong and deep, and as long as you aren't too sensitive to vibrations, this toy is a god-send. I know a lot of women swear by the Hitachi. I don't swear by it, but if you are looking for an under-20-second orgasm, this is the toy. The large head of the Hitachi will give you vibrations through your entire vulva - not just the clitoris, and with all of the attachments that exist out there for the Hitachi, this is a toy that has a lot of versatility. Couple downsides: This does plug-in to an outlet, so it's not meant to be used in water. The cord can also be a pain, but it's long enough that I had no problem using it throughout the room. There's also only two seperate vibration settings - low or high. The low setting gives me those 20-second orgasms, and I barely, if ever, adventure into the high setting - it's extremely powerful. I just wish the vibration settings were a bit more varied. If you don't want to have sex at that point, the Hitachi was also originally created for full-body massages, so this works great on sore muscles. Really, though, if you're ready to experience some earth-shattering vibrations or just find that other vibrators are too weak, this is the best place to start your journey. Liberator even sells the Axis for the Hitachi which is a cushion that will hold your Hitachi and make it possible to experience Hitachi vibrations during sex. I'd highly recommend the Hitachi.

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