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We Vibe II

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My marriage saver

by DJ Psycho on October 31, 2010

My wife has had problems getting full sensation during sex due to medical issues. All the products we have bought have been for me or her this one is for both and boy does it work!!!!!!!!

Guaranteed orgasm!

by Hunter on October 24, 2010

Every time we use this she orgasms almost immediately after I penetrate her. The vibrations are not the biggest thrill for me but her contractions from the vibe are more than excellent. Very well designed. the charger and plug interface are neatly hidden and the toy is easy to clean. Battery life is more than sufficient. Initially we needed to familiarize ourselves with it in order to make sure which side went in and which laid over her pubis. Highly reccomended!


by EdenVonSleaze on October 1, 2010

I got this as a gift from my boyfriend, and as soon as we had sex using this I had the most insaine orgasam EVER. It's soooo much fun. I think this is a must have for any couple. seriously buy this.

The Only One for Two!

by jester66 on September 18, 2010

WOW! What a vibrator, this is the best toy I've ever come across for use by couples. Have used this a number of times since purchase and it just gets better everytime. Find the switch a little difficult at times but love the fact it is rechargable.

Didn't work out

by mac40 on September 17, 2010

My wife is not big into vibes to begin with and we've tried several different styles. She says they don't really do it for her, but when I saw this, I thought we had to give it a try, figuring the extra stimulation during intercourse might be just what the doctor ordered. While she seemed okay with just the We Vibe alone, when I added my member to the equation, she complained that it hurt. For one thing, she said it pushed the plastic u-joint into her and that it was too hard. We tried a couple different positions and she couldn't find one that didn't hurt, let alone one that was comfortable for her. Needless to say, it had the opposite effect of what I was after and completely turned her off. It's a shame too as the unit is high quality, well made, and I love that it is rechargeable rather than requiring batteries. Unlike some other vibes we've tried, it is very quiet as well, so those with kids in the house don't have to worry about using it and attracting attention with the noise. Unfortunately, mine seems doomed to remain in the drawer from now on with the other unused toys.

contact issues and abrasion

by reviewsRme on September 15, 2010

As a male, it can get in the way of the penis and needs a LOT of lub. Even then, it's definitely noticable though too annoying, The vibrations do nothing for me. You need a very firm erection for this (guys on Cialis, etc, take note). The biggest problem is for it to stay firmly on the clitoris in needs pressure so works better in certain positions like cowgirl and missionary. Also, expect to recharge it after every use assuming 20+ minutes of use at high speed. Despite these limitations, it's a nice susbtitute from a woman using a vibrator, even the eroscillator, during sex as its hands free. Not my favorite toy but a nice change of pace.

Great Product

by Liberated on September 3, 2010

Great product. It fit really well and didn't really move around. The only problems we had were the fit with me inside was a little snug and we wish it was a little more powerful. Still amazing though!

Highly recommend!

by Ness on August 27, 2010

My husband and I enjoy using different toys, and so far this is our favorite vibrator for insertion. It delivers the right amount of vibrations at low speeds for me, and sometimes we change it to pulsate for him. It goes in easy and is surprisingly comfortable for both of us. Charging the toy is easy as well, and cleaning it is a breeze.

awsoem product

by doeboy on August 26, 2010

i bought this for me and my wife and i love it. it adds a whole new level of excitement. the vibe is a good size but with both of our sizes' it makes it very tight during sex and takes her time to get used to it. over all it is a great product

Wow, less than a minute

by Krone on July 10, 2010

My wife and I tried this for the first time today. I think they only word to describe it was amazing. When you first insert it, you are like ok, but then once I entered her as well the fireworks really started. I would say that within less than a minute she was cumming, and she's usually not that quick at all. In fact, this quite possibly is a record. She said it was like a triple threat. Clit, plus G spot, plus vaginal from my penetration. A real home run. The best part of course being that we get to use it while having sex, not just me messing around with a toy. For my part, I didn't mind the vibrations either. Highly recommended.

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